My Kugelmugel obsession is back…this time with Austria~


Kugelmugel sat in his favorite green and gold seat (which was absolutely the most artistic if the paint splotches down the sides were any indication) contently. He had his sketchbook out and was busily sketching as Prussia and Austria argued in the other room:

"How could you be so stupid?!"

"The kid's not dying! He's just fine!"

"If he ends up sick it's your fault, Prussia!"

"He's not gonna get sick by not taking damn vitamins!"

"He might!"

Kugel couldn't help but roll his eyes; his daddy could be a little dramatic…

The micronation slipped down from his seat and scurried to the kitchen for a snack. He opened the fridge and scanned the shelves carefully. That's when he saw it- chocolate! The most amazing, artistic, delicious, angry-daddy-provoking treat ever! He snatched a bag and popped a few pieces in his mouth. Then a few more. And more. And mo- empty bag! No fair!

Kugelmugel stared into the bag as if it would magically refill, but he quickly realized that wouldn't happen. The boy let out a small whine and threw the bag down, stomping on it angrily, that's when he felt something. It was like a jolt of energy shot straight into him. He felt skittish and antsy, like he needed to do something now. He scrambled to his bedroom and got his paints and brush. He dipped the brush in blue paint and ran through the hall, spilling the bucket as he marked the walls. He dipped the brush again in red and scampered over to Austria's piano. He made quick strokes in red, green, purple, and blue, laughing maniacally the whole time. "Art! This is ARTTT!" he exclaimed.

The two adults ran into the room after seeing Kugel run past the doorway. "Kugelmugel! What are you-" Austria paused, seeing his precious piano ruined. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" he exclaimed in actually a rather small voice.

"It's art!" Kugel exclaimed again, bouncing on his heels.

"You're damn right! It's not just art, it's awesome art!" Prussia laughed, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye. "Awesome…" more snickering.

"D-did you h-have sugar, Kugel?" Austria asked in his still small voice. He received a series of rapid nods from the seven-year-old. "Then, c-can you lay down?"

"I don't wanna! I wanna plaaay! Let's play!" the bounced more, coming to his parents and grabbing their hands, jumping more.

"No." Austria responded as he regained his full voice, "I think you should sit." He guided the boy to the couch and made him lay down. Prussia continued snickering while Austria tried to keep Kugelmugel on the couch. "If you can make him stay, then you do it!" Austria snapped in frustration.

"OK, fine." Prussia walked over, "If you don't stay still, I'll sit on you." Kugel's eyes went wider and he laid as still as he possibly could. "I guess not everyone can have that awesome touch with kids, Specs. Don't feel bad." Prussia 'kesese'-ed at Austria, draping an arm around the brunette man.

It only took a few minutes for Kugelmugel to fall asleep after that. Austria sighed in relief, "Now we have to clean off my piano and the hallway walls…"


"He's your child, too."

"Oh great, the only time you'll say that's when he destroys stuff! Not awesome!"

"Just start cleaning…"

Here, have some PruAus and Kugelmugel. There's Prussia's irresponsible parenting…I wonder if my brain thinks Prussia sits on kids to make them behave…? O_O I hope not…oh jeez…

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