Full Summary: Probably not quite your typical "holy crap I'm in Death Note" story. It began as just an ordinary weekday morning for Marianne, to what she could remember... She's somehow wound up in the world of a favorite, very exciting fandom but there's one very big problem; She doesn't know how she got there! There is a gap in Marianne's memory between where she was on her way to work, and waking up from unconsciousness with a very bad headache in a hospital at Tokyo.

Beyond anyone's control, even her own, her arrival changes pretty much EVERYTHING. Nothing seems the way she's read or watched it. Marianne strongly feels she must protect herself by not revealing she doesn't belong in that world, and that she knows what would've happened if she hadn't shown up there. Most especially from Light Yagami.

How long will that last? Will she be able to return home, or will she end up dead?

Original characters will be included, along with the others we know and love. Connections and bonds will be made. Lives and destinies may or will be changed as the mystery behind Marianne's abrupt, unexpected arrival gets slowly revealed. How will L see humanity differently? What will Light decide to do? How will many other lives on Death Note Earth turn out? (If you're interested to know this and more, give this a read!)

Author Notes: Been at least a year since I last uploaded anything onto this site. I've been in a fic writer's block a long while until I got so frustrated at my internet router I ended up writing a crazy-silly fanfic about punishing it. I don't know if I'll share that one or not... Or even finish it.

Right now I'm loving this story. As I write this section, I've already finished more than one chapter. Chapter 4 has yet to go through final revisions (I'm a really nit-picky writer), and I've got a headstart on the next one! Originally, I started writing this as a little experiment. Yet, as I kept thinking about and writing more of this interesting concept, I wanted to keep going!

I also will say this is sort of a self insert... I might write in some changes to my own Sim of a character (lol), but otherwise she in personality and music taste, etc, she's very much like myself. Usually, in stories similar to this, I tend to put in realism.

Well, this is one of two Death Note fics I decided to just share. Question is, will I be able to stick with this fic to complete it? ("The Standouts" is this interesting Rem-centric story I started maybe two years ago, but I don't know when I'll get back to that. I really do love Rem though! She's my most favorite of the Shinigami in this series, even though she was temporarily a guardian of Misa, a character I don't like...)

Chapter 1: One Hell of a Situation

Pain... Pain was felt across her forehead as she was coming to. She didn't like the feeling. It felt as if someone had whacked her hard with a sledgehammer, or something like that.

The smell of rubbing alcohol and overall sterile air had entered her nostrils upon breathing in, and there was the sound of what had to be...whispering? It seemed like it, but she could not hear what was being said.

Marianne could hear herself moaning softly as what sounded like a guy was voicing concern nearby. "Are you awake?" In hearing the background noise more clearly in becoming more awake, whatever was whispering actually wasn't a whisper, but more like a soft papery sound. She thought she heard someone putting a light weight object down somewhere.

Her eyes weren't quite open yet, and she knew it would hurt to nod. Using speech was the way to respond. "Yeah. Guess so." She could feel a gauze bandage around her forehead when she reached to lightly touch where it hurt.

What happened? Oww, it hurts. Why? Why does my head hurrrt? The last thing I remember... I was waiting for the bus to go to work...

The reply came as somewhat concerned. "Oh, good. I was starting to worry. I'll be right back with the doctor."

Doctor? I'm in a hospital? I'm hurt that bad? "Wait." Her eyes fluttered open right away, alert. She didn't have to look hard to see who was standing up beside her in, indeed, a hospital bed. He had light brown hair, hinted with auburn seen under the florescent lighting, that were somewhat long and grew and curved towards his face. Long bangs swept downward and hung low over his eyes that were a bit darker shade of brown. He seemed like he'd prefer to be helpful over harmful. Also, as Marianne was taking in his appearance in that instant, he looked to be Asian, and in his late teens. "What hospital is this? Where am I?"

"We're inside Tokyo Medical University," he replied. His eyes portrayed much concern as he was looking back at her. There was no mistaking the slight Asian accent as he spoke to her in clear English. "I saw you unconscious on the ground outside the window, at my school."

Marianne's inner alarm bells were ringing loudly.

"H-Hold on. Tokyo? As in Tokyo, Japan?" Clearly from the way he was dressed and of course his age, this person had to be a Japanese student from someplace, in which wearing a school uniform was required. He wore this light brown, lightweight coat over a buttoned up white shirt. His red tie was the kind he'd have to tie into a knot himself, not a clip-on.

Holy shit, I'm in JAPAN?!

To confirm this shocking revelation, she swore she could hear more distant voices coming from outside the room, Japanese voices. She could recognize the way the language was spoken (and sang) mostly from what she recognized while watching anime or crazy Japanese game shows, as well as listening to some J-Rock and J-Pop...

Soon, she recognized the Japanese student staring at her a bit strangely and also looked to be confused, but there were traces of worry in his eyes and voice. "Yeah. We're both in Jap—"

She jolted upright in a panic, causing the young man to abruptly stop in mid-sentence, startled. "Owww, fffffuck," she hissed as a new fresh blast of pain began to spread out within her cranium. It was as if someone had rammed her into something as hard and solid as a cement block.

"You shouldn't be making any sudden movement, or putting stress to your injury," he said as he helped her lay back down, slowly. "Listen. You're hurt very bad, so you need to take it easy."

Marianne could clearly tell he was very fluent in speaking English, but there was no mistaking the light Japanese accent there. She suddenly felt eternally grateful of him being able to speak her country's language, but only for a fleeting moment as she gaped at him. "I was knocked out unconsci...?" The shock of him saying that, mixed in with more head pain, surfaced as she was incapable of finishing the question. Her frantic brain was busy, struggling to figure out why she was in Japan, and not where she ought to be—at work back in northeastern U.S.

Her freaking out was starting to freak him out a little, it seemed. "What's wrong? You don't remember what happened?"

"N-No I don't." She felt the adrenaline and panic well up in her throat as she choked the next word out. "Shit." She was already shoving a hand into a front pocket of her jeans to reach for her phone. That same word came out a bit more tersely as she retrieved it. "Shit..."

Before her eyes, the guy was concerned about her, and struggling a bit in his calm composure. "Please calm down. Just who are you about to call?"

"I'm not supposed to freaking be in Japan," she told him. Ow, ow, ow—no, no more raising my voice. Head hurts badly enough! "How'd the hell did I end up all the way across the far east? I was standing on the street corner near where I live, in Maryland, USA. This isn't right. Not right at all... What time is it? Shit, I'd better call my dad."

How am I in Japan?! What's going on?!

Her heart was pounding and racing as she found herself unable to recall anything. Most of the rest of the nerves were revving on overdrive over the shock of—hello, being in another country, far, far away from home in Southern Maryland!

What the fuck is happening? This is so, so scary. This feels real, and not a dream. Too freakin' bizarre of a dream. Why does my head hurt so much...?

She could see the dude standing there staring at her, his eyes opening wider than normal. If she wasn't freaking out so much and wincing in pain every now and then, she would've been feeling bad for causing him to worry so much.

Her supposed savior (he did say he saw her knocked out) was now trying to reach her at a firmer approach. "Okay, ma'am? You really should calm down. Take a moment or two to breathe, before you end up hurting yourself worse."

As he said this, her eyes had welled up. Before she realized it, tears had started to pour down her face. She followed his advice and tried breathing deeply in, then out.

His voice went softer after he sat back down in the chair beside her bed. "I understand that you're really frightened-but I can assure you that everything will be fine, and you'll be back with your dad hopefully soon. Because mine is a chief police officer. With his help, maybe we could figure all this out."

It took a moment of taking in a shaky breath and letting it out, she let him know she registered all of what he just said. "Okay." Much to Marianne's dismay, her voice came out more quieter than she wanted it to.

He's a very nice person, to be helping me like this... Yeah, getting help from the police sounds good.

He nodded to her, encouraging. He looked so determined to help her. "It may take some time, but eventually your memory will come back."

Marianne wanted so badly to believe him that everything was going to be fine. She wanted to trust him. I have no choice at this point. It hurts too much to move around a lot, and I know I don't have any money to fly myself back to Maryland... Damn, this is messed up!

Do you remember what your name is? Mine is Light Yagami."

Marianne's previous well intended thoughts immediately flew the coup as that was said. She could feel her eyes widening, as she knew how familiar that very name sounded to her. The pain she felt was suddenly somewhat distant as she remembered where she heard that name.

She looked at the young man, taking in his appearance more carefully. The way his hair seemed to be a little long and brushed over, and his uniform looking so much like how he was dressed on the front cover of the first of an entire manga series she has, back home. His skin seemed to have that tan...of someone who had frequently went out doors to keep up appearances to maintain a "social status", no doubt about that.

She could feel all of the creepy-crawly chills that were on the rise along her spine as she was laying in that bed very, very still.

Oh my god...

There has been a manga series called Death Note that mentioned Shinigami and a rather mad genius of a young man whose name was Light Yagami. He took on the alias the people of Japan came up with, Kira (a word taken from the English word killer) and used every sneaky, deceiving, and dirty trick he had against the Japanese police, FBI, and very smart detectives to play God in a grand attempt of things to kill off criminals all over the world...

And he just said his father is a police chief—HOLY SHIT THAT REALLY IS LIGHT ISN'T IT?! Certainly LOOKS LIKE IT. What the fuck is going ON?!

Now she wasn't so sure to believe if Light truly cared about her. "What is it? You can't remember your name either?"

Suddenly, everything became much more scarier than before. How, just HOW, did she end up in the world of Death Note?!

Just then, a woman wearing a white coat came walking in. "Ah, you're awake now. That is good news." She walked in and stopped beside Light Yagami, smiling. Her long dark hair was tied back in a long ponytail as her pretty face expressed gentle concern.

Her own Japanese accent came out a bit thicker, but spoke English just as fluently as Light, who moved to stand in front of her.

Marianne was soon finding herself trying to hold in at least most of that fresh new layer of fear as she looked between them. If I scream, I'll only hurt worse. Shit, what do I DO? Head hurts so much. I won't get far if I run.

Light spoke to the doctor very calmly and seriously. "Dr. Suki, approach this patient gently—because she's very scared and doesn't seem to be really sure what's happened to her. She might not remember who she is either... I'm going to call my father about this."

Marianne was finding herself at a loss for words as she could see that Light, the very guy she knew was seriously messed up and ambitiously wanted to force a paradise without crime—it seemed like he genuinely cared about her well being. Did he really?

Where in the manga or anime is this? Is it... Wait. Could this taking place BEFORE he found the Death Note, or do the Yotsuba guys have one, and Light has lost his memories of the Death Note after telling Ryuk leaves to bury the one Misa had? Or is he pretending to be nice?

Where was that Death Note anyway, whichever of at least two he had been using? She was very sure about him using that many, because she remembered very well reading about him manipulating people, and killing people involving that murder notebook! In which is real! Light, the Death Note, L, Mello, Near, Ryuk, Misa, Rem—it's all REAL!

Before Marianne could estimate further as to where in the books she was, she saw Light sit back in the chair, calmly speaking to her. "It's all right. Dr. Suki's a nice person, and just wants to know how you're doing."

"That's true. I'd like to ask you some questions, if that's okay," the doctor said.

She could hardly look at this Dr. Suki. Mostly, she had her eyes glued to Light, who was sitting there like a real person. This was so surreal. This was-this was all too much for her mind to absorb and understand. She had some doubts on what Light said about the doctor. Who really knew? She could've been a Kira worshipper! It took every single ounce of what self control she had not to scream, or attempt to make a run for it. Because that would've just cause her head to throb and ache more, and she knew she wouldn't succeed on escaping. I can't die here. No way... Certainly not by Death Note.

Fuck. Does he even know that I know he's Kira?! That's got to be why he's here. I know in my canvas bag is volume 8 of the manga. He SAW it, didn't he?! But that doesn't explain why I'm in this reality with him.

Marianne looked at Light, yet she couldn't get herself to say anything. Even if she tried to tell him to, say, go away, the words wouldn't come. There wasn't a way for her to know for sure whether or not he truly cared about her well being, or what was going to happen, for if he was going to use her for something, he certainly wasn't going to say anything now. She was having difficulty wrapping her head around everything that was happening as she felt more tears coming down her face. Yet she held on and tried to cage in her panic as she silently went over what she knew. She had to think of something, a way to not die.

I was outside near Light's school somewhere, he said. Which one? To-Oh University, or Daikoku Academy? He doesn't know who I am, at least. As long as I don't tell him my real name, I'm safe. ...Unless he intends to bring Misa over. Damn it! This is bad, very bad. I want out of here, but I don't how far I'll get without Kira catching up to me.

Light started to lean forward as the Dr. Suki stood next to him to say, "I promise you are safe here. There's nothing to be scared about. We're here to know how we can help you."

To be sure he wasn't going to do anything, Marianne looked at him in the eyes. Was that real concern coming from him? She didn't know, for she knew he was capable of blindsiding just about anybody without them suspecting. Unless it was someone like L, Near, or Mello-he would manipulate, backstab or double-cross, then get away with it.

There was no danger she could see-nothing that would have her thinking she Light was going to harm her. He just seemed like he was trying to help her relax. "You know you can't leave unless she knows how you're feeling. Before you call your dad, please just hear her out."

Dr. Suki was trying to do the same. "Yes. Please try to relax, miss... If you can, could you tell me your name?"

Might as well give him my just first name—or perhaps part of it. I don't know where Misa is, but it probably won't be long before Light finds out I'm trying to hide my name... Where's the Death Note? Where's the second Kira? "...Mari. That's my name."

Just after that, she allowed herself to relax a little. Still matter how calm he seemed, her paranoia of him overall wasn't going to leave. Sorry, but I can only trust you as far as I can fucking throw you, and that's not far at all. I'm not an idiot, Light!

Marianne almost glared with loathing at Light, but didn't. Instead, she glanced to Dr. Suki as she came close and spoke softly. "I only have a few more questions I'd like to ask you, Mari-san. This won't take long. Only a minute. Maybe two."

As much as I can't trust him, it might be a good idea to make sure I'll be okay... It couldn't hurt. She was certain Light wouldn't use the Death Note here, not in front of herself, or the doctor. No, he always wrote names into the notebook when no one was watching.

I think L is still alive. For some reason, I have that hunch, Marianne thought as she looked from Light back to Dr. Suki. "All right, let's do it." The words she was able to get out sounded more along the lines of how her voice usually sounded. For the first time in what felt like several minutes to her, she had pulled herself together.

Light again looked so serious. "I'll call Dad," he said, looking from the doctor back to Marianne as he stood up straight. Was he going to leave the room to call Soichiro Yagami, or do something behind her back that was dangerous? There had to be some reason as to why Light had remained until she woke up. She wasn't going to let him get away.

At the same time, she realized how paranoid she was feeling. In knowing who Light exactly was, given how corrupted he was and how wrong his sense of justice was, she knew she was at the right to feel that way.

I think I maybe am involved in the Kira case somehow, a part of whatever it is he's doing, to gain the upper hand...or he could not have memories of the Death Note and is truly worried. Either way, I need to find some control in this mess.

She willingly reached out to wrap a hand around one of Light's wrists, even though it wasn't something she ever wanted to do. Yet she knew she had to do it if she wanted to make it through this alive. "D-Don't leave. Please?"

Light nodded and once more took his seat back by her hospital bed. "Of course." He held onto her hand, hesitantly. He seemed a bit uncomfortable, but in knowing how much of an expert deceiver he was, it was like she could read his mind right now. 'I'll do this, making her think I know that this is the right thing to do...' Right.

Again, it was hard to know whether he was being genuinely kind to her or working playing the charm, thinking that Marianne was an easy game piece to manipulate, the sexist. He thinks all women are gullible and stupid—but I'm not... Maybe keeping him from leaving is what he wants. He's waiting for Dr. Suki to leave, right? By then he'll threaten me all he wants. If he tries, I'll FIGHT him if I have to! If I have to...

In the middle of feeling uncomfortable and scared, she began to feel some anger coming into that mixture of the tornado storm of emotions. She also believed she had no choice but to have him stay close by. It was either that—or to die by heart attack, or worse.

I'd better keep an eye on him for now. I can't know for sure what he's doing or thinking unless I know where that damn Death Note is.

I don't believe I'll be able to reach either my mom or dad, because I'm in the freaking manga world of Death Note. Even if I called the police, Light would...!