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"What do you mean my father is missing"

Aunt Reen looked at the floor. Sadness covered her face.

"There was an ambush, they were caught by surprise. I was told your father was blown off a cliff."

"His body wasn't found so theres still a chance he's alive." She said hopefully

Naraku stared at his hands, the shock was still setting in. His king and father were missing. He was pravbably dead.

His aunt sat next to him and stroked his back.

"I know it's hard dear but you are the only heir of Spytra. You must oh back and lead your kingdom to victory."

"I cant lead them like my father did. I'm not as good as him."

"No one could be as good as your father but you are his son you have the potential to lead. I know it will be difficult. Unlike other kings you we be thrusted into the battlefield. Your father wants to wait till the war was over before getting you ready to become king but now you will have to be ready"

"When do I depart?" his vioce was numb and hollow.

"There is a ship being prepared to take you back. Any air born travel would be to risky. It should take you three months to get there. The ships have to take quit a few detours to avoid the enemy."

"King Naraku" the cat eared man said to himself. He liked how it rolled off his tongue.


Inuyasha woke peacefully next to Sesshoumaru. Ever since that night they had been sharing the same bed. Though they slept together they still hadnt had sex. Sesshoumaru would kiss him on the lips and rub his nice the kisses would get a little longer and they rub against eachother a little more.

They were moving slow but that's probably what Inuyasha needed.

Right now Inuyasha was happily humming while being wrapped in the others arms or should he say arm.

He had discovered months ago that Sesshoumarun had loss one of his arms in battle. He had a metal one that could move lile a real arm. The fake hand could hold a shield and grab a cup but it wasn't enhanced enough to swing a sword. The wrist couldnt move like that.

The genral was a little self-conscious about his missing arm but Inuyasha made it perfectly clear to him that he didn't care about the arm. That he loved him more becuase of it.

"Inuyasha" Sesshoumaru yawned. He rubbed his eye as he woke up.

"I'm here my love." He hummed

"I have to tell you something.

"What would that be."

Sesshoumaru signed. He gently stroked the others cheek.

"The king of Spytra is presumed dead. The prince shall return to take his place."

"Naraku is coming back?"

"I promise you will never see him again. I swear he'll never touch you again." Sesshoumaru held him close.

"Don't worry he's probably has a new slave and forgot all about me." it hurt a little knowing that. He didn't know why thought.

"I have to go for awhile."

"How long?"

"I do not know. We have no way of knowing how or when the prince is coming. They think he's going to come by plane."

"No Naraku would never fly anywhere. He's terrified of planes. He's coming by boat."

"How do you know that. He could get over his fear. It has been awhile since you seen him."

Inuyasha shook his head. "He's been afraid ever since he was a kid. It had something to do with him almost falling out his window. He doesn't talk about it much."

"So he's coming by water?"

Inuyasha nob.

"That helps so much. Now we could focus on the shores. If we could capture the prince before he gathers his army's we could end this war."

"What will happen to Naraku when you capture him?"

"He will be killed publicly or sent to our king."

Inuyasha swallowed hard. "Killed?"

"Yes, that's what we do with enemies."

"What would the king do to him?" He asked him nervously.

"Hold them as his prisoner and use him as a hostage to negotiated with the other side. He probably spent the rest of his life in a cell, being a punching bag for the kings men. How knows, if he's pretty they'll turn him into a toy. Ironic isn't it."

Inuyasha swallowed hard. Naraku was very pretty.

Sesshoumaru held him gently.

"Don't worry. One way or another he will pay for what he has done to you." Sesshoumaru hummed.

Sesshoumaru kissed his neck. "This will be our last night together for a long time. Me and my men will be leaving in the morning... Do you think we can make this night memorable?"

Inuyasha maimed when he nibbled on his ear. He turned around and kissed the general. He had a way of making him feel so wanted, so needed, so loved. Their relationship was based on equality. Sesshoumaru cared about how he felt and listened to his opinion.

Finally Inuyasha was ready. He wrapped his arms around the others neck and kissed him gently.

Sesshoumaru slipped his hands into his pants. He curved his pionter finger around his dick and stroked slowly.

"That feels good" the hanyou moaned.

Inuyasha thrusted against him. Thier members brushed together. Sesshoumaru removed his pants so nothing was keeping their manhoods apart.

Inuyasha couldn't believe how good it could feel to be touched down there. He never actrually wanted to be touched there but now he loved.

Seashoumaru kissed down his chest and played with one of his perk nipples. He knew the other liked it. Gently he took the nub into his mouth and rolled it around with his tongue.

"Please..." Inuyasha cried out. He wrapped his legs around Sessoumarus back.

Sesshoumaru rubbed his ear while he kissed him. His hand reached towards the night stand and opens the droor. He pulled out a little bottle of lube. He poured it on his fingers. Gently he messages the other pucker. The little hole loosened.

"This part might be a little uncomfortable but it will get better." Seeshoumaru kissed him while he slowly inserted one finger into the other. He hoped the kiss would distract him from any pain.

Inuyasha hardly notice any pain. Compared to what Naraku use to do this was nothing. When Seeshoumaru brushed against that spot inside him he melted. He never knew it could feel good to have something inside him. He always associates that spot with pain.

"You are so beatiful." Sesshoumaru said looking over his lovers body.

"Are you ready for a second finger?"

Inuyasha nobbed.

Slowly he addes another digit. He scissored his inner walls open.

Inuyasha arched his back. His hands were tangled in the others hair.

"You are ready my love" Sesshoumaru pulled out his fingers.

He lined himself up with the others entrance.

"Are you sure" he would give Inuyasha one last chance to bail out.

"Yes Im ready. I love you Sesshoumaru."

Sesshoumaru pushed in. He slowly buried himself into the heat. Inuyasha was so warm and tight. It was almost to much.

Inuyasha moaned as he was filled. It felt good to have that mushroom head rub his sweet spot. He squeezed around the cock inside him make Sesshoumaru cry out. Slowly the cock inside him pulled out than gently push back in.

"Faster" Inuyasha wined.

The other gladly complied. He picked up his speed. He went faster and deeper but paid close attention to Inuyashas face to make sure he wasn't hurting him. So far the little hanyou seemed to be in otter bliss.

"You feel so good Inuyasha." He moaned.

"Please keep hitting that spot." Inuyasha moved his hips back when Sesshoumaru thrusted forward so the other could go deeper.

Sesshoumaru started stroking the other shaft. It was leaking and swallow when he took it into his hand. He rubbed his thumb over the tip.

"Don't, to senesetive"

Sesshoumaru smirked. He tapped the tip repeatedly. Inuyasha cried out. He was so close to cumming.

"I love you Inuyasha" he growled as he climaxed in the other.

He collasped over Inuyasha. They were both panting. Inuyasha felt gooey fun drip out of him.

"I'm sorry. I should have pulled out." he apologized

"It's OK I don't mind. It's a part of you." Inuyasha said sweetily

Sesshoumaru looked down. Inuyasha hadn't come yet.

"Let me take care of you" Inuyasha was supprised when he took his member into his mouth.


Sesshoumaru ran his tongue over the other member. He sucked on the tip and nobbed his head up and down. He was able to take Inuyasha whole cock into his mouth and deep throat him.

"That feels so good" Inuyasha moaned. He buckled into the others throat.

With Sesshoumaru deep throating him he could hold himself back.

"I'm coming" his hold on the others hair tightened.

His seed filled the others mouth. He was supprised Sesshoumaru drank his seed.

"That felt so good."

"I'm glade you enjoyed it." Sesshoumaru laid on the bed snuggling with Inuyasha.


When Inuyasha woke up he gently stroked his lovers hair. He didn't even notice the color had change from silver to black. He wrapped his arm around the other and kissed his neck.

When the other stirred he smiled.

"Good morning love. How did you sleep?" Inuyasha snuck led closer. He closed his eyes and took in a big breath. His lover smelled so good.

"I slept just fine honey." The older one turned around. Instead of golden eyes he saw violet red ones.

"I love you Inuyasha" Naraku said. He kissed the others cheek.

"Ma- ma, Naraku!" His eyes widen

"Call me honey if you want." He kisses Inuyasha on the lips.

Inuyasha opened his eyes to see Sesshoumaru staring down at him.

"Are you feeling well love? You seem to be having a bad dream."

"I'm fine. It was nothing." Inuyasha looked towards the floor.

Why would he be having a dream like that.

"I have to go soon. I must find the prince before he can regroup his army." Sesshoumaru started to get dress.

"If you knew where he was you wouldn't need to ho away?"

"If I knew where he was I could end this war and we could take a long vacation."

Inuyasha didn't want Sesshoumaru to leave. Espeacialy after last night.

"When I was Naraku's slave he would often go on trips across the sea. He leave me behind but I would hear him complain about how slow the boat was. I think the name of the boat was RiverBeast.

"RiverBeast? This makes things so much easier."

"There ... Is more" Inuyasha couldn't help but feel like he was betraying Naraku. The thought was ridicules. He owned nothing to that bastard.

"He complained the boat took to many stops. One stop he hated most of all. It was becuase of the all horse. They pooped everywhere making the whole town stink."

"The whole town?"Sesshoumaru asked. Inuyasha knobbed.

"That would take a lot of horses. The only town that raises horses near the coast line is Bellwood. Ill have my men there in days. Well set a trap and over take the boat."

"Please let me come with you" he asked.

"Its to dangerous."

"Please let me go with you. I just can't bare to be without you for that long. I know it can take weeks or months for the ship to arive." Tears ran down his face

"Alright but you must stay on the side lines and listen to everything I say."

"I promise to be good. Anything to be near you." He kissed his cheek.

"You should get packing. I want to be in Bellwood as soon as possible." Sesshoumaru smiled.