Chap. 1: "Runaway."

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"Miss Cherry you have three minutes until show time" a man said knocking on the door.

"All right John" a girl answered staring at her self in the mirror, she sighed getting up. "I'm not a girl any more," she whispered looking away from the mirror, she hated the site of herself.for there was nothing but her career. She breathed in deeply before she opened the door and walked out not hearing the 'good lucks' and 'Your wonderful' they said because she know it's their job to say it.

"Put a smile on your face, your too beautiful not to smile my dear" her manager said handing her the headset. Cherry smiled as she put it on making sure to cover the mic before she talked.

"I have nothing to smile about but just because you asked I'll do it for you and my millions of fans" Cherry whispered giving the man a tight hug.

"Child don't hug like your never going to see me again I'll be right here waiting for you when this show is over. It's a good thing it's the last one for this tour I know the girls are watching with their children"

"I'm sure" Cherry said before walking on the dark stage where her dancers were all ready waiting for her, doing their last minute stretches 'This is it' she thought looking at the abyss of people 'then I'm to what mother claims is home' she thought distastefully.

The crowd cheered wildly hearing the band play with the instruments.

"Cherry! Cherry!" they cheered clapping their hands.

"Hello Thailand." Cherry yelled making the cheers triple " it me or is it hot up in here" she continued making then crowd roar. "Charlie hit it," she yelled making the drummer start. "Guess what its GONNA get hotter up in here. cause I'm gonna teach ya'll how to SHOUT" she screamed when the stage was engulfed in multi-colored lights and fire, her long hair was up in a ponytail the ends dyed with pink and black. She had on a pink sports bra with a white leather shirt that had holes in it over and tight short pink tights under long white leather pants that had large holes in it showing lots of skin.

"Okay, okay." she giggled walking forward. "Listen up girls this is how to dump your cheating boyfriends." she yelled when the band started to play. "Same dam time every hurt or two.something can happen to put me in the mood.keep it inside till I turn dark blue. trash everything I ever gave to you" she sang dancing. "Wrote it on the front of your Lexus coupe.didn't want to leave you with a lame excuse." she continued making the crowd cheer wildly.

'From as long as I can remember I've been a performer. At a very young age my mother saw my gift of song and she put it to use. There wasn't anything I no t in from the age of two.

I did cereal commercials where I sang .


"Tasty and nutritious" a little girl sang sitting at a table; she giggled before eating the cereal.

'At that age I loved being praised by people and having my mothers love. But as I grew older I noticed that I didn't have a life regular kids should have. Mother always said I was too busy to go and play because I had singing lessons. And I couldn't go to regular school because that kids would pollute my head with silly ideas. At age twelve I was part of a girl group named Elementals with two girls named Daidouji Tomoyo and Li Mei Lin who became my best friends and sisters. They understood what it was like to be some one like me but their mothers allowed them to go to regular school I remember begging my mother '

"Please Kaa-san let me go to regular high school at least for my senior year" I begged

"NO its out of the question, thank god the group is breaking up," she stated ignoring my tears.

"We aren't breaking up, Tomoyo and Mei Lin are just going off to college. Can't I at least go to the same college as them?"

"NO you will have tutors like you had all your life. I got an offer for your solo career take this time off to rest," She stated not even looking at me.

"This song is for all those troubled but mostly for those who like to boss people around" Cherry said sitting on a stool "Dear lie you suck you said you could fix anything.instead I'm fucked, you make things even worst for me.if I have I guts I'd tell you get the hell from.'

'That summer was the last time I saw Tomoyo and Mei Lin for a long time to come as my mother launched my solo career. They have families now.they have husbands and children while I'm where I always was from a child.having nothing. I'm twenty-one and have never been kissed or had a relationship.I've never even been on my own.scary isn't it'

Everyone in the crowd watched as Cherry moved with her dancers in a sequence of expert moves, their bodies brushing close. She moved with the beat of the drums walking towards the crowd making her make dancers fall out of the way "Ohhhh.hmmm like I want" she pulled one close to her and sang "Like I want it.Ooooh I. I. I. I .I .I .I wannnnt it." they cheered wildly when one twirled her around making her fall on the ground in the splits. "Like I. I. I. I. I.." fades out. "I never asked for much.I just want some good, good loving. more out of tender touch I could see the need for rushing. take it slow, slow down move to the rhythm that is in my mind" they seductively moved there hands from their chest down to their legs. "Take it slow you know now.not too fast we can last for the longest time give it, give to.give me to me like I want it"

"What ever happened to your cousin Mei Lin?" Tomoyo asked not taking her eyes off the TV.

"He had to work tonight, its one of those nights" Mei Lin answered taking a sip of her drink.

"He's a bad liar this trip will be good for him" Tomoyo said sadly. "He has really bad taste in woman, poor Lin," she added remembering the divorce that happened five years ago, Mei Lin nodded silently.

"Hey look she's doing one of our moves, it's the signal she's moving" Mei Lin exclaimed happily waking up her son much to her husbands dismay. Her husband gave her an annoyed look as he got up with the child.

"She needs this break" Tomoyo sighed watching the ending of the concert 'Poor Sakura' she thought sadly.

"Give it.give it to me like I want it." Sakura sang slowly ending the song with a bang as the stage flashed brightly. "Thank you Thailand you're the best, I'll miss ya.Good bye" Cherry shouted saluting them before all went black. She quickly made her way off the stage smiling at the cheering crowd. Would they really miss her she thought going straight to her dressing room to change.

"Cherry your mother called she said she'll be waiting for you at the Airport tomorrow" her manager said looking over everything all the schedules they had to keep. "Your limo is waiting for you"

"Thank you but tell them to go on with out me I have a car, I want to drive" she answered in the changing room.

"Okay I'll see you in the morning, I'll call and check up on you" He said leaving her

"Good bye" Sakura called as she finished dressing. She looked at her self in the mirror, she had on a black wig and a dress with flats on. "This will have to do" she sighed putting on her reading glasses. "My name is Daidouji Ying Fa from Tomoeda Japan, it's a good thing no one knows my real name" she said grabbing her purse.

Two hours later.

"Your lucky Miss Ying Fa your flight leaves in ten minutes, their boarding now good luck and have a safe flight" the attendant said giving Sakura her tickets.

"Thank you" Sakura said picking up her carry on, she smiled before walking off in a hurry to reach her flight. If she had stayed a little longer she would have heard the news of pop star Cherry's car accident.

On a bridge.

"There is no way anyone survived that," a police said sadly looking at the wreckage. "Two bottle of liquor was found in the front with the driver. "The persons in the back wasn't able to get out, there is no way we can identify them," he added looking at the grizzly sight.

"It's a shame kids were a big fan of hers they went to the concert and loved it" another said watching the fire fighters try to put the fire out. "They'll be devastated when they hear this news"

Eleven a clock news.

"It has been confirmed that Pop super star Cherry of Tokyo Japan was killed tonight in a tragic car accident our prayers goes out to her family. I know that she will be missed by all" a news broadcaster said sadly as flashes of her concert was showed followed by footage from the wreckage.

China.the next day.

"Oh god no" Tomoyo cried in Mei Lin's arms. Mei Lin had just come over to tell her the news about the accident. "This isn't suppose to happen"

"I know, she was suppose to come and live with us here" Mei Lin whispered not able to keep her tears back.

"I. at least she's in a better place anyway from her witch of a mother" Tomoyo said coldly cursing the woman who rubbed Sakura of her life.

"She was the baby out of the two of us. She just didn't have the heart to leave the woman" Mei Lin said wiping her tears away.

"Mommy you have a visitor" Tomoyo's daughter said tugging at her mothers dress hem. "She's in the receiving room"

"Oh not now sweetie, tell Ann to send the lady away" Tomoyo whispered bending down to her daughter.

"Oh soo now you don't want to see me," the voice said in the door making both ladies jump. When they looked at the figure at the door they screamed. "Okay that was not the response I wanted," she added laughing at their shocked faces.

"Oh god Sakura we thought you were dead" Tomoyo wailed hugging her friend tightly.

"Don't you ever do that to us again" Mei Lin chided joining the groups hug.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't hear about my death until I landed this morning. I was so excited that I forgot to call you guys but I'm also feeling for the families" Sakura stated sadly.

"You're the first person I've meet who is glad at her death" Mei Lin said jokingly looking Sakura over closely. "God you still look like a child, what happened to your long hair?" she asked looking at Sakura's hair that was now in her mid back.

"Don't you guys like it? I had to cut it because it couldn't fit under my wig" Sakura confessed smiling.

"Oh no you needed a change and this one is less daring then your performance last night" Tomoyo stated making Sakura laugh. "Besides Mei Lin shouldn't talk look at her chopped hair," she added looking at Mei Lin's hair (It's the same length as Sakura's in the anime)

"Like you said I needed a change also plus it's a lot easier I plan to let it grow back," Mei Lin stated running her hand through it. "So about your performance, that should have been edited," she joked.

"I wanted to go out with a bang before I disappeared but I didn't want a bang like the horrible one I got. Thank god I made out my will and put enough money away until get back on my feet" Sakura explained as they headed to the kitchen. "Oh your children are so adorable" she added looking at little girl and baby boy.

"We know.Tommy is around here somewhere," Mei Lin said looking around for her older son. "You'll meet him when we head out to the ranch tomorrow for a rested vacation"

"Really when did you guys buy a farm?" Sakura asked biting into a toast the maid made for her. Tomoyo told the helper to have to butler get Sakura's bags.

"We didn't, Mei Lin's cousin owns it and many more large estates, it's a very large one at that with horses and everything. He should be meeting us up there" Tomoyo explained to Sakura who was playing with the baby.

"How come I've never heard of this cousin?" Sakura asked looking up. "We practically know each others family like it was our own"

"Oh I've told you about him.remember the one I told you about the one who married that woman I know only wanted him for his money. And the picture of that cute guy winning the marital arts championship?" Mei Lin said Sakura nodded remembering. "Well we're finally able to get them to agree on a vacation. So what kind of job are you going to get?"

"I sent in my resumes to a public school close to here, to teach grade twelve. I've always wanted to be a teacher and I've always wanted to go to high school so this will be my chance" Sakura answered shocking both girls.

"Sakura how are you going to teach high school students when your but a child your self. Those kids in grade twelve are only two or three years younger then you" Tomoyo stated in amuse tone looking at her friend. "And you still look like a child especially wearing those glasses"

"I can see it now Super Pop Star Cherry turns High school teacher" Mei Lin joked making them laugh. "SO what subject you teaching? Music?"

"Music and English I've always loved those two subjects. I think I'll be a good teacher," Sakura answered smiling.

"That's for sure none of the guys will ever miss your classes" Mei Lin replied making them laugh.

"Not funny" Sakura said though laughter.

"Oh but it will be. we'll help you buy the right suits you can't wear too much pink or bright colors. We'll do all that after vacation and then we have to find you an apartment you can stay with us as long as you want" Tomoyo said smiling working out everything in her head this was going to be the best ever.

"Thanks, I'll have a lot of time to find a place and get my stuff together since as school doesn't start for another month" Sakura looking out the window into the large back yard filled with children play things and gardens. 'I wish I had something like this' she thought looking at her friends through the mirrors as they played with their children. "This is a really beautiful house Tomoyo, I guess being married to a lawyer is a good thing"

"Thanks but I could care less if Eriol was a lawyer that wouldn't change the fact that I love him" Tomoyo replied. "Besides Mei Lin's house is bigger then mine you know how she loves big everything" she added making them laugh.

"I wish I know what love is the only love I've felt is the love of my fans" Sakura stated laughing but her voice was pained.

"Sakura you'll find love now that you want to start a new life. And you'll start by having high school boys drooling over you" Mei Lin stated whole-heartedly. "So enlighten us what did you do with all your money except for the sum that you have with you, which we hope is enough for you live on for the rest of your life since as you worked for it"

"Well I have enough to live on for the rest of my life as you put it. By now mother should be with the lawyers going over my will, which she just by the found out I have" Sakura answered mischievously making them laugh.

"What I would do to see her face" Tomoyo giggled sitting at the counter.

"Me too well anyways this is how I divided my money.

Mother and lawyers.

"I don't believe my daughter put up a will why would she?" Mrs. Kamisaka exclaimed pacing around the room.

"We don't know ma'am but she did here's her signature" the lawyer said showing all the was present that was her manager, her mother, and a few charity personals.

"I don't care just get on with it. I've got to go to the police station they have something to tell me" she snapped sitting down.

"Very well as you all know Miss Cherry had a very well an incredible amount of money. She has divided it personally first to her manger and workers from her concerts including dancers and band member ECT. She has given a sum of 200, 000 dollars"

"Oh that will divide wonderfully between all the members god bless her soul" her manager said graciously.

"No each gets that sum it's not divided" the lawyer corrected making them gasp in shock. "Now that leaves a lot more money half of what is left is divided and goes to all the charities she has chosen which is in the millions. And finally out of what is left goes towards my pay thus leaving you Mrs. Kamisaka with only two million dollars, the houses and the cars" he concluded.

"You can't be serious give me the paper" she ordered looking over all the sums. "I should have had more there is a large sum missing from her account" she hissed throwing the paper at him.

"No she drew that sum her self no one knows what came of it. And what I've given you is what she told me to see it's written here in ink. If you will all some to my desk I will give you your checks" he sighed turning his gaze from the woman. 'I'm glad she's not in your clutches anymore' he thought but wished she didn't have to die that way.


"Oh god Sakura I still believe that you gave her too much I mean she has your house, and cars and all your stuff" Tomoyo breathed taking in all Sakura had just told them.

"I won't be needing any of that stuff any more, besides all my belongings will be put in storage by my lawyer until whenever I want to go for them. We are the only ones who know the combination and all my money will be gone before she is told that I didn't really die. I'll go down in history as a mystery.

Next morning.

"Is everything ready?" Eriol asked looking at his good friend Sekigawa Renzo.

"Yeah everything but the girls, they aren't back yet" Renzo answered.

"They had to buy our new guest some proper clothes for this trip. Is your brother Hitoshi joining us?"

"Yeah he said he's gonna meet us there but he won't be as late as Xiao Lang. Here they come" Renzo said looking at the car pull up. Sakura and the girls got out with her new appropriate clothing, which included sundresses, sandals, jeans and all the other stuff.

"It's about time you three got here" Eriol said walking to them with the bags.

"Yeah I didn't know I would need a whole new wardrobe for this trip thank god it's only for two weeks. I'm gonna love it here there's so many shops and things to see" Sakura exclaimed making Eriol chuckle.

"Calm down Ying Fa since as you plan to live here you'll have a lot of time" Eriol commented putting the bags in the back. where suitcase was with all their stuff.

"I know and I can't wait" Sakura said giggling like she was on crack. Renzo couldn't help but laugh.

"Now I know why you three are best friends all of you are crazy" Renzo stated getting a playful smack from Mei Lin.

"That's why you love me," Mei Lin said giving him a kiss before she got in.

"Naturally" Renzo commented getting in the front with Eriol who was driving.

"Well its good for me to know the two best lawyers in Hong Kong even if Eriol is in corporate lawyer" Sakura stated driving the door closed. She was in the back seat sitting with Tommy and Maria.

"Indeed. This should be a most relaxing week," Eriol said turning the radio on.

"And this is the all day marathon in honor of pop super star Cherry who died in a tragic car wreckage last night in Thailand. God bless her soul," the Dj stated making Sakura and the girls gulp nervously. "And here is here latest release 'I swear'"

"Can we change the radio station?" Sakura asked not wanting to hear the love song, Eriol nodded doing so.

"My brother should be arriving there around the same time as me. He's three years older then you Sakura I think you'll like him both of you are in the party stage unlike us" Renzo stated looking back then. 'I doubt I'll like him' she thought but didn't voice it, Mei Lin and Tomoyo already told her about him and how he was full of himself.

"What do you mean you guys are only 27 well except Xiao Lang who's 28 but still and Tomoyo and I are only twenty-three" Mei Lin objected then she looked at Sakura and added. "You should see him on the dance floor when we go home we have to go to a club" Sakura laughed at how she looked saying it.

"I take your word for it" Sakura giggled playing with Maria.


"So Xiao Lang are we on for tonight? I know that you're taking a couple of days off" a blonde haired, crystal blued eyed woman asked leaning over his desk. He looked up at her beautiful face and smirked knowing she wasn't going to like what he had to say.

"No can do Gwen and I'm taking two weeks off" Syaoran answered looking at his desk that was piled with work.

"Your taking two weeks off and you won't have time for me in all that?" she asked in a hurt tone moving closer to him. "Why can't we go away to a little island and make our own fun? Or at least make me come with you" she added kissing him on the lips. Syaoran smiled in the kiss at how she was trying to change his mind, he would but know that she and Mei Lin didn't get along.

"Sorry Gwen but this is a family thing put together by Mei Lin, it's just a small group of us. If I brought you along then it wouldn't be a vacation because the both of you would be at each others necks" Syaoran explained breaking the kiss.

"I should have known I hope she isn't trying to push any of her friends on you again. She must try and get it through her head that your." she trailed off when Syaoran raised a brow at her, she knew he didn't like to be labeled. "I mean we've been together for so long when is she going to accept me?"

"Never Mei Lin doesn't change her mind for nothing or no one it runs in the family" Syaoran stated getting up.

"The same way you have decided never to marry again?" she asked but Syaoran didn't answer her. She knew he wouldn't answer her he never did and that was one thing she hated about him.

"You can't come and that's it I didn't want to go but two of my business associates are going to be there so I can get some business done. It's only going to be Tomoyo, her husband and kids, Mei Lin, her husband, his brother and kids and one of them is Tomoyo's sister who is moving here"

"I bet" Gwen spat sitting in the chair in front of Syaoran's desk.

"Yes but Renzo's brother is going to be there besides this girl just turned twenty-one she's still a child. Your twenty five stop acting like one," Syaoran bit out opening his briefcase. "We can go out for dinner but right after that I have to leave"

"Great when I'm through with you, you won't want to leave" Gwen chirped confidently, he only shook his head and sighed.

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