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Ten more minutes, I just have to resist for ten more minuets. Robin was sitting in the back of the Bio-ship, curled in on himself and shaking with effort. The team was headed back to Mount Justice after a successful (for once) mission. They were going to be back in three minutes, then they would have a quick debrief, and then Robin would finally be able to sneak away from everyone and change into- "Ungh!" Robin grunted as quietly as he could in pain as an intense shudder ran through his body. He felt the hair on his body start to grow longer but focused as hard as he could to keep it from getting any longer. Ugh, stupid moon! Stupid mission in the middle of the night! Stupid-

"Robin? Are you alright?" Conner called from the front of the ship.

Stupid super hearing! "Y-yeah Su-supey." Robin grunted out weakly, "M'fine."

"Rob?" Wally was suddenly by his side and giving him a concerned look, "You sure? 'Cause you look not-fine."

"We've arrived at Mount Justice." M'gann's voice called out, "Robin, do you need to go to the med-bay?" She asked sweetly, concern in her voice as well.

"I said I'm fine!" Robin growled out as he stood shakily and quickly walked off the ship and into the hanger, leaving the team behind. I can do it. I can make it. I'll just skip the debriefing. I can make it.

Robin started to run as he felt the shudders starting get stronger and he could no longer keep his hair from growing. Just as he got out of the mountain, and the light of the full moon hit him, he changed from a small, human-looking boy, to a slightly larger than normal, black furred wolf with bright blue eyes. His clothes disappeared as his large paws hit the ground at a dead sprint and he bounded into the forest, where no one could see him. He ran to a small clearing, deep into the trees and let the moon light wash over him. The wolf sighed as he lay down on the soft grass and rested his head on his paws. I hate full moons, he thought, any other time I can choose to change or not, but during the full moon. Then I have no choice but become a wolf. I hope the team doesn't suspect anything, I didn't mean to snap at them. The wolf sighed yet again as he stood up and stretched his legs out before starting towards the small creek in the forest in a lazy trot. Well, I might as well get some food. He thought as he heard a small herd of deer drinking from the creek.

After Dick got done with his meal, he cleaned his fur off in the creek and shook himself out as he started back towards Mount Justice. It was nearing sunrise and the moon's power over him was starting to fade. Just before the not-so-secret base came into full view, he was able to change back into his human form; his robin costume on his body, with everything in place, the only thing amiss was that his hair was still a bit damp. "Oh well." Robin shrugged as he walked into the mountain and heard the computer announce his arrival.

"Robin!" Wally was suddenly by his side, "Dude, what happened? Where'd you go?"

"Hey KF." Dick said as he kept walking towards his room, ready for some much needed sleep. "Sorry about earlier, I was just...Having some issues. I dealt with though." The boys were outside his room now and Robin finally turned to face his concerned friend.

"Issues..?" Wally asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Yeah." Dick looked down in shame. Wally knew his secret, and he was the only one. Even Batman didn't know.

"Dude, you know that if you tell the team that you wouldn't have to put yourself through that anymore, right?" Wally asked, lowering his voice, even though they were alone. "They won't judge you like tha-"

"You don't know that!" Dick cut him off angrily, then sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he tried to keep the tears back. "You don't know what it's like, Wally. To be hunted and feared; to be afraid to go outside, or be around people because of what would happen if they found out about what you really are. You don't know what it's like to be a monster- a werewolf."

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