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Leo leaned against the wall and stared at Nico, who was currently sitting on his lap. He wore all black; black tee shirt, black jeans, black socks, and his signature aviator jacket. Despite his intimidating look, Nico looked quite innocent because of his fragile frame and the way he curled up to be as small as possible. He hummed sleepily, which Leo thought was absolutely adorable (bad way to describe a son of Hades). He ran one hand through Nico's hair and used the other to play with the boy's hands.

"You know, Nico, sometimes I swear you're a cat."

"Why would you think that?" Nico asked.

"Well," Leo explained, "For one thing, you are literally purring into my neck."

"No I'm not!" said Nico defiantly, but his sleepy state made it nothing more than a murmur.

"Oh sure," Leo went on, sarcasm painting his voice. "You also love it when I pet your hair, and to cuddle in my lap. Maybe you were a cat in a past life, or you were born a cat and then turned into a human, or something."

Nico mentally groaned. "Okay, first of all, I couldn't have been a cat in my last life. Second of all, I think I would know if I was born a cat."

"But you don't remember the stuff from before you were ten! It's perfectly plausible!" Leo grinned like the pyromaniac he was.

"Your head was screwed on wrong," Nico stated, before snuggling back into the crook of Leo's neck.

He kissed his forehead. "Fine, whatever you say. And when you start purring, I get to say I told you so."

Before falling asleep, Leo's last thought was He would be a totally adorable kitten.

Authors Note: This is my BroTP, and I doubt a romantic relationship will ever happen. But they are just so darn cute!