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Rating: Mature

Pairing: Bonnie/Damon

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A/N: You don't understand how excited I am to be starting a very new story folks. This has been running through my brain for THE longest time, and I decided to give it a try. I've already written a couple of chapters already but wanted to write a couple of more that way im certain there won't be delay once I start going back to school and continuing my other 2 stories. This will be an intro one shot for now until I get some feedback from you guys, so we'll see how it goes… This will be a little snippet, and if you want more, you know what to do!
On that note, this is an all human story ( AU) everyone and the events in which are going to take place, have either inspired me, have happened to me, or things I've simply fantasized about, it could be anything! Alright… and let the games begin!
Ps- This chapter will be strongly Bonnie's P.O.V. I'll switch on and off sometimes, especially with different characters and such, or may have a general overview like my other stories…who knows.

Warnings- Can get really dark, so if you're okay with that kind of thing, well come on in...


After moving from Mystic Falls to New York with her step mother Shelly and her step sibling, Bonnie decides that it's time to get her own job, and move out. Problem is…she's only seventeen. She would be legal in a couple of months, but she had to get out. Her step mother was actually her former foster mother after her father married her then had died from an overdose. Shelly was-for a lack of better words- a devil. Leaving her to tend for her kid (Noah; ten going on thirty) to drop her panties for her the next douche bag in town. Bonnie had priorities; Bonnie finally had a job as a part time camp counselor for a private school for rich kids, and the minute she told her step-devil she couldn't be a second mommy, she decided to get engaged to one of her bootie calls, and demand that half her paychecks be sent to her. Trying to fight the urge to strangle her only legal guardian, the caramel beauty meets an older man who teaches her the ropes of living in the crucial world of New York and how to make people bow down and kiss your ass. The other problem? His family is one of the the richest families in Italy, now residing in NYC; The Salvatore fashion label being the most known and the most popular across the globe. And once she realizes the man with the piercing blue eyes could be dangerous for her she runs, only to be pulled back in to his world of fame, fashion, scandal and chaos…

You think that being able to have the opportunity to move to New York frigging city would make your nerves jump with joy, to suddenly find yourself completely and utterly ready to fulfill those impossible tumblr dreams; move to a big city, meet new people, the clothes, the fashion, the boys, the parties, gotdamn the high of it all. Intriguing shit huh? But no, that's not why I moved here at all.

I stare at the house I grew up in for the last couple of years before my Dad left us, the pain in my head strengthen by each second. Motherfuck, I wish I hadn't thrown out that bottle of Tylenol last week.

As I reminisce about the good ol days, I play out the possibilities of what is yet to come. I asked my friend April about my moving away and what that would do for me, she said that she thinks she knows how this story plays out. There's me, Bonnie Bennet being a little hometown girl with no insight of the real world outside my comfort zone, I move to a big ass city, fall in love, get fucked for the first time and live happily ever after with my future prince charming. I mean hey that sounds about good to me, but I know for a fact April knows I'm not that kind of girl…Hell, those were the fake Hollywood dreams teenaged girls filled their tiny brains with just to erase the harsh reality of their boring lives.

A tear streams down my face, the warm air fucking with my allergies. I give a quick wave towards my old house and storm off in to the car.

I still couldn't believe my bitch of a step-mother decided to just up and leave Mystic Falls with Noah –my step brother- and I. Yes. Step brother. You catch my drift. I refused to go with her, knowing good and well that if I did, she'd make the rest of my life a living hell. She'd make me change my last name from Bennett to Torrington and rain all fire on everything I wish to do and accomplish in my future. Now you're probably thinking, why don't you just get the fuck out and live on your own?

Answer? I've tried. I was only fifteen when my father Rudy died, and well that's a sore topic. He was clean for about two years, ran in to my real mother, and got mixed emotions when she ran away from him for the second time in his fourty two years of life, then OD'd right there on the floor in front of my step mother. I try to sympathize with her, realizing the reason why she's a stuck up bitch is because she witnessed my father-her second husband- die right in front of her eyes, but no. I can't sorry. Ever since they got together she has made me regret existing.

Dramatic? Okay yea a little bit, but she's a walking fuckin demon, I swear. Once my dad- god rest his soul- got married to the witch she insisted that I pick up a job to help pay for their honey moon. And I mean yea that sounds sweet and all but maybe it wouldn't have been appropriate for hmmm oh I don't know a fuckin twelve year old?! I'm not gonna lie a swore a couple of times at her in retaliation attempting to defend myself, but she then went on to saying that my harsh attitude was to be blamed on my friends and that resulted to me not being allowed to attend my best friend April's thirteenth birthday. But I snuck out anyway but only made it for the second end of the movie.

My friends always wondered where the hell my dad was in all of this injustice… let's just say the whole time he had business to conduct at his old company, he was getting high on any drug he could find. He was fortunate to have inherited his father's old fortune and some was used to buy a new house, car, clothes, the whole nine yards. But the Bad news? Once he realized the money he had stashed away for his dealings came up empty he was hardly around. He came every other weekend, gave Shelly a good romantic fuck here and there to make up for lost special time, took out Noah for an ice-cream and amusement park tradition, and me his real daughter out for drives out of town. We'd go go-kart racing, shopping, out for expensive dinners, breakfast, brunches, and my favourite… shooting ranges. Yes, I was only twelve, and yes it's illegal, but every time we went his best friend Alle would clear everyone out and leave the range for only the three of us to enjoy. They always made sure I was safe to watch and made me swear to secrecy to not to tell anyone outside their circle. I never did. Well, maybe just Noah...

''Bonnie! We gotta go!'' My little step brother Noah yelled from the inside of the car.

I really didn't want to leave; this town was where I grew up, where my dad kinda raised me… Who would I be in a big city like New York?

My dad always had cool friends, an okay life, a daring edge to him always wanting to be different, always wanting to express his views whether it be politics, religion, music, food… he always had that beautiful, strong spirit in him I had gladly passed down to me, but… somehow he was always unhappy. I knew it was my birth mothers fault he died. I never thought I could hate someone so much other than step-devil but I do. He always loved her, but she made him unhappy even when he was smiling. Deep down I knew he married Shelly because he loved a woman who could take care of children and thought that if anything were to happen to him, I'd have a safe place to call home and a shoulder to cry on. Too bad he was sadly mistaken. I use to visit his grave site ever week and tell him about how much I miss him, but always left out the way she treated me. He probably already knew, by looking down on me every day… but I have to be strong is what he'd always say to me. So that's what I'm going to do. Be strong for myself, and for Noah.

I shiver every time I re-call the last time I called child services on Shelly's ass before running away for two days… I stayed with my best friend April and her sickly grandmother, thanking God her parents were out of town for the weekend. I wished I could live with her till I turned eighteen but things again turned out to worsen by the minute.

Oh wanna hear the best part?

My dad basically married my foster mom. Jesus. And the new hit drama for reality fuckery goes to me! Ding Ding!

After disappearing for a week and a half leaving me home alone when I was ten, I guess some parents figured it out after seeing me shopping for groceries and getting the mail. I was thrown in to a foster home, stripped away from my father. He apologized over and over again once coming back saying he had an ill grandmother out of town and wasn't allowed to cross the border back. That still didn't answer the fact why he left me behind, but I was young and naïve and believed him.

''I think they'll be a really good fit for you kid, they seem decent and well mannered'' The handsome tall dark skinned man sighed crossing his arms across his buff chest.

He was the investigator for families who took in foster kids, and had been by her side since the beginning of it all when her father wasn't around. He was the present part of her father she never had. She would text him if anything were to go wrong, or if she needed someone to talk to. Bonnie needed support and he was there to supply it.

It wasn't even two weeks in before I really got scared of my foster parents, and requested to be moved to another home. They were kind of too touchy feely for me, definitely was not down for an underage porno. Awks. Then there was the old granny, she was alright, but she died after a year, which then caused me to be moved to my third home. That's where I met Shelly. She lived in a large house with her young son Noah who was five at the time. The bitch just got out of a divorce and needed some extra cash, so no wonder this foster thing was her new gig. And well that's where it all began. My father would come visit me on occasion, and the one time I was late getting ready to go out for dinner with him, she had invited herself to join us and they hit it off. It was the best time of my life, I was shitting bricks. Sarcasm strongly intended…

So here I am sitting in the back of my dad's hummer she ''took'' once he died along with all of his other possessions in the trunk.

I turn to see Noah staring out of the window thinking deeply like the genius he is, wondering if he's happy about moving to New York. He's been quiet the last couple of days while packing, maybe because he had to part ways with his cute little crush Kendra from school. They were the cutest things ever. Always having play dates at the park and what not. Baby love, ahh those were the days I tell ya.

I smile ruffling his locks with my hand, as he glares at me before smirking and turning back away. I push my locks away from my eyes before pulling out my phone to check some messages.

''I'm sick and tired of paying your damn phone bill, once we move in your ass in getting a job'' Shelly growled from the driver's seat, watching me in the mirror.

Rolling my eyes, I glared at her swearing that if I were the man of fuckin steel her body would be burning up in flames and I'd be laughing hysterically as she withered in to the ground.

Woah. I need some caffeine.

''I was already planning on doing so Shelly, and don't mind me, I won't be in your way this summer'' I snarled back rolling my eyes as I shook my head angrily.

''Good, because if you don't, you'll be babysitting Noah everyday while I…work'' She replied back quickly.

''Or getting knocked up by David, you're New York flame'' I whispered under my breath not really caring if she heard me or not.

''Excuse me?!'' She yelled, attempting to keep her eyes on the road.

''…do you really want me to repeat that?'' I said sweetly.

At the red light, Shelly turned back to stare at her, but halted before she realized they weren't the only ones in the car.

''No, we can talk about it later Bennett, right now I'm going to buy some food for my child'' She cut her eyes at me before driving past the now green light.

''Now Now Shelly, do you really think Conner the investigator from child services is going to like hearing that you're starving your foster child?'' I faked mocked.

I was so glad Noah was listening to his headphones at the moment during out bicker. I would never speak to his mom like that in front of him. It was just too complicated for them to understand, though sometimes Shelly didn't mind being rude to me in front of him at times.

I could tell she was sensing the truth in my statement as she gripped the steering wheel cursing silently. The blonde hair, brown eye devil, sped faster on the road trying to ignore the urge to stop at the side of the road and me out. But she couldn't, she had a fuckin duty to my father and the agency to make sure I didn't die, so she might as well make it look good.

''Sure thing, why don't we get you some pasta from your favourite Italian restaurant?'' She teased in a high pitched voice, making my blood boil.

She knew that was my dad's favourite place as well as mine, and she never failed to see the sensitivity in always rubbing it in my face. I stopped going there once she announced we were moving three months ago. Just to sit in the same spot Dad and I once did at Francisco's, and to relish in all the sweet memories we shared always made me feel like my life wasn't all that bad, but it was. We left and she ruined it all. She loved to piss me the fuck off and to pass on that chance would be deemed as preposterous.

''Stop it'' I growled, not wanting her to say the name.

''Francisco's was it?'' She whispered.

''Don't you get tired of it all? DO YOU?!'' I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Noah took off his headphones sensing the intensity in the car as he stared at my furious eyes and his smirking mother.

''What's going on'' he asked, frowning knowing I had reached my limit.

I shook my head, trying to plaster a believable smile across my face, failing miserably. I wiped the tears from my eyes and chuckled.

''Nothing, just miss home that's it'' I muttered rolling my eyes.

''Mom can we get a hotel tonight, I think Bonnie needs some air and some time to just relax, that alright?'' Noah asked her, knowing she'd comply. She could never say no to him. She never got mad at him, and he was always the voice of reasoning in the house. I mean damn the kid was only ten.

''Of course baby, anything for you'' Shelly pouted disgustingly.

''Great, thanks mom'' The youngling grinned turning his head towards me.

He reached across her to grab my hand, squeezing it for my comfort. He smiled at me nodding his head before turning back towards the window deep in thought.

My heart soared at how cute and loving Noah always was to me. He was always there for me, regardless if we were blood or not. There was nothing he wouldn't do for me, and nothing I wouldn't do for him. He was my rock, and the dread of going to New York didn't feel as bad as it did just hours ago.

Looking out at the sunset, the clouds moving past I vowed that I was going to get a sick ass job, make money, move out, and have Noah visit every weekend. Forget love; forget falling for some fairy-tale prince charming. New York would be adding one new hard-working bad-ass resident to their city.

Game on.

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