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I sprang off the couch as the stupid bird screeched and went batshit crazy, flying up and around, bumping into everything. Feathers were strewn across the floor and books had fallen out of my bookcase, and I had to duck multiple times so I wasn't hit.

"What the hell is your problem you stupid bird?!" I yelled over it's screeching, and tried in vain to grab it and hold it still, resulting and a couple more bloody scratches on my hands. Finally the blasted crow stayed by the door, furiously flying against it in a futile attempt to get out. "Keep doing that and you'll break your neck for sure." I hesitated as I reached for the doorknob, considering that maybe it was a better way to get rid of the bird, but ignored the thought. With a huff, I threw open the door and shooed the crow out.

"Get out you stupid bird, I've had enough of you pecking at me for one day!" I shouted as the crow flew out of the house, only to slam into the porch light and fall to the ground with a 'thump'. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. He was giving me a headache. The feathered nuisance recomposed itself before flying up and circling around, only to land on someone standing on the porch steps in front of me. Am I that blind? I froze in my little tantrum and starred at Death's large figure.

He didn't look any different, other than three gashes going down his torso and the fact that he was shivering slightly. His orange eyes behind his mask blazed brightly, and he didn't seem happy at all. If his eyes didn't indicate that then him clenching his fists did. Something was off though. It took me a while to realize just what was wrong, and when I DID realize it I wanted to smack my forehead from how slow I was. His breath was billowing out from under his mask in a cloud. That was it! He was actually breathing, which was something I hadn't seen him do, or at least heard. Maybe I just never noticed before when he was unconcious. But then ho-

"Are you just going to stand there and let us both freeze or are you going to let me in?" Death cut me from my thoughts, his voice rugged and low, probably from the cold.

I blinked and coughed in embarrassment before stepping to the side, "Uh, yes... Please, come in." His movements were hesitant as he walked in, almost like he was still contemplating whether he should leave again or not. I closed the door quietly and watched as he slowly when to stand near the fireplace, the crow still perched comfortably on his shoulder. I sent a glare at the crow, and he glared right back. Stupid bird...

"Why'd you come back?" I asked, truly curious as to why he was here. He certainly didn't seem to WANT to be back here. In fact, he seemed to be embarrassed. I couldn't blame him though, guys have big egos.

He didn't answer me for a while, just staring into the fire as his shivering subsided, "I... Am not myself.."

I blinked in confusion, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I do not bleed, I do not get cold in such minimal conditions, I do not need to breath," With every word his voice raise, and I took a self conscious step back and leaned against the wall. Though soon his voice became calm again. "There is something terribly wrong with this world that is changing me, and I will find out what. But until then, I require a place to stay."

I fought the urge to say 'face it you just don't want to freeze to death' and settled instead with, "You're welcome to stay here as long as your bloody bird stays out of my business. Are you hungry?"

"No," Was his only reply. I nodded and quickly started picking up the fallen books and other little trinkets that the crow knocked over in his episode.

"Blankets are over here in the cabinet by the bookshelf if you need. I'll be in my room. Don't eat the meat in the fridge, and knock before you use the bathroom in the back." I walked through the hallway and went to said bathroom. Foalen had woken up and took his post by the door as I turned on the shower. So, there was a guy in my house, whatever. I smelled gross and I really couldn't care less. If he saw me, he saw me.

As the water got warm, I quickly slipped in and washed myself as fast as I could. I happened to glance to the side while I was reaching for the soap and saw a black figure in the corner. Slowly, I looked out of the small shower and screamed, scaring Foalen half to death as well as Coda in the next room.


Death sighed as the woman disappeared down the hall. Slowly, he lowered himself onto the couch and stiffened as it groaned under his weight. It would take a while to get used to things around here, that was for sure. He folded his hands and rested his chin while his arms rested on his knees. He was silently thinking to himself while staring into the fire. He didn't like the situation he was in, not one bit. There was no sign of getting back on his mission any time soon. The whole day he'd tried to find something, ANYTHING, that would give him some clue for a way back to Crowfather's snowy world, or any world he was familiar with for that matter. His magics werent working, and Despair couldn't get to another world by portal like usual.

In his search he had encountered a beast. It surprised him, erupting from the undergrowth with no warning and standing on it's hind legs before swatting him off his mount. It didn't take him long to scare the beast off, after realizing it was just a bear. He felt ashamed for being injured by such a small creature. Even now he felt a wave of humiliation as the three scratches on his abdomen stung.

Death sighed. The feeling was strange, breath going in and out of his body. He never needed to breath before, not having blood and all. Now, he could feel the strange beating of a heart in his chest and his lungs as they expanded with each breath. It wasn't normal, and he hated it. The sooner he was out of this world, the better.

The sound of rushing water reached his ears but he ignored it. Probably just the woman. An unfamiliar empty feeling invaded his gut and a strange growling noise emanated from it.

"What in damnation?" He grumbled to himself, and the sound repeated itself. He shook his head, dismissing whatever it was. He had a theory though.

Suddenly there was a scream, and by instinct, Death sprang up and held Harvester tightly in a defensive stance.

"DEATH! I'M GOING TO MURDER YOUR BIRD!" The woman shrieked, and Death relaxed in annoyance. What he didn't expect was the woman, only wearing a dark towel and soaking wet, to come stomping down the hallway holding Dust away from herself. The crow seemed to have an almost smug look on it's face, if that was even possible. Death took a step back to allow the pissed off female to walk past him and throw open the door.

"Get out you fucking pervert! I've had enough of you!" She yelled as she tossed the squawking bird out before slamming the door shut.

Death raised an eyebrow at her figure. Soap was still lingering in her hair and was dripping down onto the floor. Without her clothes, she was even skinnier than she let on. Not a sickly skinny, but still not healthy. But what really caught his attention was.. The scars. Short, thick scars littered every inch of her arms, legs, and what he could see of her back. As she turned around, he saw that the situation was the same, the scars stopping just below the collarbone. A dark purple, yellowing bruise was in the middle of her chest.

She was looking at him, her eyes narrowed. Death blinked as he realized he was staring and glanced away, putting away Harvester and tapped his fingers impatiently against his thigh while shifting his weight. All the signs of a man urgently wishing to be somewhere else. He looked back at her and growled as he looked at the scars again.

She snapped her fingers in front of his face, "Hey, my eyes are up here."

Death glared at her, "I understand the circumstances in this situation and that I am a stranger in your home, but I expect you to have respect when you speak to me."

The woman sighed, "You'll get my respect when you earn it."

The Nephilim growled in exasperation. This woman was grating on his nerves. He would gladly leave and stay out on his own were it not for the snow.

The woman began walking back down the hall, "It's Iris, by the way."


"My name. It's Iris."

"Were you in battle?"

"In battle? Oh, I see. No these aren't from war, and the bruise is from you."

"What are they from then?"

"Stupid mistakes I made when I was younger."

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