Sibling Conversations

By Shadowgate

Shelly was told by her parents to just look out for Stan because they were leaving for a planned evening.

After they left Shelly turned to Stan and said "I don't want any Goddamn trouble out of you tonight turd."

Stan asked "why do you have to call me a turd? I'm your fucking brother."

Shelly said "yes and I will always know that even if you're not very smart."

Stan asked "oh well what the fuck do you mean I'm not smart? I make good grades in school."

Shelly stated "out of your three friends Cartman is the smartest."

Shelly goes on to ask "remember the big meteor shower?"

Stan answered "yes I had to spend the night in a Goddamn basement with a loser named Pip along with Butters and that little kid who hardly gets any fucking attention. All the fucking grown ups were upstairs drinking."

Shelly said "well at least you didn't end up with a broken heart. Oh but luckily your chubby little friend and I joined forces to get even."

Stan said "wait someone hurt your feelings bad and Cartman helped you get even? You never told me about this!"

Shelly replied "well I'm telling you now damn it."

Shelly went on to say that she began to date Skyler. She told Stan how Skyler described himself as "an immature 22 year old" and how his band mates weren't happy about the relationship.

She told Stan how his band mates stormed out and how she would later refuse his advances. Then she went on to say how she and Cartman got even with Skyler.

Stan pointed out that "even Skyler's band mates could see the relationship was not going to be legit. He said "Shelly we're family and had I been there I would have tackled that son of a bitch right after you threw the cat nip at him."

Shelly replied "well Stan he's gone and he was well taken care of that night."

Stan said "if I see him I'll tell him off I don't care if he's three times my size."

Shelly told Stan "you don't have to do that."

Stan said "well we're family."

Shelly said "well that's true but hell there are times when family members betray other family members."

Stan said "oh yes when you kick me I feel betrayed."

Stan quickly added "when you throw me down the stairs I feel betrayed."

Stan then decided to add "I felt more betrayed than ever when you told me my dick was limp and Wendy was right to dump me for Token."

Shelly said "I never fucking told you that. How the fuck would I know what your dick looks like anyhow?"

Stan started coughing heavily.

Stan then replied "well I had a dream you did when Wendy and I were going through our breakup."

Shelly said "you turned Goth."

Stan said "yes did you think I looked cute as a Goth?"

Shelly said "hell no smart ass."

Stan coughed hard again.

Shelly said "I was referring to the time you went to Nebraska in defiance of mom."

Stan said "you know you're right mom had every right to be angry. I totally defied her and betrayed her trust."

Shelly then said "you were over her knee bare butt."

Stan said "okay so I got spanked after the holidays. They said they'd punish me after the holidays."

Stan started to cough.

Shelly said "Stan are you okay?"

Shelly walked up close to Stan. Stan said "get away from me."

Stan took off running and Shelly took off after him.


Stan kept running but fell over. It was obvious that he was now having an asthma attack.