Ok please, no flames or hates, this is my first Darksider's story, and i'll try to do my best. Ideas are always welcome :D I dont have much to say here so... XD lol

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Running. I'm always running. Whether its metaphorical or not, I seem to always be running.

This time, I was on a long deserted path cutting between a large field of wheat. It just stretched on and on, and I couldn't see anything else around me. I was running quickly along the path, and I could hear something behind me that sounded like a galloping horse. I tried running off the path and into the wheat, but there seemed to be an invisible wall preventing me from doing so.

Suddenly, something grabbed my leg and I tripped. Quickly rolling onto my back, i held back a scream as the thing that was chasing me came into view. I couldn't really see what it was, but I knew it was on a HUGE horse. It was hooded and was holding a large scythe, which it swung mercilessly at me. As soon as it pierced my skin, I snapped awake from the nightmare with a gasp. Looking around frantically, I realized I was in my bed. My dog, Foalen, was lying near my feet looking at me with his bright blue eyes. He was an Australian Shepherd, Husky, wolf mix. His fur was a thick, black color with a chocolate brown muzzle and belly. Not only was he muscularly built, but his head reached above my waist while standing.

Sighing, i stood up and pet his soft head before walking into the small bathroom. My house was pretty small, but cozy. I made the cabin myself when I moved up to where I live now. It snows all winter, fall, and spring, and storms in the summer. The highest temperature it's ever been wa 68. I had no neighbors and lived in the middle of a large field surrounded by dense forests.

The cabin itself had a medium sized living room with a comfortable couch, a coffee table, a small radio, a large fireplace, and large windows lining two walls. It led to a kitchen with a wood stove, a small fridge that was fueled on gas (don't ask me how), and a few random cabinets here and there above the counter. Then there was my bedroom. It was small, with a full sized bed with a feather mattress with matching pillows. The only blanket was a black, green, and red thick quilt. It was tacky but it kept me warm. A dresser sat across the room next to the door leading to the bathroom.

I left the door open as I turned on the shower. Foalen had gotten up from the bed and sat by the door. He always did that. it was like he was protecting me from any intruders. Though that never happened. I was two miles from the small town, no one came here. Quickly I stepped into the shower and quickly got out. I wasn't a fan of water. As i dried off, I went to my dresser and took out todays clothes; Black denim jeans, thick wool socks, and a dark red turtleneck.

"How do i look?" I asked Foalen, turning around to face him. He just looked at me, his tongue rolling out of his mouth and his tail beginning to wag. I shrugged, "I'll take that as a yes?" I walked passed him again and looking into the bathroom mirror. Staring back at me was a skinny, pale, 25 year old woman with ice blue eyes and eboney black hair that reached below her shoulders. That's me, my name is Iris. I grew up in Virginia, USA and ran away when i was 16 and ended up in this snowy wonderland. I have a small farm of my own to take care of, but if I ever needed anything i couldn't provide myself, I went to town.

I walked out into the kitchen, Foalen close behind, and put todays breakfast out on the counter; Green tea and buttered bread. I set some of last night's leftover beef down for Foalen as I heard a deep meow nearby. I smiled as my black Maine-Coone/Himalayan cat, Coda, jumped up onto the counter next to me. His fur was as soft as silk and his eyes were a beautiful shade of amber. He purred as i stroked his head before hopping down next to Foalen and also eating the meat. My smile widened. I raise all my animals from when they were babies, and since they all grow up together, they enjoy each other's company.

I walked out onto the porch with my breakfast and sat in my rocking chair. The morning air was chilly and burned my face, but I'd grown to love it. I'd always loved the cold. The sound of wildlife filtered around me as i ate. I guess you could say i was... 'In tune'... With nature. I had a special connection with all wild things, just not people.

After breakfast, I threw on my black boots, some gloves, my teal toboggan, a long dark red snow jacket, and a black scarf.

Foalen followed me back outside as I went to feed all the animals which included: Dykus the cow (where i got my milk sometimes :D), all eight chickens, and the two sheep, Bosco and Luna. Lastly, I walked into a large fenced in area that took up most of my back yard and pulled out a small whistle. I blew on it once before putting it away and waiting. Foalen sat at my feet as a distant neigh reached our ears. We waited, and suddenly a large figure galloped towards us from behind the stable. I smiled again as my black Canadian horse with a flowing mane and tail came towards us. His name was Ruthad. He slowed to a stop right in front of me and leaned his head down so I could hug him. My animals and I shared something special. We were family.

"Hey boy. You seem happy today," I ran a hand down his muzzle as he softly whinnied. With Foalen on my left, and Ruthad on my right, I walked towards the stables to get some hay down from the raft. It should last him a couple days. As I climbed up the ladder to the loft, Foalen suddenly started barking and ran out of the stables. I rolled my eyes. He probably just saw a bird or something.

As I started shoveling hay down to the floor, I heard sounds coming from the pasture outside.

"Don't maul it to death Foalen!" I called out to the mutt and kept shoveling. A blizzard was coming so I had to last Ruthad a few days. More strange noises came from outside as I set the pitchfork down and came back down. I froze as a weird type of neighing came to my ears. No, that couldn't be Ruthad, he was standing at the stable opening, plus his neigh didn't sound like a dying mule. I gasped as I walked next to the horse and saw what all of it was about. Foalen was chasing a HUGE horse, even bigger than Ruthad. But his was no ordinary horse, no... It was... On fire! Green fire came from it's hooves, nose, and ears in it's dead-looking skin as well as its tail and mane. Now, i believed in supernatural things, but this was pushing it.

"Am I seeing things?" I gasped, looking at Ruthad who had his ears pinned back. Ok, so it wasn't just me. I have seen some crazy shit in my travels, but this was the craziest. But no matter, I needed to help this horse. "Foalen, heel!" I shouted, but the dog ignored me. Rolling my eyes, I tried plan B. "Foalen, round up!" His Australian Shepherd instincts started kicking in, and whenever the strange horse got too far away, he would run around it and bite at its heels so it turned back.

Quickly as I could, I put on Ruthad's blanket and saddle, the blanket being a dark purple, and the saddle matching his satin colored bridle. I grabbed the lasso as I climbed onto him and we were off. Going through the open gate, we galloped towards the horse, which was surprisingly fast, even Foalen was falling behind. But thanks to Ruthad's breed (relating to endurance mostly than speed) we caught up eventually. We kept a steady pace as I threw up the lasso. Hopefully, this would work. I'd only practiced on Ruthad when he was younger. Mentally crossing my fingers, I threw it. I smirked as it fell around the horse's neck, but the smirk faded from my face as the horse suddenly sped up. I stupidly pulled back on the lasso to slow it down, but only to be yanked forward. I gasped in pain as my left arm was yanked out of it's socket. To prevent any more damage, I let go of the rope. The horse and Ruthad kept up the same pace, but I realized that I needed to calm this horse down soon before something bad happened.

"C'mon boy!" I encouraged Ruthad as we galloped faster and ran alongside the horse to my right. I was surprised to find the horse already had a saddle. But dismissing that thought for now, I reached over to try and grab the rope. Once i had it firmly in my hand, I swung over and onto the other horse. Wrong move i guess. As soon as I'd gotten onto him, he skidded to a stop, forcing my face to slam into the back of his head. Dazed, I tried to hold on as it bucked and reared like a wild stallion. Letting out a short scream, I flew off the horse and landed hard on my backside. I coughed and sputtered, the wind knocked out of me, and starred wide eyed as the fiery green horse came charging towards me. But before he could get any closer, Foalen jumped in front of him, snarling and barking viciously. Thankfully the horse stopped, but instead reared up, neighing loudly and swinging his front hooves at the dog. I jumped to my feet and gasped as it caught Foalen on his shoulder. The hours went for another hit before I ran in front of him, standing above the now injured mutt.

"NO!" I screamed, holding my right arm out. "Stop this!" I was mildly surprised when he calmly took a step back, not making any more aggressive actions. We didn't make a move as we starred into each other's eyes. He seemed to stare into my very soul with his strange aqua eyes that contrasted his pale, broken skin. Suddenly something seemed to whisper in my head. 'Despair'. His name...

"Despair," I spoke softly as to not spook him. His torn ears twitched as he seemed to look at me incredulously. I slowly took a step towards him, my arm still stretched out, but stopped when he whinnied and bucked his head. "No, no. It's ok boy, I'm not gonna hurt you.." He still didn't seem to trust me, but he didn't resist as I softly laid a hand on his bone-like muzzle. "I just want to help..." I stroked a hand along his skinny neck and was, yet again, surprised that the fire didn't burn me at all. I took hold of the lasso and started slowly walking towards the stable but Despair didn't budge. He was giving me a look that said, "No one leads me anywhere." Prideful much?

I smiled, "Don't worry, we're just going to the stables so I can patch you up." He seemed to sigh in annoyance but allowed me to walk him back to an empty stall. "Ok, stay here please while i go get the others." I ran back out to Foalen and knelt down to see if he was alright. No broken bones, just a cut and some bruising. "You'll be fine, suck it up," I joked. He looked up at me and pouted pathetically and i rolled my eyes. I stood and clicked my tongue for both Foalen and Ruthad to come. I put Ruthad back in his stall for the time being and took of his saddle and bridle. "Good job Ruthad. I owe you a sugar lump later." He softly whinnied and pressed his head against my chest.

After putting half the hay in Ruthad's stall, I walked into Despair's. He was standing in the far corner glaring at me. I glared right back, though just not as hatefully.

"Don't give me that look. I'm only trying to help. Once i'm done, I'll let you out into the pasture ok?" Slowly I walked up to him and looked him over after taking the lasso off. He was deathly pale and emaciated, the green fire blazing up out of every gash he had. He had no mane or tail, just the same green fire. His head was strange, his muzzle just bone, giving his undead look even more emphasis. His body structure was odd as well. His shoulders were broad and muscular, as well as his rump, but his legs were almost too long and skinny for his body, though his hooves being the size of a Clydesdale's.

I found myself not really caring what this horse was or how it even got here. I'd go into town later and see if anyone's missing one.

I went to take off the saddle but stopped when Despair literally growled at me. "Ok, fine... But don't blame me when you start getting a rash.." Seeing there was nothing I could do about the flaming gashes, I set some hay into his stall and walked back to the house. My left arm was sending shoots of pain through my body and a bleeding cut stung in the freezing air from when my face decided to meet Despair's head. Foalen followed me inside as I sat on the couch.

"This will hurt..." I mumbled to myself as I grabbed my left arm. Foalen whined and covered his face with his paws. With a quiet scream, I shoved my arm back into place with a pop. It still hurt, but i could move it again and the pain was fading. Sighing, I reached over to the radio and flicked it on, listening to the static music as I fell into the sweet clutches of a well deserved nap.