This is my first fanfiction that I've written and published so I hope the world isn't so harsh with me in my first try.

Summary: Hibari Kyoya, president of his own company, has problems finding a bodyguard. After his 18th one he now goes to Reborn. It seems Reborn has his student in mind, but how will Tsuna react with being bodyguard to a dangerous Hibari Kyoya? 1827 Little bit of All27 AU

DISCLAIMER: KHR is obviously not mine (though I wish it was) for if it was there would be a lot of Tsuna centric pairings. It's the work of a wonderful person named Akira Amano.

WARNING: Nothing in special really. Except maybe grammar and/or spelling mistakes.

Protecting The Cloud

Chapter 1

A tall man with gray eyes and raven hair was looking down at the unconscious body of his supposed to be bodyguard. The tall man was wearing a suit with a purple dress shirt, and on his hands he had a pair of tonfas.

The man was no other than Hibari Kyoya, one of the most powerful people in the world. His Cloud Inc. Company had improved greatly since it was passed down to him and now almost every human being on Earth at least had heard once the name Hibari Kyoya.

Now, you would wonder why he was looking at his unconscious bodyguard? That's easy! His meeting with his associates had just ended in a fight, again, and his bodyguard thought he could handle them. But he was so wrong. Hibari Kyoya's associates were no weaklings, and he ended unconscious leaving Hibari with his "friends".

Let's say the meeting didn't end well.

Hibari sighed, took out his phone, and called an all too familiar number

"What's wrong Kyo-san? Did the meeting end already?"

"Hn. And the stupid Bronco left me the mess. Call for the cleaning team."

"Okay. And what happened to your bodyguard?"

"Fell unconscious during the fight."

A sigh was heard in the other line. "Kyo-san, you should take it easier with them. It's the eighteenth one this month. I think there aren't any good ones left in the company were I hired them from." Saying that Kusakabe Tetsuya was tired of this was an understatement. Sure, he respected Kyo-san with all his heart, but he also knew the man was extremely violent. And more so during group meetings.

But eighteen was enough. How did he make eighteen well-trained bodyguard quit in less than a month? Eleven quit because Kyo-san "bit them to death" because he got annoyed or for other reason. The other seven quit because they tried to protect Kyo-san when his meetings became a battlefield and either finished with grave injuries or unconscious, such as this case.

He didn't think anyone in that bodyguard company would want Kyo-san as their charge even if he begged them. It was time to take out the big machinery. Kusakabe just hoped it wouldn't end bad.



"I'll ask you to ask one of your associates to search for a bodyguard for you. Though I'll tell you it would be better to ask the more powerful of your associates since the ones from the meeting would either use it as a joke or use it to spy on the company."

Kusakabe was praying to whichever deity out there to please hear him out so Kyo-san would use his connections.

"….. Okay Tetsu. I'll see what I can." And with that line Tetsu just heard the ring signaling the end of the called and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in.

Hibari started walking to the entrance of the now demolished restaurant heading to his car. While walking he started thinking about what Tetsu had just asked of him. Yes, he did hate having bodyguards but he knew Tetsu was just doing it for his own good. Being powerful had its disadvantages such as being the target of many assassination attempts or the like.

It's not like he couldn't protect himself, but Tetsu just liked to be a worrywart. He entered his car and told the chauffer he was heading to his house. As the car's engine roared on, he started to check over his contact list to see who would be the most capable one of getting him a good bodyguard that hopefully wouldn't quit before the month at least. He also didn't like needing to search for new bodyguards.

Tetsu said that none of the people in the meeting would do well so he crossed in his mental list Bronco, the pineapple herbivore, the marshmallow herbivore, the sword herbivore, and the bomb herbivore. He didn't want to ask help from his cousin so he crossed Fon too, and he suddenly remembered he had most of the numbers of Fon's friends. He roamed his contact list a little more and smirked when he saw the name.

That person he was sure wouldn't disappoint him with his bodyguard. He could feel his excitement by just thinking about it. He dialed the number and in the third ring a smooth voice answered.

"Chaos Hibari. What do you need?"

"Arcobaleno, I need a bodyguard."

"Bodyguard? Didn't you have one the last time I saw you?"

"I had. So will you get me one or not?"

"Hmmmm…" Reborn was interested since he honestly didn't imagine the Hibari Kyoya would call him of all people for a favor. Having Hibari in debt would have benefits so he started thinking in all the people he knew that didn't have anything to do. He finally remembered who he was searching for and had a malicious grin adorning his face. How he would love it when he saw his reaction to know he would work for Hibari Kyoya. This would be fun.

" Okay Hibari. I'll send you one in a few days." Hibari was about to cut the call but he heard that the other wasn't finished. "But just a word of warning: he isn't as weak as he looks like." Now, that picked Hibari's curiosity. Who would be his bodyguard for the Arcobaleno to tell him that?

"What are you talking about Arcobaleno?"

"I'll be sending you my ex-student. He's one of the only two people I've taught and will probably only will. The other being Bronco. And I'll just tell you: in my opinion he is if not equal than better in terms of strength than Bronco. I'll leave it to your imagination to think of the rest." That Hibari was surprised didn't even begin to describe his feelings. The Arcobaleno had only taught two people in his life. If Bronco was one of them, though Hibari will never admit it, and Bronco was as sure as hell strong, then if the other person was even stronger, how could he not have heard of him?

Reborn's voice brought him out of his thoughts. "Lastly, he is someone you knew a long time ago and won't believe my words once you know who he is. Ciao." The beeps were heard and Hibari ended the call and closed his phone.

Someone he knew long ago but wouldn't believe he is strong? Hibari didn't know what to think about that which irritated him to no end. He noticed his house could be seen from afar so he would keep thinking about it later. He had other important matter to think about for now.

Namimori's Flower Shop was very famous in Namimori. There were a great variety of flower of all species and colors. A lot of people bought flowers there for almost anything. A reason for the popularity wasn't only because of the flowers. In the shop, one of the few workers was a brunet with gravity-defying hair, kind caramel orbs, and a personality that made everyone love him. He always treated the customers with utmost care and always heard what they had to say. Both men and women fell for his charms.

So a Sawada Tsunayoshi one was of the main reasons for the shop's popularity.

"Hey, Tsuna! Can you help me carry these bouquets?" The voice was heard from the back of the shop. The brunet turned his head to the direction from which it was heard from.

"Hai! But wait a minute! I'm attending a customer!" Tsuna turned to face a silver-haired man with green eyes that was paying for a bouquet with 10 Amaryllis flowers. Tsuna kindly smiled at the man that looked to be in his early twenties.

"It would be 480 yen for the bouquet Hayato."

Hayato smiled brightly at Tsuna. It always made him happy when Tsuna called him by his first name. It made him feel really loved by his best friend. Hayato reached out his hand to his back pocket and took from his wallet the needed money. "Here it is, Jyuudaime."

Tsuna just chuckled. Even if he had already told Hayato to just call him Tsuna, Hayato just said "But Jyuudaime is Jyuudaime. I can't do that". And since then Tsuna resigned to that fact because he knew just how stubborn his friend could be when he wanted.

But he still found the reason to his nickname really odd. When Tsuna just knew Hayato as a customer and no more, every Sunday Hayato went to the shop and bought 10 Gladiola flowers. Tsuna later found out that they were for Hayato's mother's grave. He thought that it kind of suited the situation because of the flower's meaning.

The flower of remembrance, but also strength of character and faithfulness.

With just that flower, Tsuna knew that Hayato's mother was very precious to him and that he'll always remember her. But it also told him that Hayato would still stay faithful to her memory in the end. That touched Tsuna's heart, but he still didn't dare say comforting words to Hayato.

One of those Sundays, it was raining. Tsuna noticed that Hayato looked even more depressed that day. He wondered if maybe that day was the woman's death anniversary.

After buying the same flowers, the man walked out of the shop, but while crossing the street he didn't look at both sides. He was too deep in his thoughts. Tsuna by chance saw that a car was at the same time driving that street. At first, Tsuna thought the driver would notice and stop. But the driver was talking on the phone and didn't look in front of him at all.

Panicking, Tsuna ran as fast as he could, which mind you is pretty fast, and pushed the man out of the way when the car was just mere inches from crashing into him. They both fell on the sidewalk with Tsuna falling over Hayato.

That push and fall, woke up Hayato out of his stupor. He analysed his surroundings and concluded what had happened. He looked at the man that was over him with shocked and confused eyes. Had he really just saved him?

Tsuna, after recovering from the fall, looked over Hayato to see if he had any injuries. When he saw the man didn't have any, he sighed relieved. That was close.


Tsuna looked at the man below him. What did he say?

"Sorry, but what?"

"I said why did you save me?"

The man was looking straight at Tsuna's eyes. His eyes held great sadness.

"You don't even know me. I just buy flowers at your shop. So why did you save me?! Why didn't you let me die?!" The man's tone was one full of grief. Tsuna's heart clenched by it. How could someone wish to die? Tsuna grinded his teeth.

"Why?! You should have just let my memory fade like everyo-"

Hayato couldn't finish his sentence because a really painful fist collided with his left cheek. Hayato was shocked. How can this man have such a powerful punch when he looks so weak? Hayato's left hand raised to his face and touched his injured cheek. He looked at the brunet and was surprised to see him with tears in his eyes. Is he crying for me?

"How can you say something like that?! 'To let you die'?! What are you thinking?!" Tsuna couldn't hold the words anymore. He needed to say them now or else something might happen to the man below him. "I know you are really sad right now, I know you are full of grief, but stop a second to think! Your mother wouldn't want you getting hurt! Even I know that!" Tsuna waited a little to try to regain his breath. He needed to calm down. Reborn taught him better than to let his feelings get the better of him.

After regaining his breath he looked at the silverette below him straight in the eye. "Life is precious. You should take better care of yours, because if you don't you may hurt those who cherish you by getting yourself hurt." Tsuna gave a warm smile. Then he finally realized what a suggestive position they were both in with Tsuna on top of the silverette. Tsuna blushed a bright red and began getting up. Why didn't he notice it before?

After standing, he stretched a hand to the man that seemed to be in a daze. The action seemed to have woken up the man and he took the hand while looking at Tsuna with sparkly filled eyes. When the man was fully standing, he grabbed Tsuna's shoulders with both hands and made a big bright smile.

"You're really kind! You risked your life to save me! To thank you I'll be your subordinate!"

Tsuna stared blankly at Hayato and then a small sad smile appeared on his face, which only confused Hayato.

"Why not instead of being my subordinate, you'll be my friend?" Hayato stared dumbfounded at Tsuna. Did he really mean it? Did he want to be friends with someone like him? Hayato's eyes filled with hope.

"Can I?"

Tsuna made a face that almost spelled out 'of course, you silly!' and smiled brightly at Hayato. Hayato was so happy he wanted to do something for this person that would make him unique. He thought and thought until an idea finally came to him.

"C-Can I call you Jyuudaime?" He asked hopefully. Tsuna made a confused face. Jyuudaime? Why does he want to call me that? Though it's really ironic. Tsuna mentally sweatdropped and asked. "Why?"

Hayato seemed a bit embarrassed to tell but said it nonetheless. "Well, I remembered that I always buy ten flowers at your shop, so I thought that maybe it could fit this situation because I wanted to call you something only I can." Hayato said all that with a light blush on his face and trying to avoid Tsuna's eyes all the time, but then he looked directly at Tsuna's eyes. "Is it okay?"

Tsuna admitted he was truly surprised with the answer, but the only thing he did was chuckle lightly and answered with a 'sure, it's okay'. They walked back to the shop because Tsuna was still working, but while heading to the shop, Tsuna remembered to ask something very important.

"And what's your name?" He noticed the silverette stared at him a little. He suddenly became a little nervous. "Mine's Sawada Tsunayoshi, by the way. I prefer Tsuna, but we already agreed on how you'll call me so it's okay." Tsuna smiled at the man, and noticed the man visibly brightened up by the mention of the nickname he mentioned being accepted.

"My name's Gokudera Hayato. You can call me Hayato." They were already at the shop's entrance. About to part ways. Tsuna stopped at the door, and turned around to look at Hayato with a solemn face. He really was starting to like the man. He wanted to make the man's sadness disappear and be replaced by happiness, and though he knew it would take a while, he was convinced he would make it come true.

"Hayato" He turned to look at Tsuna to hear what he wanted to say. "I know you miss your mother, and I'm certain she was a great woman, but you should better go only once a month to visit her grave and that you should change the type of flowers you give her." Tsuna paused but only for a brief moment before continuing. "I'm sure your mother wouldn't like to see you so sad. If you go once a month, each visit would have more meaning and if you change the flowers to ones that embody your resolution to live, she'll be able to pass without regrets to the afterlife."

Suddenly Tsuna had a slightly panicked expression and he rushed his words. "B-But I'm not saying you shouldn't keep coming to the shop! I would still like to see you even if you aren't buying. And so we can sometimes hang out after work." Tsuna now had a calm smile that also showed happiness. "That's what friends are about right?" Hayato couldn't have been more happy to hear those words from these person and he grinned.

"Of course, Jyuudaime!"

That was the start of the frequent visits the silverette started to make to the shop. The first time Hayato bought the flowers of the month he was kind of nervous. What if Jyuudaime didn't approve of the flowers he choose as his resolve? But when Tsuna heard that he wanted 10 Amaryllis flowers, he knew he had made the right decision.

The flower that symbolizes pride, determination and the kind of radiant beauty that emanates from an inner source.

Three months had already passed and Tsuna and Hayato had become the best of friends, with Hayato walking Tsuna from work to his apartment, or with them going to eat lunch at a restaurant, or simply hanging out. Tsuna was really happy with his acquired friendship.

Tsuna took the money from Hayato's hands and put it in the cashier. Tsuna took the bouquet of Amaryllis flowers and gave it to Hayato. "Don't stay too late in the cementery, and remember to return when you finish. I'm going to cook curry in my apartment tonight." Tsuna said while smiling.

Hayato returned the bright smile with one of his own. "I won't, Jyuudaime. And also because if I don't return, who'll walk you home?" They both laughed at the last statement. They both knew Tsuna was more than capable of protecting himself. Tsuna surprised Hayato when he easily knocked out four thugs that were trying to threaten them into giving them their money, but the one talking couldn't even finish the sentence when the four were already on the ground unconscious with a dangerous Tsuna and a shocked Hayato.

"Well, see you later Hayato!" Tsuna said while Hayato was already running to the door. With one last glance at Tsuna and a good bye wave Hayato said "Ciao, Jyuudaime!" Tsuna silently chuckled at his friend's antics. Since Tsuna told Gokudera he had lived in Italy for 8 years, and Hayato told him he was Italian they sometimes tend to say some Italian words from time to time.

Tsuna was brought back to reality by a dreading feeling he got out of nowhere. It was so unpredictable and kind of strong, it made Tsuna's senses stay alert and his gaze to sharpen. What made his intuition flare up? It didn't feel as if he was in danger but more as if something important was going to happen. Right on cue, Tsuna's phone rang, and just looking at the Caller ID Tsuna knew that answering the call would change his life somehow.

It was Reborn.

But even with all the warnings inside his head, he knew that if he didn't answer the call, Reborn would punish him somehow. That thought made him shiver and he finally answered the call.


"Chaos. Dame-Tsuna, I have a job for you."

Just those few words were enough to make Tsuna pale. What kind of job does Reborn want me to do? Tsuna gulped. "But Reborn…umm.. I already have one." Silence was heard from the other line.

"You can't refuse this job, Dame-Tsuna. I already agreed on it on your behalf."

"… WHAT?!"

"You'll be someone's bodyguard for a while, and that is if you do well enough. We'll meet today at 'Un Bel sole coffee shop' for more information at 6 o' clock. I'll wait for you there. Ciao."

"Wait, Reborn! What are you-"

Beep, beep, beep.

He stared dumbfounded at his cell phone until the conversation sinked in. Now Tsuna was starting to get angry. You could see a dark aura starting to form at his surroundings which made some people take a few steps back from the brunet. The regular customers knew how Tsuna was when angry. It happened once when a thief tried to rob the shop. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Tsuna knew Reborn always did what he wanted, but couldn't he have at least asked whether he wanted to take the job before accepting? No. Now he was doomed to having the need to quit his dear job as at the flower shop, and be an important guy's bodyguard. He loved his job with all his heart. All his co-workers were very nice with him, he did have knowledge of botanic so a lot of customers came asking him for help, the pay was enough to be able to comfortably live by, and he also met one of his best friends here, Hayato. He knew that sooner or later he would need to quit. He needed to return to Italy, after all. But needing to quit before time just because of a job he didn't even want just made him furious.

Also because of the fact that he would need to fight or use violence to protect his charge. It couldn't get any worse.

Tsuna was so in his thoughts of anger that he didn't notice his co-worker, Haruto, approaching him hesitantly. After all, Tsuna still had that dark aura surrounding him and it made Haruto, a man in his early twenties with black hair and light blue kind eyes, be wary of him. Haruto didn't know what would happen to him if Tsuna suddenly turned his anger on him. Haruto hesitatingly poked Tsuna's back with his finger.


Tsuna immediately turned to Haruto with a glare in his face. It made Haruto just want to turn around and run but it also had him frozen in his seat. Tsuna seemed to recognize the person in front of him, and his face turned from a glare to a confused expression and the dark aura around him disappeared in a flash.

"Haruto? What do you need?" Tsuna asked tilting his face a little. So cute. Haruto thought. He still didn't get how a person could change so much in a few seconds, but he let it be. After working with Sawada Tsunayoshi for a year you stopped asking those types of questions. Besides, that silver head which was a frequent customer and Tsuna's friends also did it sometimes. When he looked at Tsuna, one could feel the admiration and love (as friends) in his eyes, but once when Haruto asked the man something, the man turned his face to answer him, with a rude comment might he add, and with a scowl full of anger and irritation. It was as if the man had a one-hundred-and-eighty degree turn in his personality. It was quite amusing in itself he needed to admit.

Haruto sighed as he remembered what he had come for.

"Tsuna, remember I called you to help me? Well, it seems you aren't attending anyone for now so care to help?" Tsuna just stared at Haruto for a few seconds before a blush spread all throughout his face. He forgot about it! With Reborn's call he seemed to have forgotten about Haruto asking for his help!

"Y-Yeah, sorry. I forgot about it." Tsuna wasn't looking Haruto in the eye because of his embarrassment. So cute! Haruto inwardly squealed. I would so go for this guy if I had the chance, but I once saw that tutor of his and I don't think he'd let me go easy for even TRYING. Haruto inwardly shivered. He ruffled Tsuna's soft hair and grinned reassuringly.

"Nah. It's okay! Just help now at try not to daydream much while doing it." Haruto winked at Tsuna, which earned him an even more flushed Tsuna. Haruto laughed heartily, stopped patting the brunet's hair and signaled him to follow to one of the back doors.

Tsuna finally calmed down. He was about to follow but before he looked at the cell phone still in his hand. It was going to be a long day. He sighed but quickly had a smile back on his face while he followed Haruto to the back.

It was ten minutes before six o' clock and Tsuna was finally out of work. Earlier, he had called Hayato and told him to wait for him at his apartment. After all, Hayato had one of the spare keys. The owner let him go early because Tsuna said he had an appointment with Reborn in the afternoon. Just by hearing Reborn's name the owner immediately agreed. Everyone who worked in Namimori's Flower Shop had at least seen Reborn once because he liked to check on his ex-student every once in a while. And let's just say that even if Reborn was indeed handsome, that didn't erase the fact that all his aura screamed mess with me and you'll know hell.

Tsuna sweatdropped at the thought. Reborn's aura literally described perfectly what would happen if you so much as disagree with Reborn. He knew from experience.

Five minutes before six and Tsuna was already entering the coffee shop. It was Reborn's favorite coffee shop in all Namimori. He said it made the best espressos and he also got a 20% discount in everything he ordered because he knew the owner.

Tsuna sat in the farthest table from the people, and waited. Soon a waitress came to take his order. Even if Tsuna denied it, his looks were hard to miss. All his movements were graceful which made him more attractive. He had a kind of light brown hair and is eyes were big and looked innocent, not to mention they were a honey color which was a rarity in Japan. His hairstyle was a gravity defying hair that had a low ponytail and his ponytail was thin and long, reaching a little below his waste (like TYL Mukuro's). He had a slender figure that seemed more strong then it should be. It just made people drool.

The waitress obviously didn't miss such a beautiful person and went to take his order immediately.

"Welcome to the café 'Un Bel sole'. What would you like to order?"

Tsuna still found ironic that the name of Reborn's favorite cafe was 'A beautiful Sun' in Italian.

"I'd want and espresso, please."

The waitress wrote the order in her note pad. "Anything else?" She asked while batting her eyelashes a lot. She wouldn't just let the opportunnity to flirt with such a beautiful person pass by.

"No, thank you. I'm okay."

The waitress was somewhat dissappointed but smiled nonetheless. She bowed and went to the kitchen.

Tsuna was left in the table waiting for his espresso. He usually didn't have something as strong as an espresso, but living with Reborn made one grow accostumed to drink it and because he just knew he'd need it for the incoming headache he'd have for talking with Reborn.

He looked at his watch and just as it pointed 6 o' clock the bell that's situated over the door rang, indicating a customer either leaving or entering. Tsuna turned to look at the door and saw Reborn. The man was wearing the same as always. A black expensive suit, an orange dress shirt, and his fedora with its orange band around it. Reborn looked as astonishing and breath-taking as always, Tsuna noted. The people who turned to look at Reborn seemed as if their eyes would fall off their faces.

Reborn quickly found Tsuna in the corner and started walking towards his table. His walking was soundless and graceful which just added charm to the already handsome Reborn. Reborn smirked at his ex-student. Tsuna looked prepared to go to a war both mentally and physically, Reborn noted. He knew his ex-student wouldn't accept without giving a battle. After all, Reborn knew Tsuna loved his job.

But still, the job would be such great training for Tsuna and just so much fun for Reborn he couldn't decline. And also because Reborn had just started to think of how to integrate Tsuna with the other allied company's leaders. He knew they weren't easy people, so what better way than by presenting Tsuna as Hibari's bodyguard?

If he survived the week and maybe the first joint meeting, he would surely get their interests. And more so because some of them knew Tsuna from when he studied in Namimori, and only remembered him as 'Dame-Tsuna'. What a surprise they would get when they saw him. Reborn darkly smirked at the thought.

Reborn arrived at the table with a quick 'Chaos' and seated in the chair across from Tsuna. The first thing Tsuna said was "Reborn, I won't work as a bodyguard for no one nor will I quit at my job." Tsuna closed his eyes but quickly opened them to look at Reborn straight in his eyes. Tsuna's gaze held determination at not backing down. That just made Reborn more excited.

"Dame-Tsuna, you will and that's final. I already promised and your charge isn't any measly weakling." Reborn said darkly to show there would be no arguement over the matter. He saw the brunet lightly flinch, but he quickly recovered and held his gaze with Reborn's. Oh? It seems Tsuna has grown more than I expected.


"Sorry?" The aura surrounding Reborn turned dark and the temperature dropped quickly. "What did you say? I couldn't hear you Dame-Tsuna." Reborn's voice was dangerously low. Tsuna gulped nervously but still didn't back down.

"I said that I won't accept that job Reborn. I love my job and I don't think of quitting it anytime soon."

Reborn stared at his ex-student some more. Tsuna's gaze didn't flicker. After some seconds, Reborn sighed resignedly. He knew how stubborn Tsuna was when he wanted to be. Threats weren't going to work with this Tsuna so he had to go with the other option.

Just as Reborn sighed, the dark aura dissipated and Tsuna felt he could breath normally again. He inwardly sighed relieved. "Tsuna." He looked to see Reborn with a surprised expression. It wasn't everyday that Reborn called Tsuna by his name only. He usually added 'Dame' or something of that sort. Itjust showed how serious Reborn truly was.

"I know you love your job, and to be honest, I would also like you to keep working there. But we both know it couldn't last forever. You have less then 2 years left. So since your charge is a really important person and he's actually allied with Vongola Company, you would be able to accompany him to his meetings and begin to know of the leaders of the other companies. You would need to meet them someday."

Tsuna stared at Reborn. He started to deeply think about it now that Reborn gave him an explanation. Though he was still reluctant to quit his job earlier, he did need to meet other company's bosses sooner or later. And going undercover did sound thrilling he admitted.

Reborn could see how Tsuna examined all the information he had just given him and seeing the good and bad points. It somehow made him proud. He taught him all he knew after all. While waiting for Tsuna to make his decision, he motioned for the waitress to come and ordered an espresso. He gave her his discount card and patienly waited for it. It arrived soon after with another one that seemed to be Tsuna's. He smirked. Tsuna was fully prepared to have an arguement with Reborn even to the extent of ordering an espresso. It was amusing.

Finally Tsuna spoke after taking a sip of his espresso.

"... Maybe I could work as a bodyguard for a little while."

Reborn smirked triumphantly. "That is if the employer approves of you." He took a sip of his own espresso. Ahhh. It was just how he liked it. "You'll go tomorrow at 1 PM to this address-" He handed Tsuna a note with the address. "And there you'll have the job interview with the employer's right-hand man and secretary. You better go formal. That employer doesn't take well to informality.

Tsuna examined the address and nodded. Finally he said the question that's been bugging him since Reborn called.

"And who'll be my charge?"

The question just left his lips and Tsuna already knew he wouldn't like the answer. Reborn' smirk growing wider just helped his hunch to grow stronger.

"You already know him. It's Hibari Kyoya."

Tsuna knew he shouldn't have accepted. He knew he should have had a war with Reborn to keep working at the flower shop rather than accept. But he also knew it was already too late to back out. After all, he was already waiting to be called to take his interview with Hibari's secretary, which he wasn't surprised to find out that it was Kusakabe Tetsuya. Who was surprised was Kusakabe when he saw one Sawada Tsunayoshi saying he came to take an interview to be Kyo-san's new bodyguard and that he was sent by Reborn. The Reborn.

Kusakabe knew someone reccomended by Reborn was going to come. Reborn had called that same morning to warn about it. But he certainly didn't expect that person to be Sawada Tsunayoshi. He remembered the person named like that to be a petite, easily-scared brunet that had grades below average, that sucked at sports, that everyone bullied him and to whom everyone called 'Dame-Tsuna'. He remembered how scared the boy was when Kyo-san said he would bite him to death for arriving late at school. He felt pity for the boy.

But Kusakabe remembered that in the boy's first year of middle school, at the start of the year, he was transferred to another country. To Italy if he remembered correctly. So it surprised him that here in front of him was the same person as 9 years ago, but that didn't match his memory at all. This person had a look of confidence and power in his gaze, all his movements were graceful and though he still had a petite figure, you could see strength underneath it. Obviously the boy became taller and though he still had those same innocent eyes, they held much more depth now and he looked simply beautiful.

Kusakabe asked the brunet to wait until he called him to take the interview, and he immediatly went into his office to make a quick search regarding Sawada Tsunayoshi's background. Meanwhile, Tsuna was waiting outside regretting his decision.

He followed Reborn's advice and wore formal attire for the interview. He wore a black suit and an orange dress shirt. His attire was almost the same as Reborn's, but Tsuna knew Reborn wouldn't get mad at the similarity. After all, it was Reborn who gave him this attire so he didn't worry about it.

Tsuna waited for 15 minutes until the office's door finally opened revealing a flabbergasted Kusakabe. Kusakabe recovered from the shock when seeing Tsuna and told him to enter the office.

Tsuna walked to the room and when he entered it he saw a normal office. The oppossite wall from the door was mostly made of glass, or at least a material more resistant to glass but that looked alike. There was a desk facing the door filled with paperwork and a laptop. There was a chushioned chair from behind the desk and two chairs in front of the desk. There were other things in the office but what caught Tsuna's attention was that the laptop seemed to have been recently used. Did he use it while I was waiting outside? And then an even bigger question was made in his mind. Was he perphaps searching about me? That thought certainly made Tsuna inwardly smirk. It would be no easy feat to actually find something concerning him.

Tsuna sat in one of the two chairs in front of the desk and crossed one of his legs over the other. His hands interwined and he waited for Kusakabe to be the one to start the interview.

Kusakabe close the door and headed for the cushioned seat. In the outside he looked completely calm and collected, he wasn't Hibari's right-hand man for nothing, but on the inside he was still flabbergasted by what he had found.

15 minutes.

He spent 15 minutes searching for Sawada Tsunayoshi in his laptop and he couldn't find a thing concerning the boy. Nothing. Nada. Not even his background, or even his grades record! And the last one was clearly suspicious since erasing a student's complete existence from Namimori's files was almost impossible. So he was clearly disturbed by not finding a thing.

Kusakabe sat in front of Tsuna, took a deep breath, and prepared himself for giving the interview. He would need to get at least some information concerning the boy if he was going to be Hibari's bodyguard. Not any duck could do it. And the requirements were also quite hard, but he had a feeling that he still hasn't gotten even half of the surprises he was going to get that day.

He started it easy.

"What's your name?" He already knew it but it's still a process he needed to go through.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"Your age?"

"21 years old." Kusakabe also already knew that but was still surprised that the brunet looked younger than his age by far (he looked to be 17 or of that sort if not younger).

"Where were you born?"

"I was born here in Namimori, Japan but I also have some Italian descendence." Kusakabe raised an eyebrow at that. Oh? That certainly explains your looks. Kusakabe thought.

"Where did you study?" From here on things were going to get more interesting.

"I studied in Namimori School until my first year of middle school. Since then I have been tutored in Italy." That piqued Kusakabe's interest. Why did he go to the extent of going to Italy to be tutored?

"Who was your tutor?"

"Reborn." That just had Kusakabe mind-blown. He had heard Reborn had only trained 2 people in all his life. Kusakabe knew the Bucking Horse, but he certainly didn't expect Tsuna to be his other student. It was just too shocking that he was trained by the Reborn, the world's greatest hitman.

Tsuna seemed to notice Kusakabe's huge surprise and inwardly laughed. He was accostumed to it by now. That the great Reborn had trained him? It was unexpected all right.

"You don't believe me?"Tsuna woke Kusakabe out of his stupor. "If you want I can call him so you are assured I said the truth." Tsuna began to reach for his cellphone in one of his breast pockets that were inside his suit, but was stopped by Kusakabe's hand that stopped him by the wrist.

"I don't think it's necessary Sawada-san. We both know someone wouldn't be stupid enough to lie about being Reborn's student." Kusakabe slightly panicked at the thought of an angry Reborn by being doubted. Kusakabe let go of Tsuna's wrist an sat on his chair again.

"Let's continue. Who is your family?"

"My mom's name is Sawada Nana, and my father's name is Sawada Iemitsu."

"Hmmm.." Kusakabe already knew Sawada Nana was only a housewife, but he also knew Sawada Iemitsu was the leader of Vongola Company's External Advisor, CEDEF. But he wondered that if he asked, would Tsuna tell the truth? He had to give it a try.

"And where do they work?"

"My mom's a housewife while my father is..." Tsuna's voice trailed of for a moment. He knew Kusakabe already had the knowledge about Tsuna's father's job. After all, Vongola Company was a big deal in the bussiness world. But Reborn also told him to not give anything important about his background away... He decided in what he would tell. Tsuna smirked and kept talking. "Doesn't Kusakabe-san already know it? After all, Sawada Iemitsu is quite big in the bussiness world, if I've heard correctly."

Kusakabe's eyes widened a fraction. Tsuna knew with what he was playing and he certainly was playing his cards well. He didn't give exact information away but he did assure Kusakabe that his information wasn't wrong.

It was a smart play.

"Of course I know, Sawada-san. Just checking." Kusakabe was writing some important details in a piece of paper. He would check them again when the interview was over. "Now, if you don't mind, I'll be asking more personal questions concerning your skills."

Tsuna was as calm as he was at the beginning of the interview. Not an ounce of nervousness could be seen in his posture. "Go ahead."

"Do you know any type of martial arts?"

"I know karate, judo, aikido, tae kwon do, kung fu, ninjustsu, jujutsu and various others." Tsuna said calmly while Kusakabe was simply dumbfounded. All those?! He wanted to say. He quickly wrote them all down and continued talking through his astonishment.

"And ummm.. which languages do you know?" Kusakabe knew even before Tsuna answered that he would be left speechless again.

And he wasn't dissappointed.

"Well, I don't remember them all but at least I think that most of them would be Japanese, Italian, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Russian, Hungarian, German, Swedish, Korean, Polish, Norwegian, Irish, and Latin." Tsuna stopped for a moment furrowing his eyebrows in concentration, and then his expression turned to an apologetic one. "Sorry, I can't remember the others.

Kusakabe almost felt as if he would faint right there and then. But he couldn't. He wouldn't disgrace the Cloud Inc.'s name. But he really had felt 2 or 3 years of shock and surprise in just a few hours. He knew he would be dead when he finished the interview.

4 hours.

4 hours is what Tsuna's interview had lasted.

Tsuna was walking back to his apartment with the calm of the world. Meanwhile, Kusakabe felt like shit. He had 4 hours of asking questions and receiving totally unbelieveable answers. 4 hours of almost having a panic attack twice because of some things Tsuna told him. It took that long because between each question, Kusakabe took a little break to breath. He felt like the death. No, scratch that. He bets that the death feel much better than him at the moment. The only thing that had him awake that moment was the triumph he was feeling.

Sure, he didn't get even half of Tsuna's background information, and maybe all of his answers weren't that specific, BUT he had gotten at least quite the amount of information, even if it was just about some of Tsuna's personal stuff like favorite hobbies and that sort. It wasn't easy to get Tsuna to give definite answers all the time. The brunet was like someone who twisted Kusakabe's words and played with him. Kusakabe had fell for it 3 times and ended telling about himself until he realized what he was doing.

Tsuna was certainly a sneaky one, but he sometimes just answered flatly. He figured that Tsuna got tired of playing mind games sometimes. But that was what scared Kusakabe a little. That he didn't want but he certainly could have kept going. Kusakabe also figured that Tsuna learned that from Reborn. Being the world's greatests hitman's student was no joke.

Now, he needed to tell Kyo-san about his new bodyguard, because really? What was there to doubt about? Maybe his background was still mostly a mystery but, his skills? Sawada certainly had a lot and those were only the ones he was asked about, he was certain the brunet hadn't told him plenty of his skills. His honesty? He was pretty sure the boy was honest. He could see such honesty radiating from his big caramel orbs. So, what was there really to doubt about Sawada Tsunayoshi?

Though the only thing that somewhat bugged him was the little talk they held after the end of the interview before the brunet left.

Kusakabe was more than glad the interview had finally ended. He didn't think he could have holded more time if it were to continue. Sawada just stood up from his chair, stretched his limbs a little (they had been seated for 4 hours for goodness's sake!), and with a bow and 'goodbye' started walking towards the door.

When his hand rested on the doorknob, Kusakabe's voice resounded in the room.

"Sawada-san, is all the information you have given me true?"

Sawada just froze at the door and very slowly, he looked at Kusakabe from above his shoulders. Now it was Kusakabe's turn to freeze. Sawada's eyes just held him in place and he thought he saw a tint of bright orange cross them. With a somewhat taunting but also a little bit hurt of a smile he said something that Kusakbe was still thinking about.

"That is for you to decide."

The talk certainly still held importance over Kusakabe's mind but he knew he could trust Sawada Tsunayoshi. He just knew.

So he told Sawada to arrive to Kyo-san's household the next day at 4 PM. All that was left was for his boss to know of the arrival of his new bodyguard and to see if he meets Hibari's expectations.

Kusakabe took his cell phone and flipped it open. He was just praying for whichever deity out there that nothing would go wrong and that hopefully the little brunet changed his boss for the better. He just had a hunch that Sawada could do it.

He dialed in his phone and on the third ring a smooth voice asked "Tetsu, what happened?"

Kusakabe grinned because he knew that his next words would surely have an impact on the skylark.

"Kyo-san good news. I just interviewed your new bodyguard."

Hayato knew something happened to Tsuna when he saw the brunet cross the doorstep. He looked completely calm and in peace and as if he already knew all the secrets of the universe. It was a commanding aura. One which told you you don't know anything about me and won't. One that flowed with power.

That meant Tsuna had gone somewhere dangerous or had been in an important appointment.

Hayato just felt proud of being Tsuna's best friend because he knew the other was a lot more than what he looked like. For example, Tsuna right know had the authority of someone ready to lead a whole army to a battlefield and win. But given that was not the case at the moment , it just made him curious. Where had his friend gone to to need to pull his boss aura out?

And like the saying goes 'the curiosity killed the cat', or in this case Hayato.


The other almost jumped in surprise but instead was only startled. The 'boss aura' completely vanished and instead it was replaced with an innocent and confused one.

"Hayato? When did you arrive?" the brunet asked confused. He didn't remember seeing Hayato when entering his apartment. Or was he too immersed in the 'always in control' mode that Hayato went unnoticed to his kind of distracted at the moment mind? After all, he was also deeply thinking of his interview with Kusakabe and of what would happen tomorrow. Even if he had spent the rest of the afternoon thinking of it at the park.

After the interview, Tsuna went to his apartment, ate a quick snack and went for a walk that ended being in the park. And before he had noticed, it was already night.

Hayato stared for a minute before a small smile slipped through his lips, and he lightly chuckled. "I was here the entire time."

Tsuna suddenly became embarassed and a blush began to creep on his cheeks. He didn't look Hayato in the eye because of embarassment. "R-Really? Sorry."

Hayato was still chuckling a little but something that bugged him made him slowly stop and ask. "It's okay, but where did you go?"

Tsuna's blush abruptly stopped and he freezed for moment before his eyes narrowed a little and he answered with a more serious tone. "I had a job interview."

Hayato deadpanned at the statement. A new job? Was that the reason Tsuna told the shop's owner that he wouldn't be able to work for some time? Hayato thought about it more deeply because he just found it strange. Didn't Tsuna love his job? He saw it everytime he went to visit Tsyna at the flower shop. How the other was always, or most of the time at least, at ease; how the other smiled wholeheartedly a lot and laughed. So what made Tsuna want to go for another job?

"Job interview?"

Tsuna's eyes further narrowed and his pitch dropped an octave. "Hayato, it was Reborn who gave me the job. So sorry, but this is as much as I can tell you." His tone signalled finality. And Hayato didn't want to press further. He knew Tsuna couldn't talk about much his past to Hayato, or anyone for that matter, but he did tell him that Reborn was his tutor and that he was training him to become something big in the world. So Hayato just needed to know Reborn was involved to not pry any further. He would wait until Tsuna was prepared to tell him by his own choice.

Hayato sighed and scratched his hair awkwardly.

"It's okay Jyuudaime. You don't need to tell me more."

Tsuna's posture became relaxed and his expression turned into a sad one because he knew how much he hurt his dear friend by not telling him about his past. To try to brighten up the mood Hayato asked "So, what are we going to make for dinner?"

Hayato liked to come almost every night to Tsuna's apartment to check on the other and to have dinner. He helped Tsuna make it of course. He didn't want to bother his Jyuudaime too much.

Tsuna smiled at his friend's try for making the room comfortable again and went with the flow. "I was thinking that maybe something Italian for tonight would be great, don't you agree?"

Hayato visibly brightened at the other's smile and statement. "Of course. Whatever you cook is great, Jyuudaime!" Tsuna just laughed and motioned for the other to follow him to the kitchen. He should better think about what'll happen the next day later. For now, he would enjoy his moment with his best friend while it lasted.

Hibari was excited. No, scratch that. He was thrilled.

Just the other day Tetsu had called him to inform him about his new bodyguard. At first when Tetsu had told him over the cellphone that his new bodyguard would be Sawada Tsunayoshi he immediatly frowned. The image of a very weak and pathetic herbivore came to his mind. One that shrieked for almost everything and that was usually bullied. He even remembered bitting him to death some times because of being late.

But before he started to complain, Tetsu cut him in ,knowing what the other was thinking, and just told him 'He changed.'. After that, the other just told him about at what time the brunet would arrive to his house and that he would send the information of the interview to the other through email and hung up.

At first, Hibari was reluctant to open his email and read about a wimpy herbivore. But then he remembered the other's words and knew Tetsu wouldn't lie to him.

So he opened his email and opened the file that Tetsu had sent him.

And was he surprised with what he read.

At the end of the document there was a note Tetsu wrote for him. It said:

"Kyo-san, I know you'll most likely doubt about the information I just send you but I assure it's what Sawada-san told he and he didn't seem to be lying. It's hard to believe but the feeble boy from 9 years ago changed a lot. You'll know when you meet him."

And that note combined with the really unbelieveable interview piqued a certain skylark's interest. Was this person really who Tetsu said to be? Hibari certainly remembered that the Arcobaleno was the one who taught the boy.

So that's how we got a thrilled Hibari Kyoya waiting impatiently for said person to arrive. It was five minutes before four in the afternoon so he really shouldn't be getting impatient now.

It was just a matter of time until an herbivore-hopefully-turned-to-a-carnivore arrived.

Hibari licked his lips anticipatedly. He was going to have so much fun trying him.

Tsuna felt a shiver ran down his spine, and his Hyper Intuition slightly going on alert while he approached the Hibari Manor's gate. He should put close attention to his surroundings for the time. Wouldn't want Reborn getting hang of Tsuna being ambushed would he? Reborn would surely punish Tsuna and put him through hell- oh sorry, training again.

When Tsuna approached the gate, there was an intercom to the side so he pushed the bottom and waited for someone to answer. The intercom also had a camera incorporated. Tsuna inwardly snorted. Shouldn't expect less from Hibari Kyoya, and more now that the man was leader of one of the most successful companies, Cloud Inc.

Finally someone answered. It sounded to be the voice of a kind of old man but that could still work. It had a somewhat blank sound to it. Of course. Wouldn't be Hibari Kyoya's servants for nothing. "This is the Hibari Manor. What is it that you need?"

"I'm Hibari-san's new bodyguard. I was sent here by Kusakabe-san."

There was silence in the other line. Had the man hung up? He didn't think so because when he told the man his bussiness he heard the man's breathing hitch momentarily. Just when Tsuna was about to ask if there was someone there the man spoke again.

"Okay. Please enter the gate."

The gate that was in front of Tsuna started to slowly open. Tsuna hesitantly started walking through it. He hoped that at least the man would be kind. Being Hibari Kyoya's bodyguard could harm his sanity so at least a kind person in the whole manor could keep him sane enough.

What he saw when he walked past the gate left him dumb founded. There was a kind of path that led to the manor's front. At both sides of the path it was full of life. You could see as much types of flowers as at least half of the flower shop. And Tsuna, being that he worked at a flower shop for a whole year and had an uncanny love for flowers, couldn't help but ogle them. It was fascinating and more so because it was just the front of the house. Tsuna couldn't wait to see the rest of the house.

Another presence was what brought Tsuna back to real life and to remember what he had come there for.

The other person was an old man. He held a kind demeanor and a firm posture. Tsuna inwardly smiled at that. It was obvious the man would do anything to protect this place. The old man had gray hair and a gray moustache. He had brown eyes that had wisdom pouring from them. Even if the man certainly did look old, he had a young aura meaning that at least he would be serving that household for a good couple of years to go.

"Good afternoon. I'm the head butler of the Hibari Manor. My name is Saitou Shuhei. The Saitou Family has been serving the Hibaris for decades so if you'll be Hibari-sama's new bodyguard, if you need anything just ask for it." Saitou lowly bowed in front of Tsuna.

There's still families who serve others in this era? Tsuna inwardly sweatdropped. Trust Hibari to keep traditions even in modern times.

"My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi. Please take care of me." Tsuna also bowed lowly for Saitou. The old man smiled at the gesture. It seems this young brunette will be better than the past bodyguards. He had a calm aura, at least some manners, and he seems as someone who can change lives. Saitou just hoped that Hibari-sama would be one of them.

With all the work that comes with leading Cloud Inc., Hibari-sama only has little to no time to himself. And even if Kusakabe-sama already told him to begin looking for at least a girlfriend, Hibari-sama just made his always deadly aura even more deadly. It seems Cloud Inc.'s leader doesn't like to be bossed around by his right hand man. But all the personell of the Hibari Manor are worried about their boss because even if most of the time he is violent, underneath it all there's a considerate man that's reasonable and kind with his staff.

One time a maid had to take a week break. One of her daughters was terribly sick, but the woman didn't have enough money for the girl's operation. Even with working in Hibari's Manor, that paid really well if one most say, the operation was just too expensive. When the woman went to ask Hibari-sama for the week break, he sent for an ambulance to the woman's house, payed for the operation (well, he only payed half since he is the Hibari Kyoya), and gave the woman a two week break all the while having and indifferent expression. Everyone truly respected him since that incident, and no one tried to take advantage of that. After all, he is still Hibari Kyoya, whom no one takes advantage of.

So the staff wishes Hibari-sama could just go and be happy. And Sawada Tsunayoshi seemed to be the right person for that.

The young man straightened himself and smiled at Saitou. The smile seemed as encompassing as the bright sky. Saitou's smile grew wider. Yep, Sawada Tsunayoshi will definitely be able to do it.

Saitou's hand pointed to the front door. "Please pass Sawada-sama. I'll guide you through the manor and to your room." Saitou began walking towards the door with Tsuna close behind. When they arrived in front of the door, Saitou turned the knob and opened the door for Tsuna to pass before him. Tsuna not used to such politeness stood still for a moment before walking before Saitou with a 'thank you'. Reborn taught him better than to refuse someone's politeness and more so if it was in someone else's house.

When walking in, Tsuna noticed with barely concealed surprise how big the entrance room was. It was decorated to keep a traditional aura but with modern and some western touches in all the place. There were a pair of stairs in the opposite side of the front door. The stairs lead to two different stairs. One to each side that lead to the different sides of the second floor. Under both stairs that led to different sides of the second floor, there were doors. Tsuna guessed that they led to more parts of the house. There were also doors in other parts of the room but not too much as to not make the place unnecessarily uncomfortable. The floor seemed to be made of white marble. Tsuna couldn't believe all the money that was wasted in making this house. From some of the foreign decorations to the unnecessary amount of space to how much it should have costed to have ancient Japanese weapons such as swords and the sort as display. It wasn't that Tsuna was poor, which he absolutely wasn't, but more like all the money that was wasted in building a simple house was too much.

The only odd thing was that when Tsuna crossed the door his Hyper Intuition just went crazy. He could feel alarms ringing loudly in his head and tried to keep his face calm even when he almost felt an incoming headache. Of course it was dangerous to be in the Hibari Manor. Everyone knew how violent Hibari Kyoya was. Tsuna highly doubted Hibari wouldn't attack him just because he was his bodyguard. He had a gut feeling previous bodyguards thought that and didn't end well. And previously being 'Dame-Tsuna' was just adding fuel to the fire. Now Hibari would undoubtedly go for his blood trying to figure out how the Dame-Tsuna ended up being his bodyguard.

Barely 30 seconds went by with Tsuna quickly checking the first floor with his sight and with Saitou-san explaining where did the doors and stairs lead before Tsuna's eyes wandered momentarily to the stairs to catch a blurry sight of a black suit with a violet dress shirt and his instincts took over as his left arm blocked an incoming tonfa while his right continued holding tight his bag. His gloves where in the bag and he didn't need the pills to enter Hyper Dying Will Mode now but he knew better than to immediately take the big machinery against an opponent you haven't seen in 9 years. And even 9 years before the person wasn't considered an opponent because Tsuna couldn't even hold the first blow.

But Hibari Kyoya won't even start imagining how much Tsuna had changed. 9 years with a very Spartan tutor can drastically change anyone (though the sanity would be another issue).


It seemed Hibari-san's voice became more deeper and smoother than before thought that was obvious. Tsuna held his orange tinted gaze against steel gray eyes until the other jumped back to the first step of the stairs with a very devious smirk that couldn't mean anything good.

Tsuna inwardly groaned.

"It seems you did change a little Sawada Tsunayoshi. I'll probably be able to have fun with you."

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