The dark figure heaved out a heavy sigh of frustration as he looked again to the cave. It had been ten days since he had started his stakeout, but he had not seen a single sign of the two reemerging. The man knew these mountains well, they were too thick for that crack to just lead to a tunnel through them; it had to be where they lived. This thought did nothing to lessen his anger at the two. 'How the hell can anyone spend so long in a damn hole?' he thought to himself.

He suddenly heard a strong vibrating coming from his tent. Reaching through the flap he pulled out a cell phone. He immediately knew who it was, absolutely dreading the talk he was about to have. Knowing it would be unwise to ignore the call he flipped the phone open. "Hel…" "Have they come out yet?" a gruff voice interrupted the man before he could get a word in. The voice on the other line did not sound happy. "Well… no." It was evident rage had built in the individual on the other line, "You said he was a human, Skitch. You realize how important it is that we get our hands on him don't you?" The man was quickly losing his nerve. "Absolutely I…" "Then you know what will happen to you if you don't find him, don't you?" "Yes but…" "Then quit wasting time and find that kid before I have to come over there and deal with you myself!" The call was cut then. Shaking hands closed the phone, tossing it back into the tent. 'Damnit, they've gotta come out soon.'

The residents of the house in the cave went about their usual business completely unaware of the people who had taken such an interest in them. Finn stood in the basement laundry room, a small rectangular room of solid concrete, save for the lights, plumbing and electrical fixtures. Two large, very modern washing were placed along the back wall. Each were silver in coloration, having their circular doors and all buttons located on the front side. This allowed for two dryers to be situated on top of them. These appeared identical in size and coloration. The dryers featured square doors and a different button layout, still allowing for easy differentiation.

Finn stood in front of the machine amidst several piles of clothes and wayward laundry baskets. He was busy removing a load of dark clothes from the washer and placing them in the dryer. He cheerfully hummed a nonsensical tune while he worked. Washing clothes had always been his favorite chore at the camp. He didn't have a good reason, just that it seemed so simple as to almost be therapeutic. Having modern technology to assist him made things all the more easy.

Starting up the dryer cycle, Finn quickly put another load into the now empty washing machine. He then reached back up the second dryer, which had completed its cycle. Pulling over a nearby basket, he began to meticulously fold and load the articles. He stopped his process briefly when he pulled out his black cloak. He smiled at the touch of the inanimate object and threw it around his shoulders. Under his cloak, Finn had already been wearing a white shirt and black shorts, their drawstring pulled fully taut. Most of the clothing Marceline had bought had been slightly too big, but she assured him he would grow into it.

Finn had settled into a very comfortable routine in the last week and a half since he had begun living here. He always awoke much earlier than Marceline, taking that time to straighten out as much of the house as he could. If he ever had any extra time before Marceline came down, he would spend it in the library. Most of the books were too complex for his underdeveloped reading skills, but he had really begun to enjoy the fiction novels he had found.

When Marceline came downstairs he would spend most of the day at her beck-and-call. Marceline always told him what times she wanted to eat, and they would always share their meals together. Occasionally she would go out to the pond and sit at the edge, paddling her feet. Finn would, of course, always be close by in case she requested a glass of wine or a book to read. He enjoyed spending time in the cavern, watching the bioluminescence dance on the water's surface while strands of kelp swayed about beneath. Other times he would just perform whatever tasks she asked of him.

Having finished folding the laundry he picked up the basket, which appeared comically oversized with him carrying it, he made his way out the door and into the main room of the basement. The basement was also had solid concrete walls and floors. Two columns were placed near the center to act as supports for the house. Many boxes were stacked all about the basement, their contents unknown and uncared for by Finn. The entire back wall was covered in a wine rack, just under half its slots contained bottles.

Finn ascended the stairs to the top floor, walking to the end of the hall and stopping outside of Marceline's door. He knocked several times and, after receiving no answer, entered her room. Marceline slept in the master bedroom which was about twice as large as his own. She seemed to really enjoy dark colors. Her walls were painted a dark, royal purple and the carpet was a deep crimson, almost black. A dark wooden vanity sat next to the window on the left side of the room. Along the right and front walls were several dressers, all sporting various clutter atop them. In the back right corner a door led into Marceline's private bathroom. It could actually be accessed from the hall, but she kept that door locked at all times.

Her bed, however, dominated the room. The bed, which jutted out from the center of the back wall, was massive, fit for a queen really. King sized, the bed sported a canopy. Four carved posts ran up from each corner, nearly to the ceiling. Light indigo gauze comprised the canopy roof, and was draped along all the sides. Slits in the middle of each side allowed them to be opened or drawn closed. Thick silk blankets of a deep purple hue smothered the mattress, no doubt soft as a cloud. Several fluffy pillows sporting dark red cases were lined along the entire headboard.

Finn was always awed by the magnificence in which his Mistress dwelt, but never felt comfortable spending long in here. He felt too much that he was invading her privacy, that he was trespassing on sacred ground. So he walked to the bed to lay out Marceline's clothes.

Marceline chose that time to go look for her servant. Finding her own door open, she peeked inside to see him neatly laying her clothes on her bed. Not able to resist the temptation, she stepped silently across the thick carpet until she stood about a foot behind him. "Finn." She stated simply, making her presence known. Finn nearly jumped out of his skin. Flinging the item he had been holding he half turned to face what had startled him, but his foot caught on the basket and he crashed to the floor.

Marceline let out a hearty laugh as Finn did his best to stand and straighten himself. "Mistress." He said after composing as much of himself as he was able. "I… I'm sorry for intruding, I was just delivering the laundry. I… I was just going to leave very shortly." Marceline's laughter died down as she spoke to reassure him, "Take it easy Finn, you're not doing anything wrong. It's not like I caught you sniffing my panties or anything." The innuendo was lost on Finn, too young and sheltered to understand why he'd want to do something like that.

"Anyways," she continued, "I just came to find you so you could ready. I've got an… errand to run in the Candy Kingdom." "R… Right away Mistress." Finn said as he bolted out of the room, off to prepare himself.

Back outside, the stranger was really starting to panic. 'Aww man I'm screwed. Those two aint comin out any time soon. I'm just gonna have go and get the hell outa dodge, maybe head towards… wait.' His thoughts stopped short as he saw movement as the mouth of the cave. Immediately he went to the ground, doing his best to remain hidden. It was them, the boy and the other figure! What a stroke of luck. He finally had them back in his sights, and he promised not to let them escape his gaze so easily this time.

The duo began to head south, opposite the direction of the Rock Kingdom and Shrine Town. 'Shit, that's gonna make things tougher.' Though inconvenienced, the man was nonetheless relieved to have picked up the tail. As the two worked their way through the canyon he followed their every step from the cliff edges. Pulling out his cell phone, he hit the speed dial button connecting him to his associates. The same agitated voice that had called earlier picked up on the other line, "You'd better have something for us." "Yes I do, don't worry. The two are headed south now, I don't know where they're going but I'll follow em real close." "Alright, we'll start heading towards you. Keep us updated where you're headed. Got that?" the vice threatened. "Yay a, don't worry." And with that he ended the call.