"Get out Socio." Sarita said as she pulled into a parking spot on the busy street.

Lacy clenched her hands together as she stared at the metro station in front of them. For some reason, she was finding it harder and harder to breathe. That shouldn't be the case. She should be happy that they were finally going to get rid of him and she would no longer have anything to do with him. It was so much easier to say out loud to the world than convince herself. Lacey rubbed her fingers together, trying to ease the tension in her body. She wanted to but refused to look back as she heard the car door open.

"Thanks." Danny said calmly. He looked at Lacey but she didn't turn to him. He ran his fingers through his hair before putting it back up in a ponytail. Placing the wig on top of Jo's coat, he patted it before putting a leg out the car and stepping out. Sighing he patted the side of the car and bent down at the drivers side, smiling at Sarita. "It was nice connecting with you…." He said revealing his perfect white teeth. "I mean…I think we got really far." Danny nodded. "We could practically be best friends." He joked lightly.

Sarita rolled her eyes and stared straight ahead pursing her lips. Danny moved his head slightly to take in Lacey's side profile. "Lacey…" He said softly, the humor leaving his voice.

Lacey turned her head slowly to her left to stare at him. His big brown puppy eyes begging her to acknowledge him.

"I think you need to go now." Sarita said looking briefly at Lacey before turning her attention back to Danny. "Who knows when the cops will get to this part of town and hunt you down?"

"I appreciate your concern for my welfare." Danny said with a mock smile. He pointed to her upper lip. "I'm still amazed by that job…after all these years." He joked.

He looked to see Lacey's reaction and he saw her mouth moving, trying not to smile. Sarita on the other hand locked her car doors, rolled up her windows as she gave him the middle finger.

Danny nodded as he stood up straight. He turned around and headed towards the train station.

Sarita sighed as she turned and gave Lacey a brief smile. "Well at least we got that out of the way." She said her voice brighter. "Let's go home."

She reached up to put her car in drive when Lacey unbuckled her seat beat. "Lacey what are you doing?" Sarita asked.

Lacey took a deep breath as she opened the passenger door. "Give me a minute." She said breathlessly.

"Lacey-Lacey-" Sarita tried to get her friend's attention but her car door was slammed shut. "You've got to be kidding me." She murmured as she turned to watch her friend jog after Danny.

"Danny!" Lacey yelled as she jogged up to him.

The handsome young man immediately turned around, having heard her voice in the loud crowded station.

She slowed down as she came up to him, trying to still her beating heart and catch her breath.

"Lace…." Danny said with a small smile on his face. His light brown eyes brightening. He tucked an escaped strand of hair behind his ear.

"You didn't do this right?" she asked softly. Her voice shaking as she stared at him intently.

Danny shook his head. "No Lace-I swear...I—I…I didn't kill her." Danny said stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"It's so hard to believe you." She whispered.

Danny held her gaze as he saw the pain evident in her eyes. He wish he could take it all away. But there was way more to this than Regina's murder. "I know." Danny said taking a step towards her. His eyes roamed her face, settling unconsciously on her soft lips. "I know how hard it is for you to trust me."

Lacey shook her head and looked away. Breaking their eye contact as she tried to slow down her racing mind.

"I should've told you." Danny said. "But I was so happy having you back in my life that-"

Lacey looked back at him. Her features softening.

"-I didn't want to jeopardize it." He finished gently. Danny took another step towards her. "I knew what it looked like…I didn't want to hurt you…."

Lacey looked down and took a deep breath.

"Again." Danny added.

"Danny stop playing, that's not funny." Lacey said furiously as she jumped off the swing.

"I had to, there was no other choice." Danny said panicked as he looked back and forth at his best friends.

"Are you sure?" Jo asked her voice trembling.

Danny nodded. "She's not breathing." He whispered.

"Oh my God…" Jo cried. "We have to call my dad."

Lacey looked at Danny in confusion. "This isn't funny Danny." Lacey insisted.

Danny's bottom lip quivered as he stared at Lacey. He looked away ashamed. "I had to…"

Lacey shook her head. "You're lying, I'm going to go check."

"Lacey don't!" Jo yelled, but her plea felt on deaf ears as Lacey ran towards the house, determined to expose Danny's dumb idea of a joke.

Danny who'd been frozen in his spot ever since he came outside. Quickly turned around realizing where Lacey was headed and ran after her.

Lacey yanked open the front door. "Ms. Tara?" She called out loudly. " !" she insisted as she walked into the house. " !" she knew that she would get yelled at for yelling in the house but this seemed a little more important. Her young heart started to beat rapidly as she didn't hear a response. What Danny said outside quickly came to mind. "Ms. Tara!" Lacey screamed as she walked further into the house. She turned the corner when Danny ran inside and grabbed her hand. His palms damp and shaking.

"Lacey don't!" He pleaded.

Lacey ignored him as she turned her head to the living room. Her eyes landing one the body sprawled on the floor. Unaware her hand was gripping Danny's tightly as she let out a piercing scream.

Lacey looked away as she shoved the memory further into her mind. "Well good luck." She said calmly but the hitch in her voice at the end betrayed her emotions. She turned around and headed back towards the car.

"Lace!" Danny called out.

Lacey froze, her back to him.

"You're the best thing that happened to me since I got out." He said. Lacey's shoulders dropped as she bit down on her bottom lip. "Maybe when everything's done we could…" Danny didn't finish because he wasn't sure that's what she wanted to hear.

Without answering Lacey started moving as she jogged towards the car. Danny watched her retreating back for a little bit before turning around himself and heading to the booth.

"What the hell Lacey?" Sarita asked as Lacey opened the passenger door and sat down. "We need to go home. Time is tight. Phoebe just called me and said they'd been stopped on their way back. Chief Masterson knew it was your mom's car and he's wondering where you are and why the hell Phoebe's driving the car!"

Lacey stared at her in panic.

"Your phone's been ringing off the hook." Sarita said. "The little blond chick's been calling you non-stop." She said as she showed Lacey the phone.

Lacey took her phone and held it tightly. "You think he knows?" She asked.

"I don't know but we need to get home now!" Sarita said putting her car back in drive. Lacey reached out and put the clutch in park, stopping the car. "What the fuck?"

"I'll stay." Lacey said quickly her mind drifting elsewhere.

Sarita's eyes opened wide as she stared at her beautiful delusional friend. "Have you lost your fucking mind?" She asked. "What does that even mean? What does that have to do with what I just told you?"

"He's going to need help." Lacey said. She turned to Sarita. "He can't do this by himself. Even if he gets his friend to help him, after that what happens? He can only go but so far."

Sarita banged her head on her steering wheel. "I'm taking you out of here." She said grabbing the clutch and putting it in drive. Lacey grabbed it again and pushed it back up.

"Tell them I wanted to see my dad…that this whole thing just got me really scared…" Lacey said grabbing her purse.

"I'm not doing that Lacey. We're going home." Sarita said seriously. "You're seriously drawing the line-

Lacey opened the passenger door as Sarita had started to move again, forcing her to stop. "I want to do this." Lacey said feeling a sense of purpose rise inside her.

"So you want to be his next fucking victim? I don't care about Regina, but I'm not letting him kill you." Sarita said grabbing Lacey's arm forcefully to stop her from exiting.

"Trust me, he's had several opportunities to kill me." Lacey said, her statement coming out lightly as she pondered on the absurdity of Danny hurting her. "If he hasn't done it now…I doubt he ever will." She said shrugging. She pulled her arm away and got out the car.

"Lacey!" Sarita yelled as she stretched her neck to look at her friend. "Lacey stop!"

"Tell them something Sarita." Lacey said coming over to the driver's side. "Tell them anything…it'll be okay." Lacey said encouragingly before turning around quickly and jogging to the station.

"Lacey Porter!" Sarita yelled exasperated. She hit her steering wheel in disbelief. "Oh God." She murmured as her phone rang again. She picked it up angrily. "What?" she demanded into the phone.

"Where are you guys?" Phoebe asked.

"It's a little complicated right now Phoebe!" Sarita said staring out into the crowded station.

"Well we're at Jo's house and Chief Masterson is not happy." Phoebe said. "He said you guys need to get back now."

Sarita groaned as she turned off her car. Grabbing her keys, she lept out and slammed her car door. "We're coming." She said before hanging up annoyed. She ran in the direction she saw Lacey disappear.

Lacey looked over the person in front of her anxiously. She saw Danny's back as the train stopped and the doors opened. The slow guy in front of her finally moved as she inserted the metro card hurriedly, rushing through the crowds to be able to catch the same train car. She saw Danny disappear inside and quickened her movement, not bothering to apologize since everybody was pushing everybody else.

"Lacey!" She heard a desperate voice behind her.

She turned her head quickly to see Sarita waving her hand frantically.

"Lacey let's go home!" Sarita yelled, from the other side, unable to cross.

The young Porter woman watched her friend in momentary hesitation. But with the crowd pushing her towards the train, she made her decision. Giving Sarita an apologetic smile, she turned around and jumped into the train car, she saw Danny disappear inside.

"Doors closing."

She took a couple deep breaths as she looked up, her eyes searching for a familiar face. It didn't take long to find it, seeing as Danny was making his way towards her unable to hide the shock on his face. The train started moving and she held on to the railing as her body jerked forward. Danny held on to the top railing with one hand and the other grabbed her shoulder to still her body. His eyes questioned her with a light in his eyes, she hadn't seen in a couple days. Unable to answer him, she looked down.

What the hell was she doing? The train stopped again, the doors opened and more people came in forcing them closer. She had yet to talk to him or look up at him as the train jerked again, making her stumble against him. Her face bumping into his chest. Danny's arm immediately went around her shoulder to secure her in place. She stayed there for a while, inhaling his scent as a sense of familiarity washed over her. Realizing what she was dong, she pushed away from him awkwardly, still avoiding his gaze as she looked away.

Had she looked up at Danny, she would have seen a small relieved smile on his face.