You hear about it, but you rarely ever see true asexuality. You see, there is a difference between being asexual and wanting to be asexual. Most people are the latter, including myself. Why would one want to be asexual you ask? You see, when one chooses a sexuality they are admitting that particular gender causes them to feel something that is completely out of their control. Admitting that an emotion within them make them desire something, even if they don't mentally want the emotion.

Sexuality is powerful and is beyond ones control. Naturally, one would think that the great Izaya Orihara would be in control of his own body and sexual desires. However, as much as I hate to admit it, that is not the case. As much as I want to claim that I am asexual, I am not. My libido is not that of the normal teenage boy, but my sexual desire, though very faint, is still in existence.

"Hey Izaya, are you paying attention?" Shinra asks while waving his hand in front of my face, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yes, yes. I really don't mind what we watch." I say as I wave my hand dismissively. The brunette frowns before pulling out more moves from the piles on the floor and comparing them side by side. I don't know why the idiot has these sleepovers every single month. You would think that we were a bit too old for slumber parties, but Shinra insists we have these stupid sleepovers. I place my hand underneath my chin and watch as Shinra, Kodota and Shizuo go through movies for us to watch. Well, more Shinra and Shizuo since Dotachin cares just as much as I do about this whole mess.

My crimson eyes go from Shinra to Dotachin before finally gluing on Shizuo. His caramel eyes were studying the back of a DVD box like he would have a pop quiz on it. That's when it hit me. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I have no idea what Shizu-chan's sexuality is. Something like that is generally easy to figure out, but Shizuo has always been an unpredictable brute. He shows no sexual interest either way. My eyes travel downward towards his broad chest. Shizu-chan was a looker, there was no denying that. That messy blonde hair, tanned skin and toned body would have either gender on their knees in the blink of an eye. Shizuo lifts his head up and meets my crimsons eyes with his caramel ones.

"What the hell are you lookin' at you stupid flea?" My fingers curl into a ball underneath my chin as I flash my signature smirk.

"Shizu-chan, do you like guys?" You could hear a pin drop in the room after my completely innocent question. Shinra and Dotachin looked at me in shock as did Shizu-chan. I could almost laugh at their expressions.

"I-Erm-I wha-"

"Do you like girls then?" In interrupt, enjoying the faces that Shizu-chan is giving me. I can tell he is extremely uncomfortable with my abrupt and personal questions, but that only fuels my courtesy. After the initial shock of my question settled into his mind, his eyes tightened into a hard glare, causing me to smirk even more. I just love the reactions I am able to invoke from this man~

"You're sick flea!" The blonde protozoan gets up and heads towards the kitchen. Shinra and Dotachin watch Shizu-chan head to the kitchen before glaring at me like I did something wrong.

"It was just a question." I say with the flick of the hand.

"Let's…start the movie." The wanna be doctor says in a foolish attempt to avoid his house from being destroyed. Who would have thought that Shizu-chan would get so hung up on such a simple question. Maybe the brute is into incest, he is unnaturally protective of his younger brother. Or maybe he is into beastality, he is a monster~ I chuckle at my own joke.

My thoughts are interrupted when I hear the sounds of a female moaning. I look up at the television and see two busty blondes, naked and on a bed. The one blonde has her legs spread open while the other has her tongue in the girls clit. The blonde with her legs open throws her head back and lets out a needy moan before reaching up and rubbing her own breasts. It was then that I hear glass shattering on the floor. Looking back, I see Shizu-chan staring in shock at the two lesbians on the television. Ha ha, what an amusing expression!

"What's the matter Shizu-chan? Never seen lesbian porn?" Truthfully, I have never seen lesbian porn either, but I know how it is preformed. I say after Shinra finally finds the off button and turns off the 'oh-so-amusing' movie. The protozoan is rendered speechless as he continues to stare at the now blank screen. Shinra hastily apologizes, saying he has no idea where the movie came from. Honestly it doesn't shock me, his dad always was a freaky man.

I continue to stare at Shizuo, drinking his oh so amusing reaction, before heading southward on the blonde. My crimson orbs settle on the slight bulge that is now forming in the protozoan's pants. Now that's an reaction I wasn't expecting.

Shizuo turns sharply on his heel and starts heading up the stairs, muttering something about needing a shower. He and I both know though, that's not what he needs. Once Shinra finally gets the DVD situation settled, I slip away and head upstairs towards the bathroom where a certain brute is 'showering'.

Once I am upstairs, I press my ear against the door, but all I can hear is the sound of rushing water. I make a small click sound with my tongue in annoyance and reach for the door handle. They say that curiosity killed the cat. I am indeed a curious cat and this might possibly kill me but I need to know. I lick my lips as I turn the knob...

Just something I found on my computer that I wrote about a month ago..There will be a 2nd part which will consist of porn XD