I won nothing

Chapter 5

Beastboy and Cyborg were sitting on the couch in a very animated video game that had led to a playful shouting match between the two.

"Dude stop cheating." Beastboy screamed out.

"Cheat this bitch cause I WIN." Cyborg replied. Beastboy slammed his hand down on the couch a couple of times. Cyborg mockingly danced in front of him while he pouted. BumbleBee walked over to her boyfriend and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Alright alright enough time for bed." Cyborg turned back and smiled.

"Yeah I am pretty tired from kicking BB's ass." Beastboy gave an exaggerated smile back to Cyborg and sat down from punching the couch.

"Goodnight man." Cyborg extended his hand and Beastboy returned the hand shake before waving goodbye to BumbleBee. They joined hands and exited the common room while Starfire came and sat down next to Beastboy.

"Friend may I watch the TV now that you and Cyborg have stopped playing the Xbox." Beastboy slide the remote to Starfire and she giggled in excitement. She began to flip through the channels frantically. Beastboy whipped out his communicator and read the digital clock "2:15".

"Star haven't they been gone a long time?" Starfire was too preoccupied with the TV to pay attention. Beastboy lowered his eyes to the communicator but was interrupted by the common room doors sliding open. Mas y Menos instantly bolted toward Beastboy's room seeing that they both had a little too much to drink. Slowly walking in behind them was Robin, Raven and Speedy.

"Goodnight guys, I'll see you in the morning." Speedy called quickly as he too was a little intoxicated. Robin laughing at Speedy's misfortune sat down next Starfire and Raven joined them on Beastboy's lap.

"How was your night?" Beastboy asked.

"It was alright nothing too exciting." Raven rested her head back onto Beastboys shoulder exhausted. Robin also let out a big yawn and whipped his eyes.

"Perhaps it is time for slumber." Starfire nudged her boyfriend and the two of them stood up to go to bed. Raven also rose from the couch and looked back down at Beastboy.

"You coming?"

Beastboy checked the clock again. "In a little bit I will I just want to watch TV for a little bit longer." Raven nodded and crouched down to hug Beastboy.

"Okay I'll see you soon." Beastboy embraced her softly and then wished Robin and Starfire goodnight. The three of them exited the common room together and Beastboy sprawled out on the couch. A few minutes past and he continued to slowly flip through channels but was interrupted when he heard the common room door open. Jumping off the couch not knowing who was coming in but was slightly relieved to see Aqualad. They both awkwardly stared at each other or a brief second.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Beastboy looked at Aqualad as if he had three heads. Aqualad chuckled at him and sarcastically said back.


Beastboy rolled his eyes. "You're hilarious." He went and sat back down on the couch while Aqualad walked over to the doors to exit the common room. He stopped before the doors opened and walked back towards the couch and began to smile sarcastically.

"You know you should talk to your girl. She was quite the flirt tonight." Beastboy heard the record scratch in his head when he said that. He felt a rush of anger boil up to his head like someone put gunpowder underneath a bonfire. He wanted to not even ask a question but instead just put Aqualad's teeth in his stomach but he knew that would not be good for anyone. So instead he took the calm route and stood up and faced him.

"Do you mind elaborating?" Aqualad continued to act cocky and looked at Beastboy.

"I saw Raven flirting with a couple guys and I thought you'd want to know." Beastboy rolled his eyes and clinched his fist resisting every urge not to just bury it in Aqualads nose.

"And I should believe you because?" Aqualad chuckled and put his hand on Beastboys shoulder of him to quickly shrug it off and move backward.

"Look you don't have to believe me but I'm not the only one who saw her doing it." Beastboy was starting to get irritated and decided to call him on his bullshit.

"Oh yeah and who could of possibly seen this when it didn't happen." Aqualad continued to mock Beastboy.

"Robin because he was flirting with a girl right in front of Raven and her boy so I guess you and Starfire have some issues to work out." Beastboys jaw hit the floor. Aqualad laughed his way out of the room and the cold slam of the steel doors let Beastboy standing there with his mind racing. It was one thing for Aqualad to call out Raven and make up some lies to just push Beastboys buttons but to put Starfire into this wasn't fair. He knew better than to ever assume that Robin would even remotely try to disrespect his relationship with Starfire and for how long she knew Raven he knew that wasn't really the flirty type but he needed to know exactly what happened.

Raven laid snugged up against her blanket and had finally reached a comfortable position in her bed. She had just reached the right spot on the mattress and was just on the edge of her dreams until the light from the hallway poured into her bedroom. Her eyes squinted from the light and she sat up groaning from irritation.

"Do you mind?" she called out not knowing who would be the recipient of her question. The door than slammed shut and there was no response. Raven stared out into the dark waiting for a response for someone.

"Um hello asshole can you answer me?" She then recognized the voice when she heard Beastboy answer back with an equal as irritated.

"Can you not call me an asshole?" Raven sank in her bed from embarrassment.

"I'm sorry babe I didn't know it was you."

"Oh were you expecting a different guy?" The record in Raven's head scratched and she immediately went on the defensive.

"Um what the fuck is your problem?" Beastboy didn't want to flip out and he knew well enough to believe Aqualad before even talking to Raven but the way she was speaking to him was really pissing him off. The way she called him an asshole cut to the core of him and it reminded him of the way Terra used to insult him. This made him boil over on her.

"You want to know what my problem is Raven? It's that you're being mean to me for no reason when all I'm trying to do is go to sleep."
Raven matched his intensity. "Well maybe if you would have just came in here like a normal person and respected the fact I was sleeping."

"Normal person huh? That's funny coming from you." Beastboy regretted the words as soon as they left his lips. He knew he had crossed a line and was about to face the wrath for it.


One of Raven's lamps hit the wall as she finished screaming leaving them both in a stunned silence except for Raven trying to catch her breath from screaming. Beastboy stared at his visibly upset girlfriend and rolled his eyes and turned around headed for the door. The door slid open and he stepped outside. Before it closed he turned back.

"I hope you had fun with that guy tonight Raven. I hope it was fucking worth it." The door slammed on him and he just stared at the cold medal for a moment. He exhaled slowly and then began walking to the common room to sleep on the couch and pray that tonight was nothing more than a bad dream.