*October 28th, 2013*

"Look pal, Are ya gonna order something?" asked the barkeep, looking down at the hood figure in annoyance.

"Just givth me 'nother lime sprithzer, heavy on the syrup this time…" the figure responded in a gruff tone, his eyes not leaving the counter.

"Look, maybe I should give you tha bottle and put some seltzer in there for ya? Does that sound nice?"

The figure then glared at the man, its eyes piercing him to the very core. The barkeep took a step back once he realized that he might have gone a bit too far in this little jab but to his surprise, the man under the hood began to smile.

At least it LOOKED like a smile. By the way its teeth were jutting out, one would be unable to tell if it were a smile or a sneer that came before the final, life-severing bite.

"I-I'll get ya another glass. No charge on any of the drinks!" the barkeep said, running off.

The figure placed an arm on the table; it had been too long. He was sure they would both be at the bar HOURS ago but as time ticked away, he saw no one, at least no one matching the description that he was informed of.

"I knew I shouldn't have trusthed those wanth adths!" the man cursed to himself, his claws tightening.

The barkeep placed the drink in front of the figure, quickly walking away.

"Oh wellth, even if I DON'T find 'em, at least the drink were free tonight…." Said the character, rolling his eyes and preparing to take a drink.

His lips were nearly to glass when suddenly…



He turned his head, seeing several characters flee from the area but being new in the game, he had not a clue was to what was going on. Perhaps the big-bad main was showing up and everyone was afraid of him.

No, it wasn't like that at all.

An uncomfortable silence befell the bar as the soft tapping of footsteps approached.

"Ya hungry?" said a soft, gentle voice.

NO response.

"Hmm, good. I heard this place has the BEST grub n' town!"

The doors of the bar flew open, revealing a….

A woman?

Who was she?

The figure craned his neck a bit as to get a better look, seeing that the woman was not alone but followed by someone, or SOMETHING, else.

The creature was enormous; a massive collection of dark blue fur and scraggly looking legs but despite its mass, its movements were fluid, almost as if it were hiding the fact that it was actually HOVERING above the ground rather the walking. The woman looked around, a smirk on her face.

Even she looked out of place; her design didn't fit in with the game. IN fact it didn't fit in with ANY game.

There was just something off about the way she looked and moved; as if she were programmed not for a game but for something else entirely.

She turned, tickling her massive creature under its chin.

"Aww, don't worry. It won't take that long! We just have to have a talk an' then we can get some dinner, okay Boo?"

The creature seemed to purr but it didn't react like an animal but in a much more human like response. It then lumbered over to the corner, sitting away from the counter but close enough to keep an eye on everything that was going on.

All FIVE of its eyes.

The figure quickly turned, trying to pretend that it hadn't noticed the two come in or the fact that the female of the two was now approaching the bar.


"Yes, ma'am?"

"Gimme a Rose Petal Warmer, extra hard."

"Sure thing sweetie."

"Rose Petal Warmer?" the figure said "I haven't heard that since-!"

"'87? Heh, yeah. It's a classic but it's one of my favorites."

The drink was set before the woman and she took a sip, "So, what did you want from us?"

"Excuth me?" the figure said, a chill going down its spine.

"We didn't come all this way for nothin' ya know. You called, we came. Now all I need to know is WHY you called…."

It couldn't have been.

But it was.

These were the two that the figure had been searching for! To say the least, he was a little perplexed. He didn't expect his guest to look the way that they did.

He was expecting something more…more….

Primal? Monstrous?

"Bug got your tongue?" the woman said, taking another sip of her drink.

"Thorry….it's justh that I don't want anyone ta know what…what I have planths for."

"You want some silence do ya?" the woman smiled, putting her drink down. She then turned towards the bar keep.


"Er, yes?"

"Is there a nice, hidden place me an' my bubbies can go so we can have us a widdle chat?" the woman cooed, her big eyes fluttering.

"S-sorry ma'am, this place ain't that big so…"

"Oh but surly, you have somethin'? Like a closet, one that's close to your code vault?"

The barkeep jumped back, shocked that she would bring up something like that.

"W-what are you talkin' about?! WHO ARE YA?!"

Before the keep could say anything else, the woman sneered, her eyes shrinking down as her hands moved back. She then lunged forward, stabbing the character in his side. He gave a muffled cry but soon his code began to disintegrate before her, being absorbed into her claws.

"Hmmm, not a bad snack….I had better though."

The figure looked in awe, stunned at the woman's brashness to even dare trying something like that in public.

"The vault is back here…" she said, moving towards the back.

She then turned, glaring at the figure on the stool.


The figure then jumped from his seat, following the woman and her companion to the back of the bar.

"So, lemme get this straight….You want US to take care of some people?" the woman asked, looking rather unimpressed.

"YEEESTH!" hissed the figure, his grin growing "I heard ya two could do some pretty good clean sweeps so that's why I went out lookin' for ya!"

"Well, ya know my h-My PARTNER and I. We try to keep a low profile as best we can but, huh, I guess you can't help being talked about when you've done so much!"

"Indeed….but I ask ya THIS." The figure asked "What would ya say ta takin' down an entire ARCADE?"

The woman and her creature looked at each other for a moment and a second later, the woman began to laugh.

"H-hold up! You want us to take down an ENTIRE arcade?"

"Isth that too much of a challenge?" the figure asked.

"Nooooooooooooooooot reeeeeeeeeeeeeally…." The woman said, stretching a bit "I mean, ol Tor an I have taken down a great deal of games in our life time. Maybe they would equal up to an entire arcade but…."


"But I don't think we've ever taken down a game in ONE DAY."

The figure rubbed its hands together "It doesn't havth to be one day! If ya can just get the lot of them unplugged, ith al fine with me!"

"Goodness, sweety! Ya seem ta have some plans cookin' in that head of yours!" the woman laughed cheekily, poking the figure on its exposed forehead.

"Trusth me….I do havth planths….An' I want them taken care of!"

The woman snorted a laugh as she crossed her arms, "I like your style. Cold, calculating….how come I've never heard of ya before?"

"I-I'm not whath you would call a thetoned profethional as yourthelf."

"Pro?" the woman said in an almost bored tone "I wouldn't call ourselves PROS….Even THOUGH we HAVE been on the job since '96 an' taken out more than 100 games on our own, ahem!"


"Don't like ta brag….but there was an arcade in San Fran? Hero's Duty? Didn't even stand a chance!"

The figure's eyes widened once he heard that name.

"H-Hero's DUTY?"

"I take it you're not a fan?" the woman asked, her eye brow arching.

"Not at ALL….."

The woman snickered as she reached into her bag, tossing a name badge towards the figure.

"Heh, then ya should be happy ta know that THIS is all that remains of that game…"

The figure picked up the badge.

Sgt. T. Calhoun.

Seeing this only made the figure even more excited, an evil cackle escaping its throat.

"Miss, this is going to be a wonderful relationthip!"

"Sorry shorty, already in one. Let's just call this a short-term partnership!"

"Fine and you WILL be rewarded once the job is done!"

"Heh, babe? Watching games crumble IS our reward!" the figure said.



The two looked at each other for a moment; looks like they had been spotted.

"Darn it! Justh what we need now!"

"Hold on a second…" the woman said, holding the figure back "I got this covered."

The woman then exited the hall, reentering the bar and seeing several in-game characters rounded up at the counter as they looked at the tangled remains of the code of the barkeep.

"Goodness, is something wrong?"

The first character, a rather large guy, looked down at the woman. At first he didn't suspect anything but she was acting much too cool, too calm and he knew something was up.

"W-Wait! Who are you?!"

"Oh, not even a HI? We're movin' awfully QUICK aren't we?"

The man moved forward, grabbing the woman by the collar and lifting her off the ground.

"I'm gonna try this again. WHO. ARE. YOU?!"

The woman brushed a hair from her eyes, not backing down a bit.

"Dear, even if I told you, that wouldn't matter."

The man looked in shock for a second but without warning, a great wave of pain shot through him. He let out a scream as he dropped the woman, only to look down to see what appeared to be her HAND going right through him, but instead of fingers, there were only oddly shaped digits, sharp as blades. The woman gave a horrid sneer, clicking her tongue.

"Bad call."

She then yanked her digits out before lifting the man up with her left foot, kicking him into the air and chomping down on his side once he came down.

"WHOA!" the figure said from behind the corner "I-I gueeth you're usthed to THAT?!" he said to the creature who was still with him.

The other character screamed, horrified at what she had seen but the beast of a woman turned, her eyes becoming more animal like as she set her sights on the others. She dropped the man on the ground and with a snarl, she slashed her way through the other characters, going through them one after another. The figure could only look in utter awe at what he was seeing but he couldn't turn away either.


Before long, the entire group was cut down, their code swirling as it had been corrupted in the process and in the midst of it all stood the woman, fluffing up her curly hair as she looked around.

"Ah, and I did it all without breaking too much of a sweat!"

"Y-You really are thumthing elth, aren't you?" said the figure as he slinked from the corner.

The woman turned her neck rather quickly, giving him a smile that was not unlike that of a madman after his kill.

"You already know what we are! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!?"

"So what's nexth?"

"What's NEXTH?" the woman said in a teasing tone, picking over the remains for anything she thought looked good "We go on to that arcade or yours, that's what!"

The figure nodded; he knew he was taking a risk but with these two helping it, he was sure that it would all pay off in the end. The figure then lowered it hood before the two, standing tall and towering over the woman.

"So….THAT'S who you are…." She replied, looking non-too concerned at the matter.

"Yeth…." The figure said bowing and taking the woman's hand before kissing it "Don't let tha new add-ons scare you my dear. They are no more dangerous than YOU are."

"Which is to say, they ARE dangerous…."

"Hmm, ya got me there…."

Just at that moment, the creature pounced on the larger figure, holding him to the ground and snarling at him.

"WHOA! WHOA! TOR! ITS OKAY!" said the woman, pulling the large creature off the other man "Ya know there is NO WAY I would do that to ya! He was just bein' polite!"

"Indeed!" the figure said, brushing off the dirt from his arms "And I HOPE that ANIMAL of yours is kepth-!"

"I TOLD YOU." Said the woman, her features turning a bit into something just as monstrous as the creature she stood in front of "HE is NOT an ANIMAL. HE is NOT my PET. HIS name is TOR and you will address him as such or this deal is OFF, got it?!"

The figure crossed his arms, snorting. "Alright, alright. My mithtake….But now we gotta get outta here before the entire game is afther us!"

The woman threw back her head and laughed "Do you REALLY expect me ta just run like I'm some sort of common game-jumper?! I already knew what I was gonna do with this place the moment I stepped in!"

"And….that is?"

The woman took the figure by his clawed hands, pulling him back into the hall and going to the code vault.

"Don't ya need a pass-?!"

"For this game? HAH! All I need is THIS!"

And with that, the woman slammed her fist onto the vault door, the metal starting to corrode as her powers began to leech through it.

"Now, to have some FUN."

There was a large boom from inside the bar, followed by a mighty tremor that shook everyone in the game.

Characters were screaming, running for their lives but even as they attempted to escape, their code began to corrupt and freeze. The entire structure of the game began to fall in on itself, the entire program crashing!

Outside the game, the two kids who were playing had no idea what there in for. Just as the first kid was about to move his character, the screen began to show static and then…

"What is THAT?!"

An unknown symbol flashed on the screen just as the entire game shut down.

"H-Hey, WHAT?!" the second kid cried, shaking the cabinet back and forth.

"Aw, don't tell me it's BUSTED!"

Inside the arcade station, other characters could only look in horror as the game succumbed to the virus attack, any attempts of reaching in for a rescue futile.

"Oh my goodness!"

"H-how could it just crash like that?!"

Unbeknownst to the onlookers, a bright flash appeared near a back wall, a clawed hand cutting through what seemed to be nothing and jumping out.

"See, it's easier than ya think!" said the woman, followed by the creature known as Tor and the other unknown figure.

"Th-! That was rather tha rush!" the figure said as it tried to stand steady on its feet.

"Just imagine that happenin' ta ALL tha game in this arcade of yours! It'll be tha best show you'll ever see!"

The three headed for the nearest wall outlet towards the black cords.

"So how far is this place again?"

"Its quith the trip so we might be travelin' for a while!"

"Don't worry, Tor an' I LOVE travelin'!"

The three then dove into the depths of the cord, moving a lot faster than what the figure had expected.

"Tho….I didn't get your name back there…"

The woman looked back, that devious grin once again appearing on her face.

"Mal. The name is Mal."