First off I am not abandoning Naruto: the uzumaki's return this just wouldn't get out of my head.

Secondly I don't own harry potter dragon age; origins, or Naruto.

Finally I have no idea how long it'll go between updates as 1 I don't own a computer, and 2 I'm making these up as I go along even though I do have a clear idea where I'm going with them.

Harry had just gotten back from his first year of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. He had been having the time of his life until he got back to his aunt and uncles house. The first thing that had happened was his uncle backhanding him into a wall. The second thing had been his uncle locking his trunk and most of his magical stuff into the cupboard under the stairs. Then he bellowed that harry should go to his room and not stick his head out for the rest of the night.

Needless to say harry bolted away from his abusive family member. He did as he was told and hid in his room for the rest of the night. He lay down on his bed in his to large clothes and clutched his pillow to his chest. He truly didn't know why he had expected them to change but he had hoped beyond all hope that they would be just a little nicer to him. Fat chance it seemed. Oh well at least he had had the sense to stuff his wand into his shoe before stepping off the train. He cried himself to sleep that night wondering why his life had to be this way.

Harry woke to the sound of Hedwig rapping on his window. He climbed slowly out of bed and let her in. his face hurt, and he could see she was concerned by the large bruise on his face.

"Its ok girl I'm used to it." He said with a downcast expression. Hedwig hooted from her perch on Dudley's old computer. Harry looked it for what seemed an age before actually seeing it. It had been left in here when he moved in last year due to lack of space in the cupboard. There was a small stack of games beside the monitor on the desk. Harry quickly sat down at the desk and looked through the stack of games. He decided on a game called Dragon Age: origins. He popped the disk into the tray and started it up.

He watched longingly as the screen booted up. When the start up and character selections came up harry began to wish more than anything to be in this world. All the intense emotion fueled a spell like no other as this was in fact a boy like no other. The spell manifested a portal that quickly transported harry and Hedwig out of the room in a maelstrom of colour.

Vernon Dursley woke up to hear what sounded like a tornado swirling through his nephew's room. He bolted out of bed screaming obscenities at said nephew and ran to the room. However whatever it was he expected to find, it most certainly wasn't the room completely destroyed and harry missing. He stood staring dumbly before roaring in bestial rage. But it was too late the boy was well beyond his grasp. At least for the moment and when he returned he would be completely out of his uncle's league.

Harry woke up beside a large forest. Hedwig was perched on a fallen tree beside him taking in the surrounding area. They where between the woods and a small lake. There were ruins scattered about partially in partially out of the lake and there were sounds of fighting all around the area. He was so fixated on the surrounding area that he never noticed the shadow creeping up on him.

"What have we here?" a sultry feminine voice asked directly behind him. Harry spun around to see the very picture of feminine perfection looking at him. She had a simple purple garment to cover her breast, and not much else over her torso, and a black skirt decorated with feathers, bones and pretty rocks. She had a leather sleeve running the length of her left arm, and wore a pair of well broken in knee high leather boots. Her short pixie cut hair was as black as his own and he noticed her eyes were the same shade of green.

However what prompted Harry's major panic attack was he had seen this woman before. She was on the cover of the game he had just started. He quickly realized that he had been transported to an entirely different word. He then just as quickly past out.