This is goes to Adam Torres, his Friends and Family. Miss you Adam Torres already. This is a journey of Adam Torres will live on in my 'adamtorresrules88's stories' anyway.

Chapter 1: Live on Adam Torres

The silent always "live on for Adam Torres" is in the hospital. He is suffering from injuring his stomach, right wrist, left foot, face, right hand, right knee, ribs, back and left ankle from his car accident. His best friend "Eli Goldsworthy" just graduated from Degrassi along with Bianca, Fiona, Jake, Mo, Katie and Marisol also too. Eli was at "NYU" and but he return to "Toronto" to take care of Adam's other best friend "Clare Edwards." Who is "battling with cancer" right now. Later that night: Adam comes home from the hospital and "Drew sets up the television for Adam." Adam wants to watch is his "Die Hard" movie anyway. Drew is now getting a glass of "ice water" for Adam with a straw into "Adam's ice water' anyway. "Little bro, it is have you back home already." Drew said. "Big bro, thank you for that okay." Adam said. Adam Torres has to use "a wheelchair" to get around home and school also too. Evenly "Drew" got held back in his Senior year at "Degrassi" and he is still engaged to "Bianca DeSousa." Adam's life it was so wonderful before his "car accident" anyway. Adam wants to be still together "Becky Baker" right now. Becky is a "Christan" like her brother, Clare and Clare's family. Adam's stepdad "Omar Torres" is a 'full-time Lawyer' anyway. That's anyway "Drew's real dad." Adam's real mom "Audra Torres" is a 'full-time stay home mom." That's anyway "Drew's stepmom."

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