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Christmas One-Shot

3rd POV

Dylan opened the door to Merritt and Henley who smiled at him. He invited them in, and Henley said, "Hey Dylan." She hugged him and then Merritt and Dylan shook hands. Henley noticed the lack of laughing sounds and said, "Where's Ellie and Jack?"

Dylan chuckled and said, "Living room. She's trying to put the star on the tree."

Henley immediately left to head to the living room, as Merritt stayed with Dylan to talk. The first thing she saw when she walked into the living room, was Ellie on Jack's shoulders. Henley's mouth dropped and said, "What are you two doing!? You die, Ellie!"

The recently married woman, who was on her husband's shoulders, scoffed, and said, "Please, I'm on Jack. He wouldn't let anything hurt me."

"Right," Jack said as Ellie managed to get the star on top of the very tall Christmas tree. Alma came out of the kitchen as Jack dumped Ellie onto the couch, who laughed loudly. Jack smiled and sat next to his wife, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. Dylan and Merritt walked into the room, followed by Daniel. None of them had noticed the doorbell ring.

Ellie had her legs under her, wrapped up in one of her large cardigans, and one of Jack's old t-shirts as she snuggled into his chest as she was lost in the, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" cartoon on TV. Unknowing to them both, Alma had taken a picture of the scene.

As Alma handed Ellie the hot chocolate she wanted, Henley looked at the two, noticing how different they acted around each other. They seemed to be the same, cute couple they were three years earlier, but Ellie was more mature now- sort of- and she complimented Jack's attitude and personality more. They fit better than they did before.

Henley's thoughts were cut off, though, as Dylan and Alma ushered the Five Horseman into the dining room. Dylan and Alma got both ends of the table, as Ellie sat next to Dylan, Jack on her other side, and Merritt next to him. Henley and Daniel sat across from them.

The dinner went by smoothly, with laughs and storytelling from Jack and Ellie, who had just gotten back from their year-and-a-half honeymoon that was a present from Dylan that took them a trip around the world. He gave it to them, as an apology to Ellie for not being around much.

After they finished eating, they headed back into the living room, and Ellie and Jack sat back where they were before, and Ellie curled into Jack a bit more than before, which everyone but Jack, was confused to as why. None of them asked, though, as it was present time.

They all got gifts from each other, laughing, and smiling- having fun together, but it wasn't until Jack got a present from Ellie, that Ellie looked to be getting very nervous about. It was small, and rectangular. As Jack opened the box, Ellie had many negative thoughts running through her head. Thankfully, no one had stopped talking to watch the interaction between the married couple, as they were all too busy in their own conversations, or unwrapping presents.

Jack was confused as he looked at the white stick in the box, but it took Henley only a minute to realize what it was, when she looked over at the two. She looked at Ellie with wide eyes who smiled shyly at the woman. Henley didn't hug or congratulate the other woman yet, though, as Jack was still trying to figure out what it was.

After a second of looking at, and reading what it said, he looked up at Ellie in shock. She was smiling at him softly and he said, "You're…" Ellie nodded, slowly, and Jack grinned and kissed his wife passionately.

Henley couldn't help the 'aww' that came out, at the couple. Once again, her thoughts were cut off as Dylan said, "Ellie, are you pregnant?"

Ellie turned to her Dad and nodded with a smile. Jack tilted his head and said, "How did you know?"

"One, the test is in your lap, and I know what one looks like, two, this," Dylan explained, and turned the shirt around in his hands that read, "Best Grandpa Ever."

Ellie smiled and said, "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

Dylan simply rolled his eyes, as Jack smiled and kissed Ellie on the head, holding her close to him.

AN: I wanted to make a Christmas chapter, to also tell you all, one- MERRY CHRISTMAS and two- I might be doing a sequel. I haven't decided yet, and I am still working on some other fanfictions, but I think there might be one. :)

I hope you enjoyed, and Merry Christmas :)