Chapter 1: A Lonely Boy

A young boy opened his eyes. He saw blackness. He tried opening his eyes again, feeling them blink. That was when he realized his eyes were already open.

He turned his head around.

He continued to see black space.

He stood up on black ground and turned his body.

He continued to see black space.

Now panicking, he firmly shut his eyes, and reopened them.

He continued to see black space.

He finally looked at himself. He saw his feet, legs, hands, arms, and the rest. It calmed his mind a little, but then he discovered another shocking realization.

He was in a world of pure darkness.

There was only dark. No human, no animal, no unnatural being. No ground, grass or water. There was no light.

He walked, but then began to run. His steps made no sound. He called out a name, but there was still no sound.

The boy slowed after he knew no response would reply to him. He fell to his knees and hands. He stared at the bottomless space. He became scared, all alone in the darkness.


The boy lifted his head. He had heard a word familiar to him. He searched for the source. In front of his eyes was a tiny gleam of light. He could see it growing very slowly.


The boy heard the word again. As if instinct, he began to run towards the little light. With each step, the light became closer and closer. The boy reached out with his hand. The light then became a grand illumination. His whole body became enveloped with warmth, and soon the boy saw nothing again.

"Find your true past..."