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The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: # 23

Pen Name: deb24601

Pairing/Character(s): Edward/Bella/Charlie

Rating: M

Word Count: 497

Late night make out sessions in the back of a car are the stuff of teenage legend. So is sneaking out a bedroom window—Bella is much better at climbing than I ever would have thought. She says she's highly motivated.

She tilts her head to the side. Bella loves it when I kiss her neck. I've had my hands all over her, inside of her. She touched me too and now we're in a haze, floating together, sighing and clinging. We're past the fumbling stage, but I wouldn't call us experienced. It still kind of feels like a miracle.

Bella rolls on top of me. Snuggles in. Her breath is warm against my neck.

I don't want to take her home.

"I don't want to go home yet," she says. I smile in the dark. The clock says three. We're pushing it, but...

"Okay," I say. After all the moaning and shouting my quiet voice sounds weird. "Okay," I say again. "A few more minutes." I close my eyes, breathing with her. It's been a perfect summer night.

Then it's light. Not the car lights, not another car's headlights, it's the sun, the fucking sun is beaming on my face.

"Shit. Shitshitshit. Bella wake up!"

"Wha..." She blinks, rubs her eyes. Her mouth falls open in a way that would be funny if we weren't both dead.


"Up! Move! Where are my keys...shit, it's almost 6...maybe...if we're lucky..."

I'm driving before Bella has even made it into the front seat. A few minutes later, I'm pulling up near her house, parking the car behind the trees. She jumps out of the back seat, leans through my window for a quick kiss, and is off.

It's quiet. Early morning hangs heavy. Maybe...if we're lucky...

I won't leave until she's in. I peek through the trees as Bella climbs up the compost bin, stretching to reach the garage roof, crawling up the slope to the ledge outside her window. I've watched her do this so many times, dozens. Never in the daylight though. She's at her window, easing it open, sliding herself through and I finally breathe. Then I get mad at myself. I bang my head on the steering wheel.






I scream. Like a little girl.

"Charlie. I didn't see you there. Sir."

He looks at his watch. He looks back toward Bella's window. Then he looks at me, all squinty-eyed.

"Bit...early, isn't it?" His copstache twitches.

"Um..." I have no words. Charlie absently pats his gun in its holster.

"Go home, Edward." He strolls toward his cruiser, whistling a clear tune into the still morning air.

It isn't until I'm pulling into my own driveway that the lyrics of Charlie's whistled song come to me.

Well, what're we gonna tell your mama, what're we gonna tell your pop
What're we gonna tell our friends when they say 'ooh la la'
Wake up little Susie, we gotta go home.

Thank you for reading. I feel like I want to explain this one. I've always loved that bit in Eclipse where Charlie seems surprised to hear Bella is a virgin. This means, of course, that Charlie fully expected Bella and Edward to be doing it (like the normal teens he thought they were)...and taking precautions... (I really loved that scene) So this Charlie is based on that. This is an ode to Charlie and his quiet, grudging acceptance of Edward boffing his daughter. lol

This will be my last post for this round of the Twilight 25. I wish I could have gotten to them all but it's not going to happen and I don't want to just dash them off. They were really hard prompts, okay?! ;) Thanks for reading along and reviewing. You guys make it so much fun to share this stuff. xoxo