Hello again everyone. Well, as I said would happen, all chapters of Black Roses, White Violets have been removed from FF. In due time, I plan to start anew, and revamp the story. Thankfully, I have the aid of a good friend I have made on the site, Ghost Fire 6, who is graciously offering much needed assistance to me to help remake the story into hopefully something better for you all to enjoy.

Now onto some different subjects, if any of you decided to visit my deviantArt, you may have noticed a journal I posted talking about what happened to me and why things came to a stop. Another thing included was a list of ideas that were going to be scrapped, put up for consideration, and included in the revamp. For those of you who did not visit, I will be including said ideas in the following announcement. As I once stated in the journal, if you have helpful advice, or perhaps an idea or two even you may want to pitch to try and make the story better, please feel free to share and I will consider them if any.

Black Roses, White Violets Revamp Change List

Discarded Ideas
-Aero's initial weapon idea for a RWBY themed weapon the Monochrome Lunar; will be replaced by more simplistic weapons.
-The initial plot that was planned, obviously enough, which will be revamped.
-Aero's over the top ability from the chapter that centered around the volume 1 finale where he essentially pulled a friggin Deus Ex Machina.
-The initial romance plot idea involving Ruby and Blake; one is plenty but two is pushing it in my opinion. Save love for only one, heh.
-Aero being a member of team RWBY. Yeah this... anyone can see by doing this it's like I am just trying to give the guy a harem out of the four girls am I right? So yeah, that's gone.
-A number of other things I cannot recall off the top of my head and refuse to search up through my original story as I can't stand the thought of reading it.

Questionable Ideas
-Topaz. Considering Aero is not going to be a team RWBY member, and just because this idea in general was something I made up on the spot. I don't want to get rid of the little neko at all really, but I definitely will be keeping her idea as something to save for potentially down the line.

New/Revamped Ideas
-Aero's arsenal. If any of you have watched me, you might have seen some art I have posted of Aero. A lot of the stuff he has been seen using will be part of his new lineup of abilities and weapons for the revamp.
-The Romance. Honestly, this idea is heavily difficult for me to figure out. There are a number of things I could do for this, from OC's with canon, canon with canon, OC's with OC's, but even then it still hurts my brain to consider what to do. If any of you are willing to lend a guy a hand, please feel free to make suggestions on what I could do. Like for example, who I should say, put Aero with this time around (Only one lady this time, not two or more). It'd really help me out to hear suggestions from anyone that actually does still check my stuff out.
-Sapphire's plot. So honestly, not much was revealed about Sapphire's plot for the story, but it definitely had some dark undertones to it that she was out for something big. I don't wanna give myself credit or anything, but it likely could have been on the level of whatever it is Cinder has planned. Either way, her plot is going to be redone, and her character role is going to be switched from antagonist to anti-hero.
-New characters. This time around, I want to try and incorporate a couple more OC's of mine who I have had for a while, and as such, I am going to be trying to possibly form my own sort of, RWBY team. Of course, it's likely not going to go by the team naming color rule, nor will the characters even have color themed names, save for Aero I believe. Sorry Monty, but not everyone can do it.
-More ideas will come up, and as they do, I will see about creating a post to mention them. Nothing spoiler related will be included however, in terms of the revamped story, or volume 3.

And that will be all for now. I hope to get back into the swing of things and bring you all a new story to enjoy. Until next time my friends. Peace.