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The moon had just risen when Me-Mow and Kim left Me-Mow's house. They had been walking for about two hours now and they knew it would be about another hour or two before they reached their destination. Kim saw that they were coming up to a stream and figured that they should stop and rest for a bit. She looked down at Me-Mow.

"How about we take a break?" Kim said.

"Okay." Me-Mow said.

The two of them walked up to two rocks by the stream and sat down. Me-Mow pulled out her little canteen from her pack and took a drink from it. Kim took out a map from her pocket and checked to see how much longer it would be before they got to their destination.

"It seems like it will take us another two hours before we reach the castle." Kim said as she put the map back in her pocket.

"Good I can't wait to get there." Me-Mow said in a pleased voice.

Kim looked at Me-Mow with a worried look on her face. Me-Mow saw this and looked at Kim.

"What's wrong?" Me-Mow asked Kim as she put her canteen away in her pack.

Kim open her mouth and let out a sigh. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Kim asked.

"Oh come on Kim, not this again." Me-Mow said in a irritated voice. "We have gone over this already." Me-Mow said.

I know that, but do you realize who you are going up against?" Kim asked.

Yeah, some old bag queen, what about it?" Me-Mow asked. Kim just sighed. This was one of the things that Me-Mow did that really irritated Kim. Me-Mow always did things without knowing all the facts, and that was one of the reasons why she came with her on her assassin's test."

This not just any queen you Nimrod! This is the Nightmare queen we are talking about here. She is one of the oldest and evilest people in all of OOO. It's said that she was alive during the Great Mushroom War! It's also said that she was sealed in the castle by four powerful monks back then." Kim said.

"Okay, so she's a really old queen. I don't see the big deal." Me-Mow said.

Kim took a deep breath.

"Me-Mow stop joking around, this is serious! I know how much passing this test means to you, but I think you should just wait till next year to take it again. I mean this is crazy. Why would they give you this kind of assignment. I mean no trainee has ever been given this kind of mission before. Only three people in the whole history of assassins have ever been given this kind of assassin's test! The founder, The King, and..."

"Sylvia Grey." Me-Mow said, interrupting what Kim was saying.

"Yes." Kim said.

Me-Mow stood on top of the rock that she was sitting on and looked up to Kim.

"Kim listen. I know this is dangerous and I could die, but if, no, when I finish this test I will be a full fledged assassin just like you and just like her." Me-Mow said in a proud voice.

Me-Mow turned around and looked up into the night sky.

"Kim do you remember the first day when you started training me in how to use poisons when we were kids?" Me-Mow asked still looking at the stars.

"Yeah I remember. I was showing you all the plants and mushrooms that could be used to make poisons and cures. I remember I asked you to make a poison out of anything you could find in the woods in ten minutes. After you finished it I told you to use it on a fox and when you did instead of it killing him it turned him pink. I laughed so hard when that happen." Said Kim as she laughed little.

"Hey it was my first time!" Me-Mow yelled as she blushed a bit after remembering her first mistake.

"Do you remember what happen after training?" Me-Mow asked.

"Yeah I remember." Kim said.


"Glob I suck!" Yelled Me-Mow as she and Kim were sitting at the edge of a cliff.

"Oh it was not that bad." Kim said as she was trying to calm down her friend.

"I can't do anything right." Said Me-Mow in a sad voice with her head down.

"Hey don't worry too much about it. It took me awhile before I got the hang of it." Kim said.

"Really?" Asked Me-Mow.

"Well yeah my mom only got to teach me the basic before..." Kim stopped talking as her face turned sad.

Me-Mow felt like a idiot for making Kim talk about her past. She knew that Kim's past was a sore and painful subject for her.

"I'm sorry Kim." Me-Mow said.

"It's okay, it's not your fault." Kim said.

"Hey Me-Mow can I ask you a question?" Kim asked.

"Sure what is it?" Asked Me-Mow.

"Why do you really want to be assassin so badly? I mean it's not for the weak of hearts. It's a kill first ask questions never kind of life, so why try so hard?" Kim asked as she looked straight at Me-Mow.

Me-Mow looked at the field of grass. It seemed to go on and on like a endless ocean. Me-Mow turned her head and looked at Kim.

"Have you ever heard on the famous female assassin Sylvia Grey?" Me-Mow asked.

"Yeah I think so. She was the daughter of The Founder right?" Kim asked.

"Yeah when I was little my father told me stories about her and all the amazing things she did. When I heard these stories... I don't know, I just felt something deep down inside telling me that I was born to do that." Me-Mow said.

Me-Mow stood up and looked at the field of grass again.

"Right then and there I made myself a promise, that some day I would be just as good as her and then better." Me-Mow said.

She then turned around and looked Kim straight in the eyes.

"That's why I want to be assassin, because I want to be like her, it's my dream and I will give my life for it." Me-Mow said.

Kim smiled at Me-Mow.

"Well If your going to be a legendary assassin then you're going to need a weapon." Kim said as she put her hand in her pocket and after a few seconds pulled out a small syringe. On it it had a picture of her face on it.

"Is this for me?" Me-Mow asked.

"Well I remembered how you told me that you could not find a weapon your size, so I made this that way you can inject poison into your enemies." Said Kim with a smile on her face.

Me-Mow held the syringe in her paws and looked at it in aw. Tears started falling from Me-Mow's eyes, she was so happy. Other than her father, no one has ever gave her a gift before, and for Kim her first friend to have made this just for her. Me-Mow ran over to Kim and hugged her with all her strength.

"Thank you!" Me-Mow said as see was hugging Kim.

"No problem Me-Mow." Kim said with a smile.

*End Flashback*

Kim got up from the rock that she was sitting on and walked over to Me-Mow.

Kim let out a sigh. "Well I know once you make up your mind there's no point in trying to change it." Kim said with a smile.

"You know it." Said Me-Mow with a grin.

"All right let's get going then, shall we?." Said Kim.

"Alright then let's go kill us a queen." Me-Mow said as she jumped on Kim's shoulder.

Kim just smiled as she started walking to the Nightmare queen's castle.

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