Okay, just to note, this is a spin off to another story I was doing called 'Loophole.' You don't have to read that to understand this one, though. I explain the background info. Also, the OC I'm using is one I've used before... and she means a lot to me. She was the first character I ever created on this site. But this is a different story from the one she was in first.

But she is still uh... who she is. Let's just say that my character has some secrets. So don't be upset when the truth comes out.

Loki sat across from this woman, this Erica. She was staring at him intently, not with fear or distain... but interest. The blonde was unafraid of him... as she had said. Erica had found Loki sitting on a lonely bench this frigid December night, where he was bitterly contemplating his life. He'd lost his chosen bride... before she could even BECOME his bride, and was alone once again. Nothing ever seemed to go right for the unfortunate prince of Asgard.

While Thor bathed in the glory of his fathers' adoration, his friends admiration, and his Jane's LOVE... Loki sat alone in the cold and dark... where he belonged. Now here he was, the fates seeing kindly upon him for the first time. This beautiful woman had come to see him at his lowest, frozen tears stuck to his numb face. And she'd offered to take him out of the cold, not knowing who he was of course.

But when he did tell her some twenty minutes later... he saw no reason to lie, Loki was too depressed to care... Erica's reaction surprised him. She just accepted it. Not only that, but she still wanted to be in his company. Now here they were, sitting in a coffee shop on Christmas Eve.

Erica brushed her long bangs from her dirty turquoise eyes, and took a sip of her peppermint 'latte.'

"So, if you don't mind, tell me what the hell has got you so down."

"It is a long and very depressing story. Now is not the time to talk."

"Fair enough. Why are you on Earth?"

"... It's part of that long and depressing story."

"Okay... then how have things been since New York? Did you get off on parole or some shit like that?"

"Not exactly." Loki replied.

"Care to elaborate?" Erica asked, crossing her legs.

"Not really."

She sat back and sighed. "Well then that just about rules out any topic involving you, now doesn't it?"

"Exactly." Loki shot her a small yet depressed smile.

"Well fuck man! What the hell are we supposed to talk about?"

Loki chuckled. "... You?"

"What about me?"

"Why were you walking about in the cold? Should you not be with your family?"

"I could ask you the same thing, you know." She pointed out.

"You make a good point. Maybe if you explain a little then I might return the favor."

Erica raised an eyebrow. Loki just kept his mischievous little smile. She contemplated this. Hmm... could she really trust him? Well NO, obviously, but still. He was obviously hurt, far more than Erica had seen in other people. Loki could lie about many things... it was his freaking title! But Erica was no idiot, she knew how to spot a lie. Plus, if anyone could spot the difference between crocodile tears and real emotional torment, it was Erica.

Besides, why the hell not? She was having coffee with the man who tried to destroy the world... caution obviously had been thrown into the wind a long time ago.

"Alright, you really want to know?"


She sighed. "Let's just say I'm not on good terms with the family right now. They're all the way down in Louisiana, and I sure as fuck don't want them visiting."

Loki nodded. "Why are you not on 'good terms'?"

"... Reasons." She mumbled.

"Such as?"

"Nu-uh. Your turn. Why aren't you in Asgard right now?"

Loki rolled his eyes. "Alright. Well of course I'm not on the best of terms with my family either. My 'brother' is out flaunting his engagement to a mortal he's fallen in love with, and no doubt enjoying this holiday season with her and my 'parents'. As usual I'm left to be a mere witness to all this happiness while experiencing none of my own."

His voice became rather dark towards the end.

Erica nodded. "Mmm... yeah, that sucks. But you gotta admit... you kinda had it coming."

"If you've known the suffering I've had to live with, you would not say such things."

"Fair enough."

Loki chuckled. "Now you must explain to me your 'reasons.'"

Erica simply smirked. "I never said I'd explain my reasons to you."

Loki's smile faded from his face. "Well I think I am owed an explanation."

"I don't owe you shit. If anything, you owe me for taking you out of the cold." She said this with no hint of anger, only amusement. "Besides, I don't think you're telling me the full story."

He had no response to that. Because in all honesty, the mortal was right. She was a quick witted woman, Loki would give her that. Beautiful too. Qualities he was surprised to find in a Midgardian.

"Well... that is what I do. Besides, I don't trust you enough to share such details."

"Likewise, Loki."

The trickster was liking this. He was liking this a lot. Here was somebody to engage in a decent conversation with. And the fact that she was so utterly indifferent to his identity made Erica all the more intriguing.

"I am glad we understand one another. Perhaps we could do this again in the near future?" Loki offered.

Erica thought. Hmm... it could be very interesting. Speaking with a god of her heritage, possibly learning about the places she'd heard of as a child. Yes, Erica was of Norse descent. She was half-Swedish, for gods sake! Not to mention a direct descendant of the Viking Erik the Red. And besides, how many people does Loki warm up enough to actually offer such a thing?

"Sure. I guess I'll see you... when exactly?"

"Soon, Erica."

"Soon. Got it. Anyway I've got to go, my dog is probably howling for me at my apartment."

"You have a pet?"


"Hmm. Yes, I assume I should be leaving as well. My brother is probably howling for me at home as well."

Erica laughed. "Good luck with Thor."

"Thank you, I shall need it."

And with that, the two departed. Erica walked silently down the snowy streets, just thinking to herself: Well this has been one of the more interesting things that's happened to me in my life so far. Let's see how much weirder things get.

Loki returned to his chambers, with Thor waiting by the door.

"Where have you been, brother? I've been worried!"

"Where I've been is of no matter to you, Thor. All that does matter is that I have kept my promise and returned... AND I haven't killed anybody."

Loki walked quite indifferently passed his brother, cold and distant as usual.

"Brother, please talk to me." Thor pleaded.

He sounded rather upset. Loki thought. Should he tell the big oaf where he'd been? The lovely woman he'd met? Just to ease his mind... shut him up for a bit at least. The answer to that was an obvious NO. And allow Thor to take that too? Not this time. Loki was not going to let his brother ruin his opportunity for something that could bring him happiness.

So instead of giving him a straight answer, Loki simply smiled and said:

"I've been clearing my head and enjoying the lovely sights the realm has to offer. And I think I shall enjoy them more often. Goodnight brother, go and attend to your Jane. She's probably more worried about you than you are about me at the moment."

Thor knew when Loki was not going to speak with him. He sighed, defeated, and headed to Jane's room. Whatever he was up to, Thor could only hope that it wasn't getting Loki into trouble.