The Flood.

A/N: This is a story I thought of out of the blue and hope you all in enjoy it. R and R

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It was around 8 in the evening in the forest, as dark clouds formed on the Horizon and thunder crackled. In his hole, Bugs Bunny was sleeping, he had had a long day, in-between running into Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd at the same time, taking his girlfriend out for lunch only for Marvin to try and abduct them, and The Tazmanian Devil trying to eat him, and to top it all off Sam set his carrot patch on fire, so he was going to have to get up at dusk to plant them before winter rolls around.

As he slept, the rain poured into his rabbit hole. The water began to rise till it was over his head and as he kept snoring oblivious to the fact that he was half a dozen feet under water, another loud crack of thunder woke him. Bugs got up stretched. He walked towards the cabinets and grabbed his coffee mug, then took a big yawn (sucking up a lot of water) finally realized he was drowning and started to desperately grasp for air. He eventually swam to the top, where he took real heavy breaths. Then, he noticed a black Duck floating in the water.

Bugs: Da…Daf…Daffy!?

Daffy: Oh hay bugs. Do you have some wine ,or vodka, or something I can barrow?

Bugs: What!?

Daffy: Something to drink, I have a date coming over later, and I forgot to get any refreshments.

Bugs: Daffy! My home is flooded.

Daffy: Oh yeah, I heard it might rain a little tonight.

Bugs: A little! My whole house is flooded.

Daffy: Relax; it's just a hole in the ground. How hard is it to make another one?

Bugs: Just a hole in the ground!

Bugs' body twitched, as he fought the urge to hit Daffy in the head with a hammer, and managed to climb out of his hole.

Bugs: Daffy we have to get to high ground fast.

Daffy: Come on, it's just a little water. What's the worst that could ha…..

Just then a bolt of lightning hit Daffy, frying him.

Bugs: Come on Daff, we have to go.

Bugs snatched up Daffy's scorched body and ran for the mountains.