A black limo pulls up to the Set of Fushigi Yugi. A familiar woman steps out and laughs. "MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Chiri?! I came back!!" the monk instantly teleported to her side, and they shared a heated kiss. The mage was looking *drop-dead frickin GORGEOUS!!!!* in tight leather pants and a close-fitting black biker top. He was wearing sunglasses that just screamed *don't touch me*!! (umm... -_-; I can't write at the moment because the author is drooling over the mental image..... A subconscious can only function in the physical world when it's body is working, and right now mine isn't!.......................... *Elapsed time is approximately twenty-three minutes*) The couple breaks off the kiss, "I'm sorry about earlier Chiri. But I had to go back to work, you know how it is! And Lina can be such a pain in the ass sometimes..."

"I heard that! FIREBALL!!!!" Chichiri put up a shield and the attack fizzled out harmlessly. Lina looked shocked, "I've never met anyone who could do that....."

"MUWAHAHAHAHA! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! Lina you need to get a boyfriend!"

"I *had* one! But *you* scared him away! Remember?!"

"Oh. You mean Gourry? He was nothing! MUWAHAHAHAHA! You can find better Lina! Now if you'll excuse us, we have a date." They got into the limo and sped away to enjoy the evening..... and the night........ and the morning..... = P (*winks*) O.o


(Thank Suzaku!)

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