The lost warrior's outstretched arm grasped the long tentacle on top of Majin Buu's head, and let him dangle in front of him. All around, every eye was focused on the focal point, and the face of the being who would determine the pink terror's fate.

The lost warrior let out a gurgling bellow that made all in attendance retreat back in fear. It was a sickening sound, a sound that felt like a sharp knife piercing you directly through the heart, as the chilling pain set in slowly. And it held no mercy.

"Please...spare me..." spat Buu, struggling to form the words using his oversized blue tongue.

The lost warrior turned Buu's body around so he could face him, and their eyes met. In shame, Buu dropped his own to the floor, not allowing himself to look into the depths of the dark warrior's. In them he saw feelings he had never seen before. He had never seen them so pure. Jealousy. Malice. Hate.

"Majin Buu...terror of the universe. Reduced to begging?" taunted the lost warrior, laughing. Buu did not respond, but continued to stare at the barren ground below him. He had never experienced a power this great. Not even Vegetto matched his strength.

But it was not only the power. But the emotions trapped within a single body, emotions so limitless that they couldn't be contained to a single dimension. Yet, all of them were trapped in this one being of pure power.

"Quit your whining, Buu. I'm not going to kill you. In fact, you shall be extremely valuable to me..."

"What do you mean?" snapped Buu impatiently. The lost warrior laughed in Buu's face, causing his rubbery skin to ripple, and it continued on through his body until it reached his dark boots.

"It's quite simple, you see. You're going to break me out of this place. And we leave tomorrow."