This is for a friend hopefully she likes this. Not only is thing my first posted Yuri fluff thing but I hope that I got the characters right. I don't really focus on Kanaya I know its only because I don't know how to portray her sadly. Also I've been gone for a while having moved and all so we had no internet for a while so I need to catch up on like all my stuff and update everything.

Rose X Kanaya Fluff

First Kiss

Rose watched the dark haired troll from afar nervously. She had grown close to Kanaya and found herself feeling things she never felt possibly while living the life she lived. But the more she spent hanging around the green blooded female the more she became comfortable with the way she felt. Sadly she didn't know how to express said feelings and there was no way in hell she would go to the drunk who somehow qualified as a parent. No if she was going to do this shed have to confront the troll on her own terms and at her own pace. Now being, a great time and being so close to doing so was becoming extremely difficult doing so. It sort of helped that trolls had a different though complicated ideas when it came to relationships so since gender doesn't really matter to them she had nothing to fear. But if she was considered in a cretin category in troll relationships she would have no chance which made this seem a whole lot harder than it was worth. Just thinking about it and how anything could turn to rejection made Roses brain hurt. Maybe it wasn't to late to turn back now her rational side made her turn about to do just that when a familiar voice called out to her. Internally cursing Rose turned to the troll who now stood only a foot or two away. 'Alright stay cool' she breathed her brain going hay wire as she turned to face her friend with a small smile.

"What's up Kanaya?" she greeted with a light blush dusting her cheeks. Rose wanted to die for the flush on her face was more than noticeable on her pale face. But if Kanaya noticed it she didn't comment on it. "You've been standing there for the past ten minutest do you need something?" the tall female asked tilting her head slightly. Rose's dark painted lips pulled into a slight frown. 'Had it really been that long?' she wondered having been to deep in thought to notice her concerned friend move closer. A cool hand being placed on her forehead startled her for a second before she calmed slightly."Rose you warm and your face is red are you sick or coming down with a human illness of some sort?" the troll questioned. 'Shit she noticed' Rose gently took Kanaya's hand off her face whispering a quick "fine" before looking away. "Are you sure?" she asked again eyes shimmering with obvious concern for her friend. In a bold move Rose took a deep breath and dragged Kanaya's face down to smash their lips firmly together.

It was quick and over before they knew it "Never been better" Rose grinned before taking off leaving a stunned troll in her wake. Watching from the hive window was another troll who made it his job to ease drop as of late out of boredom. "Fucking finally" he growled irritatedly to himself before storming off to spy on another troll. Maybe he'd see how that annoying sea dweller and sol were faring as of late.

There done I added a little Karkat to cuz I luvz him and think he needs more loving!