"Damn... Piece of shit... Stupid ass spaceship..."

Leonard thumped his hand against the wall near the synthesizer, growling under his breath. In addition to the damn thing not working, his hand now hurt. This was making up to be a terrible morning. He contemplated the ramifications of just throwing his boxer-clad self back into bed.

If he didn't get his morning coffee, he was going to a right pain in someone's-

There was a buzz at his door.

He glanced down at himself, unshowered and wearing nothing but his Starfleet issued black boxers. 0527 hours; what a perfect time for visitors.

"Yeah, who is it?"

"Your one and only Captain."

Leonard rolled his eyes. "Come in."

The door slid open and Jim strode in, two paper cups in his hands.

McCoy narrowed his eyes. "Jim... What is that?"

Kirk looked from McCoy to the paper cups in his hand and then back to McCoy mockingly. "I think... I think... oh, I think it's coffee. How did that get there?" He grinned.

Leonard crossed the room and grabbed one of the cups from Jim as quickly as he could without spilling it. "Don't be an ass. You know I hate mornings."

Jim raised an eyebrow, grinning. "I know that I don't want to be around you if you don't have coffee, so I actually went to the kitchen to get some. Which you could have done, too."

McCoy muttered something as he took a drink of his coffee. "I forget we actually have a kitchen."

Jim grinned and set his cup down, flopping onto McCoy's bed. "I do too, sometimes, actually. Replicators and all that."

"Pieces of shit, if you ask me."

"Now, now, Bones. You've got your coffee. Don't be grouchy." Jim was still grinning.

Sometimes, McCoy thought, he just wanted to knock the smile off his best friend's face.

However, that best friend in question brought him coffee. He could put up with the annoying smile as long as he had his morning brew.

Poor wittle Bones needs his morning coffee before he can handle all the trouble little Jimmy gets them into. :p

I'm thinking Pavel for the next chapter. I love zat little Vussian. ;)