The final sequel is up! It is posted under the title 'Song Of Albion'. Below is a preview. Feel free to go straight to the full text :)

The conjured memories bring a smile to his face, but at times Arthur wonders if he's still remembering the real Merlin, or if time and memory have faded the laugh, changed the grin, numbed the actuality of it all. Would Merlin really use that particular tone to teasingly scold Arthur? Hadn't his smile been brighter? Was Arthur missing something when he tried to remember the way their banter had flown?"


The heir to the throne rises from his beside chair and nods firmly in the warlock's direction. It doesn't matter that Merlin can't see the gesture, that he's probably not able to hear the words or catch their real meaning. Arthur still says the same thing every time.

"I need a servant I can trust. So wake up soon, will you?"


Arthur ignores it all. He is already moving , rushing as slowly as he can manage while checking his sudden sense of urgency.

He lurches through the physician's room, up the stairs and flings open the door hiding the room of secrets.


The name slips from his lips and the gaunt young man meets his gaze in surprise.