Hello, and welcome to Let Broken Dragons Lie, the alternate story to my previous fic: Yellow Roses. You will notice that the first chapter is exactly the same as Yellow Roses. There will be many scenes and quotes in this fic that are the same as in the other. But the second chapter is when things start to change. And starting on the third chapter it will mostly be following Draco in third person. I do hope that you enjoy this story!

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"Coming, coming."

Hermione mumbled under her breath, covering her ears against the loud, constant ringing of her doorbell. "This better be important for them to be pressing my doorbell so incessantly!" She growled menacingly as she opened the door. Her voice trailed off, however, when she saw the two faces that stood in front of her. Lucius Malfoy was standing tall and proud; his back was rigid and he looked rather unhappy, his usual sneer marred his sharp features. And then there was his wife, Narcissa, bending over the doorbell buzzer and staring at it intently.

"How does this contraption work? It is most peculiar... What sort of charm is it?"

Hermione continued to stare at the two of them, shocked beyond belief. Her hand was poised over her front pocket, ready to pull her wand out at a moment's notice.

"No-" She spoke cautiously, expecting a trap of some sort, "There's no charm on it, it's just a series of gears, chains and chimes..." She could see in the corner of her eye that Lucius had scowled at the muggle terms. But Narcissa seemed quite interested in the button, in fact, she pressed it a few more times experimentally. Cringing at the loud noise Hermione thought she saw something move outside so she peeked around the couple. She saw one of her muggle neighbors staring at the Malfoy's wizard clothing with curiosity. Hermione quickly stepped out of the doorway, "Please, come in... and do hurry." They didn't oppose, (although Lucius did wrinkle his nose as though the room smelled unpleasant.) Nobody said anything for a very long time; finally Hermione coughed and spoke up again, "What do I owe the um pleasure for this visit? I thought that you think yourselves above meeting such people as me." Narcissa had the decency to look ashamed, but Lucius continued to look high and proud.

"I thought so too." He drawled, "But my wife has a request to make." Narcissa looked at him pointedly and turned towards her.

"What he means to say is that we bothhave a request to make of you." She said, looking Hermione right in the eye. "Draco has been somewhat... Upset with us since the war. He is angry with us for what we made him go through; the becoming of a death eater you know. We have been trying to earn his forgiveness for so long b-but he j-just hasn't had the he-heart." Hermione looked around frantically as the older woman began to sob. She glanced up at Lucius but he refused to make eye-contact. Narcissa started to compose herself and started talking again, dabbing her eyes with a lacey handkerchief. "I-I am sorry, this is just such a delicate subject for me to talk about right now."

Hermione nodded awkwardly, "I understand, I suppose, but how does that concern me?" She was feeling uncomfortable hearing such a personal problem from two people she had been considering enemies for such a long time,- and despite how broken Mrs. Malfoy seemed Mr. Malfoy seemed perfectly composed. She knew that he was normally like this but it made her suspicious. - Mrs. Malfoy nodded with understanding,

"Yes, yes of course, I suppose I'm just blithering aren't I? Well then, the reason we need your help is that yesterday we asked Draco what we could do to earn his forgiveness. He told us that he would overlook all that happened the day that he knew more than Hermione Granger!" Narcissa looked so hopeful that Hermione didn't have the heart to say what she was thinking. Mr. Malfoy seemed to have been thinking the same thing she was, however, and did in fact have the heart.

"We realize, that is, at least I realize that he was being sarcastic and really means that he will never forgive us. But my wife is so desperate she is clinging to every bit of hope that she can latch on to." He said rather coldly, ignoring the sharp glare that his 'desperate' wife was giving him. Hermione was beginning to feel nervous,

"I still don't know what you want me to do." She said tentatively.

Lucius smiled cruelly and reached into the front pocket of his robes. "Really now, for the brightest witch of your age I would think you could figure it out! We want you to lose your memories."

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