I know I should be working on both From Minion to Human and Minion Bonding but the inspiration for this came from the heavy rain today and started to remember the story I wrote after seeing the first Despicable Me about the Minions having the flu and one thing led to another.

In this short story, Purple Minion Kevin catches the flu after playing in the rain with Dave and Edith but feeling sick so Dave and their family help him get him get better.

I hope you guys like.

It was raining in the neighbourhood and three figures who'd benn coopedc up all day in the odd looking house with the dead lawns and monster dog were playing in the rain.

Dave, Edith and Kevin who was still a Purple Minion after the antidote hadn't worked on him but was still a sweey and quirky Minion on the inside were playing in the rain and having a muds fight.

"You guys can't beat an ninja!" Edith said as Dave giggled.

Kevin was behind her with a mud pie in his gloved hands and dumped it on her making her annoyed but chuckled since they were playing and both Minions meant no harm, just being their energetic selves since being cooped up on a rainy day wasn't fun.

"Yeah Kev!" Dave said hugging the Purple Minion.

Kevin smirked revealing his fangs.

"No prob." he said.

They knew the adults were too busy to come check on them even though Gru told them not to play in the rain but the three couldn't help it.

Kevin then threw another mud pie but Edith ducked.

"Dave, Edith, Kevin!" a voice yelled making them jump.

Gru sighed knowing the second his back was turned, they'd sneak out.

"Aw come on Dad!

We're just having fun besides Dave and Kevin hate being cooped up." Edith said.

"Get inside before you catch something, okay?" he said as Dave whispered something to Kevin throwing mud at their so called father.

Gru glare at Kevin knowing the Purple Minion was playing but knew things could get annoying.

"Just get inside now." he said.

As the three of them went inside, Kevin felt things in his nose, like it had ingested pepper sneezing.

He was laughing hysterically at this going inside and unaware he caught something.

"Achoo!" Dave heard after taking a shower to warm himself up after playing in the rain and still heard sneezes knowing it wasn't him remembering Kevin had been out in the rain too.

He saw his brother and best friend going to take a shower since his purple fur and hair were dripping wet from the rain plus he had mud on his black overalls.

"Kev you okay?

You've been sneezing a lot since we came inside." he said.

"I'm fine but a hot shower will help." he replied.

Dave hoped so as he knew his friend was sick and hiding it.

He just hoped it was just a cold since he was unaware how colds or flus affected Purple Minions going to put warm dark blue pyjamas on.

He entered the room he shared with Kevin going to the dresser and pulling out warm dark blue pyjamas with bananas over them making him smirk.

He then heard Gru calling them for dinner as Mark was banging a gong.