A/N: I love PacMan Fever and I noticed that Dean refers to the bunker as home for the 1st time in that ep. I own nothing and sorry for any and all grammar/spelling mistakes.

"…so why don't you head on home?" Dean to Sam in PacMan Fever

They have a home now. They have a home. A home away from home, because no matter what, the Impala is still just that and always will be. In long nights on the blackest of roads or on a hot sunny day driving down a small town road, the Impala will always be that.


But they have a place now, somewhere to go to every day, a place that is their own, where they sleep, eat, chill out, watch movies, read, research, relax and fight. A place that is protected and warded and untraceable by almost anything. A place that is solid, unmoving, has firm walls and a hard floor. A place that is hidden and all theirs. A home that doesn't have wheels, beds without bumps in them from million of bodies that slept in them before they came. Beds that smells nice, rooms that smell nice, rooms that sometimes smell of Dean's cooking and coffee that they make in their own kitchen. Their own kitchen where they make their own food; either they re-heat it or do it from scratch. It's still theirs.

They have a home and it's real. It's not some seedy motel room with stains that they never wanna look too closely at, and always try to stay clear of. Not some seedy motel room, with crazy motifs and colors and other things of questionable status. Not some broken down cabin either. Or some house they have to squat in when money is just not there. They aren't paying to stay here, they aren't afraid to be found by cops while they sleep and are vulnerable. They aren't scared here.

Because this is their place. A place that they both hope will never go away, never collapse or burn down or explode or become compromised in any way. They want to keep this place, explore it more, decorate it to their taste, live in it until ... until their days will pass. But deep, deep down they know that someday, it will go away someway or another, this safe haven will get taken from them. Because that's just how it is.

But until that day comes they will try and make this place a home; warm, welcoming, comfortable. Make it even more theirs than it already is.

Dean's doing the whole nesting thing, so Sam will just sit back and let his brother arrange the place like he wants it to be. Because the way Dean will make it, it will be perfect for the both of them.

They have a home now. A real home with nothing funky in it - the obscure stuff doesn't count, because that is normal - and with books; walls and walls of them, knowledge of ages hidden in here, they just have to reach out and touch it. Sam more than Dean, but that's just how it is. Dean has weapons to figure out, hundreds of them, while Sam has books to bury his nose in. Thousands of them.


Strange word, even stranger concept for them both, but the bunker is just that. Home.

Although when this happy fairytale of having all this will end, because with their screwed up lives it definitely will, they will always and forever have the Impala.

Home away from home.

The End