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Chapter 1: Kurama's Jutsu…Did What Now?

A full moon hung high in the sky as Konoha went up in flames, or what remained of it. The village was in utter chaos as every attempt to douse the fire didn't work. Civilians were evacuated with all due haste and the shinobi frantically tried to save their home.

"Sarutobi, take Itachi and Hitomi," Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, Rokudaime Hokage, barked as his wife, Hinata, passed off the two terrified children to the jōnin. "Your job is to keep those two safe, understood?"

"Hai!" Konohamaru saluted, along with his team members Inuzuka Hanabi, Sarutobi Moegi and Arai Udon. Hanabi took her niece Hitomi as the girl clung to her aunt, whimpering slightly. Moegi held Uchiha Itachi, whose wide green eyes were only thing showing his terror. The four shinobi departed with the three-year-olds, leaving Naruto, Hinata, and Uchiha Sasuke atop the Hokage Monument.

"Hawk, go give support to the teams at the gates," the Hokage continued and Sasuke vanished without a word. "Hinata-" He was silenced as the kunoichi pulled him into a kiss that was brief but conveyed all the love she held for him.

"I will go assist Sakura-san at the hospital," she murmured.

"Stay safe," he whispered back before she too left and he was alone.

Someone must be an idiot to attack your village with you in charge. Kurama rumbled inside his jinchūriki's mind. You could level any village in a second.

They're probably banking on the hope that I won't do that to my own village to stop them. Naruto scowled. And unfortunately, they're right.

Well, then let's get down there and kick their asses. the Nine-Tails roared, eager to start killing.

"With pleasure," Naruto murmured. No further prompting was needed as he jumped down into the village, headed straight for where the fighting was the thickest. With skillful ease he dispatched a large majority of the strongest attackers, leaving the others for the rest of his forces to finish off. The blonde then went deeper into the village, seeking out the one who had started this madness.

On your tail, kit.

The Rokudaime whirled around, knocking the two shinobi behind him out of the air. They crashed into a building, bringing it down on top of them in the process. Naruto sparred a thought hoping that there hadn't been anyone inside but he quickly refocused on where he was headed. The headset he had on was constantly buzzing as he flipped through channels, trying to determine where he was needed most.

Out of the corner of his eye, Naruto caught sight of Konohamaru and Udon viciously fighting with Hanabi and Moegi standing guard over Hitomi and Itachi. He pivoted, making to start toward them when from behind erupted a huge fire. His mouth opened in a wordless yell as the flames rapidly engulfed the jōnin and children in one fell swoop.

Don't just stand there, Naruto, do something! Kurama shouted as his jinchūriki remained rooted in the same spot.

"HITOMI!" the Hokage screamed, falling to his knees while the fire spread, dancing around him.

Damn it all, kit! We'll die if you don't move! NARUTO!

Nothing the Nine-Tails said reached the man who had entered a state of shock. He stared lifelessly at where his daughter had been mere seconds ago, unable to comprehend what had just happened. From deep inside him his chakra swelled, drawn out by his blind rage that was growing rapidly. With a snarl, Kurama fought to control it, intent on using it for a jutsu that just the tailed beasts knew of for times of desperate emergencies only instead of allowing it to destroy the village like he knew it would if he let it continue. Just before he gained stability, he locked away Naruto's true memories of the previous few seconds, if only so he was thinking rationally, and gave him a new one. That accomplished, he moved Naruto's hands through the seals and released the jutsu

Fūin: Pathway to the Heavens!

Chakra exploded from the two of them, rocketing skyward and outward as it washed over the whole village. For Naruto and Kurama it felt as if their very blood was burning before abruptly blacking out.

The first thing that Kurama felt as the jutsu finished was complete and utter pain. He howled his agony to the heavens, momentarily cursing the stupid Namikaze brat for making him care. Then he felt a tug as his body was transported away and suddenly slammed to the ground, startling him to the present. He realized that he was bound by none other that Uzumaki Kushina's chakra and he could see the kunoichi along with Namikaze Minato a little ways away from him, a baby in the man's arms.

Naruto! Kurama roared, throwing his consciousness out to the boy. The two parents stiffened as his chakra rushed over them but the Nine-Tails paid them no mind. He felt relief wash through him as his mind connected with his jinchūriki's and let Naruto briefly take control of his body. There was a popping sound and then the boy's older body was sprawled on the ground.

"I fucking hate space-time jutsu, dattebayo," the man groaned, rolling over and dry heaving. "Stupid fox, couldn't you've mentioned this?"

Not my fault. the Nine-Tails huffed crossly. I've never done that before so how was I to know what the backlash would be? Still, shouldn't you be focusing on your mother?

"Right, Mom dying, gotta save her, on it," Naruto grunted, getting to his feet and staggering over to where Kushina and Minato were still kneeling, identical looks of shock on their faces. "Pull your chakra back in, you're killing yourself," he instructed, dropping to his knees in front of his mother.

"Who are you?" Kushina whispered fearfully.

"Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, Konoha's number one hyperactive, knucklehead, unpredictable ninja who has just managed to successfully turn back time!" Naruto replied gleefully.

With help, I might add. Kurama grumbled.

"With help, now shut up and help me heal her," the shinobi growled. "It's your fault her chakra coils are so messed up and I suck at healing even a stupid paper cut,"

That's because your control is shitty.

"And whose fault is that?"

Don't go blaming me for all your problems, kit. While I admit I gave you plenty, not all of them were caused by me.

"Yeah, yeah, get on with the healing, fox,"

"What are you doing to my wife?"

"Holy shit, I forgot you were there, 'ttebayo!" Naruto yelped, giving his father a wide-eyed look.

Focus! Kurama snapped. Kushina's condition isn't stable yet!

"Shit!" Naruto snarled, a low growl rumbling in his chest.

Almost…THERE! the Nine-Tails roared victoriously as he reconnected all of Kushina's coils and gave it an extra jumpstart with his own chakra.

"Ha!" Naruto cried happily at the same time before promptly falling over backwards. "Again, I fucking hate space-time jutsu. I feel like you played Whack-a-Naruto with me, ttebayo,"

Now there's an idea.

"Ah, shaddap," the man groaned. He went rigid at the sound of a baby crying.

Well there you are. Kurama mused as his host sat up.

"That's so weird," he whispered, looking awed at the blonde baby in his father's arms.

Give me control, kit, I gotta give you half of my chakra.

"They aren't as scared of me, fox, so I'll do it," the blonde muttered. "Err, uh, could I see the baby for a second?"

"Explain what you did to my wife," Minato demanded, glaring at him while cradling the baby close to his chest.

"Um, rearranged her chakra coils? I mean, they were shitty as hell thanks to that Uchiha yanking Kyūbi outta her like that and it'd be kinda stupid of me to come back and just like my mom die, 'ttebayo," Here he grinned cheekily and Minato started at the familiarity of Kushina's smile on his face. "Besides, I'm the Rokudaime! It's in the job description to help Konoha shinobi,"

Quit with the sappiness of it all and just get it over with. Kurama groaned.

"Right, could I see baby me?" Naruto asked, holding out his arms. Almost mechanically Minato placed his child into the man's arms. "So weird," he murmured, looking down at the bundle that was him.

Show time, kit. the Nine-Tails rumbled as Naruto placed the baby down in the grass.

"Sorry, but you can ground me for this later," he smiled before the Henge dropped, revealing a smaller Nine-Tails but the beast nonetheless. All nine tails swirled behind him as he gazed at the little Naruto before him. He leaned forward and touched his nose to the boy's forehead, sending half of his chakra into the child along with a portion of his consciousness. The baby let out a happy squeal and reached up pudgy arms toward the fox.

Hello Naruto. Kurama said, wrapping his tails around his host.

Okay, why am I still in your head? an older voice demanded.

Your body isn't ready for your older conscious to inhabit it. Until then, you'll stay with me.

Yippee. Naruto grunted.

Don't worry, kit, it's just for a bit. Once my chakra settles inside of you then it'll be ready.

Fine, can I have control for a bit longer? I'm gonna have to do a bit of explaining.

As an answer, he shifted back into Naruto's older form.

"Ack, hate that," Naruto grumbled, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. Baby him blew a raspberry, still waving his arms. "Jeez, not even fazed," he chuckled.

Minato had been in a daze of sorts from the second where the Nine-Tails had shifted into a man. Not only a man, but one who reminded him scarily of himself. His attire was very similar to his, but the base of the haori was a deep burnt orange, the flames were black and lined not only the bottom but the rim of the sleeves, his shirt was black as well although he wore no flank jacket, his pants were the color of sand and there were no wrapping above his black sandals, and the kanji down the back of haori said Rokudaime instead of Yondaime in black. The man had then proceeded to do something to his wife and newborn son. It wasn't until his baby was back in his arms that Minato truly could focus on what was going on around him. Kushina had instantly snatched Naruto away from him, fussing over the child with vigor, leaving him to deal with their new guest.

"Where's the Kyūbi?" he finally insisted.

"Um, partially sealed into him," the man said, pointing to little Naruto. "If all of Kyūbi were sealed inside him, I think his chakra coils would overload, baby or not, 'ttebayo. As it stands, when he's about um, fifteen? Yeah, about fifteen, he'll get all of the fox,"

"You sealed the Kyūbi inside my son?!"

"You were gonna do the same and leave him alone," the man said flatly, causing Minato to flinch. "You were planning on using the Shiki Fūjin, sealing away half of Kyūbi's chakra in the Shinigami's stomach and the other half inside your kid. Then leave an imprint of your chakra and your wife's chakra inside the seal incase something ever happened and you could help,"

"How do you even know that?" Minato whispered hoarsely, ignoring Kushina's startled gasp.

"Because you did it to me," the shinobi said dryly. "I didn't even know who my parents were until I was sixteen and Konoha was razed to the ground. Kinda lost my head, went berserk and went eight-tails on the moron. Then whatdaya know, the Yondaime appears in front of me and claims I'm his son," Here he snorted. "I punched the guy in the stomach, bawling my eyes out of all things, and basically gave him a shitty as hell talking down. Needless to say, it was not my finest moment,"


"I'm your son from a future that will never happen again. Uzumaki Naruto," he said wryly with a halfhearted smile. "Konoha was falling and so Kyūbi decided to turn back time. He went back a bit further than expected. Oh, like you knew what the hell you were doing!" Naruto snapped. "No, just because you're the Nine-Tails doesn't mean-! WILL YOU SHUT UP?!" Silence hung over the clearing for a moment before he started talking again. "Stupid fox, now we're both going to have headaches,"


The sound of Kakashi's frantic voice nearly made Minato jump out of his skin as his only remaining student came barreling into the clearing, obviously panicking about something. At the sight of both Kushina and him sitting there unharmed, Kakashi fell to his knees, sobbing with relief. Minato made to approach him when Naruto rose to his feet and barked out, "Hatake, attention!" Almost instantly Kakashi was standing.

"Reporting," he replied before blinking owlishly. "Naruto?"

"Well that's odd," Naruto muttered. "Dog, the last thing you remember,"

"Konoha falling before a surge of chakra that felt like the fox's," Kakashi stated. "Naruto, what exactly happened?"

"Kyūbi turned back time, all the way to when I was born," Naruto shrugged.

"So they're not hallucinations?" Kakashi whispered hoarsely.

"No, sensei, they're not," Naruto said softly. "They're real and every bit alive,"

"Oh kami," the white-haired shinobi choked out, fresh tears rolling down his cheeks as he ducked his head.

"Kakashi, what's wrong?" Minato asked, concerned for his student.

"You and Mom died originally," Naruto explained solemnly. "He lost everything that night. I didn't help matters because I was your spitting image and you know how Kakashi likes to drown himself in his guilt,"

"Do not," Kakashi mumbled halfheartedly.

"Oh please, Hatake, I could give you a three hour report on when you visited the memorial stone in the past two months and how long each visit was," Naruto snorted. "Just hug the man and get it over with,"

Minato was knocked flat on his back as Kakashi did just that, burying his face in the man's chest. A bit dazed, the blonde managed to right himself while keeping a firm arm wrapped around his student's shoulders, which he could feel shaking. He exchanged an uneasy look with Kushina who had their baby cradled safely in her arms. This was not how either of them had planned for the night to go.

"Huh, didn't think he'd actually do that," Naruto muttered, an eyebrow raised.

"Shut up Naruto," Kakashi grumbled.

"Yeah, yeah, give me a minute. Kyūbi's trying to come up with a reason why you remember too," the blonde time-traveler commented, waving a hand through the air. "No, that can't be right…Well there is tha-Oh come off it! You're the one who did that stupid ass jutsu in the first-! Argh!"

"Is that…normal?" Minato hesitantly asked his student.

"Those two argue all the time," Kakashi minutely shrugged. "Half the time Naruto forgets he can talk mentally with Kyūbi,"

"Wait, those two talk to each other, 'ttebane?" Kushina demanded, making the white-haired shinobi jump slightly.

"Y-Yes, they do. As they put it, they're partners," Kakashi explained, staring a little wide-eyed at the kunoichi. "No one knows exactly what happened but during the Fourth Shinobi War, those two made peace with each other and have been working together ever since,"

"About that, Hatake, don't mention anymore," Naruto instructed, bringing all eyes back onto him. "First we need to determine who else remembers and make a plan from that. I don't want any of the details leaking out until we have a handle on the situation, is that clear?"

"But what about-?"

"Not a word," Naruto said flatly and Kakashi shut his mouth. "We'll have a meeting tomorrow with everyone who does remember the twenty-three years and I swear to kami that if you're late and you say you got lost on the road of life I'll let Kyūbi use you as a chew toy,"

"Duly noted," Kakashi paled slightly.

It was then that other shinobi began making their entrances and among them was Sarutobi Hiruzen. Both Kakashi and Naruto inhaled sharply as the Sandaime made a beeline for Minato.

"The Kyūbi, where is it?" Hiruzen demanded. Minato opened his mouth to reply but Naruto beat him to it.

"Sealed away,"

"And you are?"

"That, Jiji, is a very long story," Naruto said with a sad smile.

"Hiruzen, he's my son," Minato stated, causing nearly every shinobi present to stare. "I made him into Kyūbi's jinchūriki and apparently the two managed to turn back time,"

"Way to be subtle," Naruto grumbled. "I was gonna explain better tomorrow,"

"Hiruzen deserves to know the truth, Naruto,"

"Ha, I really should've just Rasenshurikened that bastard's ass," the blonde snorted, making Kakashi pale.

"Naruto, the Rasenshuriken would've flattened the entire village," he protested.

"What's the damn point of upgrading the Rasengan if I can't use it?"

"Because it's huge!"

"Kyūbi agrees with me,"

"Kyūbi enjoys anything that big and destructive,"

"True, so very true. Still say I should've used it,"

"Naruto, you're the Hokage! You can't just go destroying your own village!"

"Fine, fine,"

"So, who exactly are we checking out first?"

"We aren't doing anything. If you insist on doing something, you can take my mom home and make sure she and mini me are safe,"

"'Mini me'?"

"Baby me, Kakashi, keep up. You're supposed to be the genius here,"

"Wait, but I thought-"

"I'm borrowing Kyūbi's body right now, Hatake. Did you honestly think that a day old baby could Henge?" Naruto inquired dryly.

"Ah, right, forgot about that,"

Naruto merely rolled his eyes while smirking.

"Now then, who do we need to visit?" the blonde mused. "There's the Hyūgas, I know for a fact that teme will probably use that idiotic Sharingan of his on his family if I leave him alone for too long, then Sakura and Ino, oh and Neji'd most likely kill me if I left Tenten and Lee where they are right now, lazy ass Shika, Chōji, Shino, and Kiba. Kami, that's not even considering the senseis!"

"Are you sure you don't want help?" Kakashi prodded.

"I'm their Hokage, Hatake, they'll listen to me,"

"I am a respected jōnin, Naruto,"

"Yeah, yeah, I outrank you,"

"If you want to get technical, currently I outrank you,"

"Shut it, smart aleck, I didn't ask for your opinion,"

"I thought I was supposed to be the genius here,"

"And this is why I hate you, sensei. Too much lip, that's Neji and teme's jobs,"

Everyone had been watching the two bantering back and forth when Minato cleared his throat. They both glanced in his direction before relaxing.

"Naruto, what is it we need to do now?" he asked softly.

"Mom needs to rest. I may have realigned her chakra coils but she can't be stressing them at all for a day or two so they can settle back into place. Kakashi-sensei can take her home and if you must have something to do other than that, Hatake, locate the three other sensei and tell them about the meeting tomorrow,"

"Hai," Kakashi murmured.

"Dad, you and I have to visit all the homes of the shinobi that are in my generation. Quite a few are capable of raising some sort of hell if I leave them alone for too long with no explanation. Anyone else can help with getting the village back under control,"

With a sigh, Minato got to his feet and stretched, his back popping numerous times.

"Alright then. Guess we have a bit of a night ahead of us," The Yondaime made a cross with his fingers and a single Shadow Clone burst into appearance. "Go with Hiruzen and see to the village's safety," He instructed to which the clone nodded. "Boar!"

"Hai!" A masked ANBU dropped down beside Minato.

"Go inform the Uchiha, Hyūga, Inuzuka, Akimichi, Yamanaka, Aburame, and Nara Clans that I will be stopping in at their compounds at some point tonight and to have their children with them. Any irregularities will be semi-explained then. Dismissed,"

"Minato, you actually believe all of this?" Hiruzen asked incredulously.

"He knew exactly what I was planning on doing since everything went south," Minato said sadly with a tired smile. "I hadn't informed anyone about my looking into the Shiki Fūjin, not even Kushina, and he told me all of it. The fact that I wasn't going to survive the sealing and even how I was going to put a bit of both of our chakra into the seal to let us see him later and help,"

"That was so stupid of you, Mina-kun!" Kushina snarled. "What good are you to me or Naruto if you're dead?"

"In his defense, Kyūbi wasn't making the choice any easier and you were gonna die as well, 'ttebayo," Naruto jumped in. "Also, you had mentioned that your only regret was that you weren't gonna be able to see me grow up so he thought that was best way to grant your wish,"

"I did say that," Kushina murmured.

"Yeah, then you told me not to be picky with what I eat, to eat lots and grow strong… make sure that I take a bath everyday and keep myself warm… You also said that I couldn't stay up too late and that I need lots of sleep… You told me to make friends, but that I didn't need a lot – just a few. Ones that I could trust… You were never really good at it, but you wanted me to study and train hard… you told me that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, so I shouldn't get too depressed or frustrated if I couldn't get something right the first time. You said that I should always respect my teachers and seniors too…

"You also told me about the Three Shinobi Prohibitions. First, be careful with my money and save some of the cash that I earn. Second, no alcohol until I'm at least twenty and that I'm not allowed to drink too much of the stuff. And lastly, I shouldn't get myself hooked on bad women and that if possible, I should find someone who was more like you… Then, you warned me to be careful when I'm around Ero-sennin, 'ttebane…" Here Naruto chuckled a bit at using his mom's habitual catchphrase instead of his own.

"You had said that I was going to face a lot of pain and hardships, but I should always be true to myself and stick to my dreams and… and that you wished that you could stay with me longer… and that you love me…And then Dad…he told me to listen to my motor-mouth mother," He finished with a watery smile. "Course, that was after I said that your red hair was pretty and you explained how you and Dad met. That your red hair became your red thread of fate and that you stopped hating it after that incident with Kumo when Dad rescued you… aaaand Kyūbi says I should shut up with the emotional nonsense or he'll shut me up himself,"

"You really remember all of that?" Kakashi whispered.

"It's one of the few memories that I go back to constantly," Naruto sighed. "I mean, that's when I first met Mom, although Kyūbi reminds me all the time that I first thought she was him. He finds it both hilarious and mortifying," He cleared his throat and straightened, making Kakashi do the same. "Hatake, take Mom home. She really needs to rest,"

The white-haired shinobi bowed low to his Hokage before steering Kushina away, the kunoichi surprisingly not protesting. Once the two had left Naruto turned his attention back to his father.

"We should get going. I'd rather Sasuke not unleash his Sharingan on his family and then all the explaining that'll follow that episode,"

"So we're visiting the Uchiha first?"

"Nah, Neji's actually capable of doing some real damage if we don't see him first. I won't put it past him to try and do something that would severely anger the Hyūga Elders and let me tell you, it ain't a pretty sight when he does. Sweet kami that was a ton of paperwork to go through,"