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Two days. Two days it snowed. Two days the strange guy didn't move a muscle. Two days I hardly got a blink of sleep. Finally, on the third day, as I was putting a few more logs into the fire and happened to look out the window, I saw the snow had stopped falling.

With one last look at the unmoving man, I threw on my boots and gloves and threw open the door. And I can proudly admit that my excitement got the better of me. Snow barreled into the house. I growled in frustration as I struggled to get out of the snow and push it all back outside again before all the heat left the house. Foalen barked in joy and jumped past me. Coda poked the snow with a paw before scurrying away into my bedroom.

"Coward!" I called after him before closing the door. My porch was only partly covered in the cold white stuff, thanks to the overhang above it, but the same couldn't be said for everywhere else. Still on the porch, I looked around my property. I couldn't see the fences for the horses and cow, snow covered all of it completely. Half the stables was up in snow, making me thankful I'd put all the other animals in their sheds beforehand.

Without really thinking, I took a step off the porch and gasped as I fell straight into the snow, falling over so I landed face first in it and practically sunk. Panicking at the sudden suffocating feeling, I struggled to get my head above the freezing snow, but thanks to its mushiness, I wasn't getting too far. Suddenly I saw big paws digging frantically at the snow above my face. As they kept digging, scratching my face on accident in the process, I coughed and sputtered as air was brought into my lungs again.

Foalen stopped his frantic digging and started licking my scratched up face, his tail wagging like a mad dog. (no pun intended)

"Ok, ok, I'm fine. Down boy," I huffed, wiping the snow off my face and out of my hair. Happily, the mutt jumped off me and back into the deep snow as I got up. Shaking a little from what just happened, I stepped back onto the porch and turned back to the over excited canine rolling around in the slushy substance.

"Foalen," I snapped, causing him to freeze and scramble to a sitting position, snow falling off his fur once he was still. "Go get the snow shovel, please." He just whined and tilted his head, making me sigh. "Snow shovel." I ordered, pointing to the almost buried shed. Foalen barked and jumped back into the snow in that direction. I blinked, "Can't believe that actually worked."

As the dog was getting the shovel, I stepped back inside to get into some appropriate clothes; A large, thick snow jacket, fairly similar snow pants that tucked into my boots while my jacket sleeves were tucked into my gloves, a furred Russian style hat, and my usual scarf. I felt like a penguin, not being able to bend my limbs too far, but I had to stay warm outside regardless.

As I shuffled towards the door again, I looked again at the dude on my floor. I seriously would have thought him dead were it not for the occasional grumble in his unconcious state. I could never detect the slight rise and fall of his chest from breathing, nor had his skin warmed up at all. It was extremely weird, which only brought me further to the conclusion I'd come up with. This had to be Despair's rider. If not, well... Then I just didn't know what to expect.

Sighing, I stepped onto the porch to find Foalen sitting there with the digging shovel at his paws, a comically happy look on his face as his tongue hung out of his mouth, steam billowing up into our faces as we exhaled. I rolled my eyes and pat his head, muffling a 'good boy' as I picked up the shovel. He beamed at me in pride and followed behind me as I dug my way to the shed and got the real snow shovel. Afterwards, I began the strenuous task of shoveling paths in the snow to all my animals.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo

Everything seemed to be muffled, as if he were trapped in some sort of thick material, constricting his movements and dulling his senses. A pain he was unfamiliar to burned in his chest, and a dull throb irritated his head.

Where was he? What could have caused this? Why was this happening?

With a sudden pop, Death's senses returned to him. Out of habit and instinct, he instantly bolted up to a sitting position. Everything was quiet, other than a crackling fire beside him. He looked at his surroundings, confused on where he was and how he even got here, but he didn't show it.

He was in some sort of common room, brown leathered seating behind him bordered by wood, along with a wood table in front of it. A cabinet sat off to the side of the room, books stacked in every shelf side to side. Windows bordered two sides of the room, revealing the showy landscape beyond that faded into a dark, thick forest on both sides. A room lead off to the side with more trinkets that didn't seem interesting in the least to Death, so he ignored it for now.

It was then that he looked down at himself. Now that he was sitting up, the thick quilt had fallen to just around his legs. The soft cushion his head had been resting on had fallen back slightly from his sudden movement. He never recalled any of this, how'd he get here?

Sudden movement in the corner of his eye caused him to jump to his feet, both hands reaching for Harvester, only to find nothing. He must've set them somewhere near. The source of the movement caused him to growl in frustration. It was just a cat.

The mammal was sitting at the door leading to outside, glaring at him with dark amber eyes, a color similar to his own, and slitted pupils. It's thick black fur made it seem almost like a shadow. If Death was anyone else it would have slightly unnerved him. The cat just sat there, both animal and Nephilim in a motionless, unblinking stare off until a sound from outside caused Death to look out the window.

The feline seemed to smirk in triumph as Death silently walked to the window and looked out. Small buildings half concealed in the snow were placed here and there, a path leading to each, telling the horseman that there was someone else out there.

Out of the larger building's, across the snowy field, doors suddenly opened on one side. Snow flurried and billowed away as a large black horse with a magnificent main and tail jumped out, the snow reaching to its chest, though it seemed to like it.

After the horse followed a smaller figure. To Death, it looked like a human, but that would be impossible. His whole mission was to bring the Third Kingdom back. Before awakening here, he recalled only the quarrel with the Crowfather about the humans, nothing afterwards.

The human 'figure' seemed to be ushering something else from the stables with no avail. After a one sided argument, the figure stomped back inside. What came out next surprised Death. It was Despair, but the mystic green flames that always accompanied his mount werent present. Something odd was going on, and Death didn't like it one bit.

Once the two horses were outside, the figure began walking back towards the building Death was in, a large wild looking canine following close behind. Ignoring the cat once more, Death crouched behind the bookshelves as best he could, and waited.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooo

After shoveling snow paths to the animals and feeding them all, Foalen and I made our way back towards the cabin. I heard Ruthad's delighted neigh from his now snow covered pasture, closely followed by Despair's miserable whinny. Apparently, the rotting horse didn't share Ruthad's love for the fluffy white stuff; it took me long enough to force him out of the stables.

Foalen barked happily again as we jumped back onto the porch and shook his thick fur from the clumps of snow. Smiling, I stepped inside and sighed as the warmth from the fire stung my numb cheeks. Foalen went into the kitchen to snack on this morning's leftover breakfast as I slipped off my jacket, gloves, boots, etc, until I was just in what I slept in (same from the beginning of the storm, I hadn't changed).

Coda meowed at my feet and purred as I picked him up. He snuggled into my chest as I walked over and sat on the couch. Foalen padded back into the room and sat by the fire. I stopped stroking Coda's back as I noticed something off... Where was the guy?

My breath caught in my throat as Foalen started growling at something across the room. I slowly turned my head around to see a shadowed figure crouched behind the bookshelf.

I bolted to my feat, Coda scrambling to stand on my shoulders, and faced the guy. He rose to his feet and Foalen started to bark loudly at him. Ignoring the mutt, the dude started walking towards us, towering slightly less than a foot above me. He was really intimidating, and I found myself beginning to shake. I did the only thing that came to my head.

I ran for the gun in my bedroom.

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