Beast Boy's P.O.V.

I looked over to raven, seeing the hurt in her dark blue eyes. Her mouth hung open as Starfire got the baby. She sat in a chair, rocking back and forth, acting crazy. I went beside her,"He won't come back." I looked outside, at what was left of the city. I knelled near the window, eyeing a piece of something in the rubble. I picked it up and rubbed it."Ow." I yelped as It cut me. My son, David, his ear started glowing. "His birthgem!" Raven shouted. The piece went in front of him. He moved is hands in a circular motion then drew forbidden symbols. Raven gasped."The ears, Babe. Their a chick magnet." Raven looked at me,"Don't call me babe." She said in a harsh mumbled as he drew a picture with his fingers."Maybe he won't, Maybe he's a good thing." Starfire picked him up and gave him a kiss on his forehead, causing David to giggle. The floor started rumbling,"What's happening, Cyborg?" Robin screamed. "I don't know!" As a piece of the ceiling began to fall and crack over raven and David, I pushed them. "Sorry." I whispered as The rubble fell. Suddenly a white flash appeared. I opened my eyes to see the titan's tower fixed. I ran to the window and saw the city repaired. "Beast boy?" Raven was behind me, tugging on my ears."He fixed everything." Starfire said as Cyborg helped Robin. I hugged raven, feeling her warmth."I love you." She whispered,"I love you more." I kissed her gem, and scooped up the sleeping joy."I love you both very much."

?'S P.O.V

Ha, You think this is the last of me? I 'll be back. I'll have my revenge. Just you wait, Titans.

Sorry it took so long. So do you guys want more? This is the last one of this story. Next Story will be called,"Beaten and bruised."

Preview: I held the rubble in my hands, felt the tears swell in my eyes. My wounds started patching up. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw my mother and father's penny in the dust, shining out of everything else. I picked it up. Where did it go wrong?