Here we go again! This round of Twilight 25 is photo prompts (link on my profile) and flash fiction so each post will be between 300-500 words. Like last time, I'll be all over the place rating-wise so check each entry for details. Thank you to abinar for looking it over. Hope you enjoy. :)

The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: # 8

Pen Name: deb24601

Pairing/Character(s): Bella/Edward

Rating: M

Word Count: 497



"Who's that?"

Two heads swivel in tandem, craning over the back of our booth in the direction of my gaze. The bar is crowded with the after-work set but Alice seems to know exactly who I mean.

"The tall guy? That's Edward Cullen." Alice and Rose share a look. "He's - "

"Gorgeous. Is he real?" I ask. I take a sip from my third margarita; perhaps they're stronger than usual.

"I was going to say 'really nice' - he works in my office - he's kind of shy, super-sweet once you get to know him. Let me introduce you!" Alice is in full match-maker mode but I don't have the nerve.

"No!" I almost shout.

Rose grins wickedly. "Wait until Bella finishes that drink, Alice. She needs her liquid courage." She laughs and continues with the story I'd interrupted when I'd spotted Mr. Just Like Heaven.

I sip and stare. It's like watching a film; his wide eyes flash with amusement, his brilliant hair shines when his head flies back in laughter. He's with a group of friends, his heavenly face standing out in a sea of dark suits.

A woman arrives and the men part and make way. She's all red - wild red hair, sleek red dress, tall red stilettos. She makes a beeline for Edward and I sigh in defeat. Of course.

The margaritas are hitting so I excuse myself to go to the restroom, glancing at the bar to see Edward and Miss Red in conversation.

Oh well.

I take a wrong turn and circle back, looking barward to see the crowd has thinned; the dynamic duo has disappeared. That was fast. I find the restroom and push the door in, thinking about flashing eyes and brilliant hair and a face from heaven.

Sounds from the nearest stall make me freeze.

A shuffle, a giggle, a rustle of fabric. A very masculine "shh".

Two pairs of shoes are visible under the door; a shiny pair of men's lace-ups and a sky-high pair of red stilettos.

They're not going to...

More sounds: the clink of a belt buckle, muffled words, a moan.

I guess they are.

This Edward must not be as shy as Alice thought.

I stand there, frozen, listening with my hand over my mouth. Breathy gasps and moans, the rhythmic sound of skin meeting skin, the masculine voice making quiet, urgent sounds. There's something really wrong with me standing and listening. Worse still? I wish I could see.

I wish it was me.

I really need to talk to the bartender about the strength of his drinks.

The noises are louder, the dramatic conclusion upon them. I need to get out of here. Now.

I pull the door open and fling myself through, head down, cheeks flaming, ashamed and turned on in equal, mortifying measure. I run smack into... something.

Strong arms steady me.

I look up and see brilliant hair, amused flashing eyes. A shy smile. Heaven.

Thanks for reading. xo