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Draco really didn't understand why he was going through with this. What was he thinking letting Hermione Granger stay? But, then again, where else was she going to go? Draco didn't exactly think that it would be a good idea to let her out into the public in her condition, lest she let slip at who exactly erased her memory. That would definitely be bad for everyone. Well, everyone important in the situation anyhow; he didn't fancy the idea of going to Azkaban. Draco shivered at the thought of the black, faceless guards that were swarming the prison at that very moment. It was easy to imitate them to scare Potter, but as soon as it came to the actual thing, it became more real. It really is hard to be clever when it feels like every little thing that ever brought you happiness is being drained out of you.
Out of the corner of his eye, Draco watched as Hermione nervously fiddled with the hem of her skirt, then as she jumped violently and reach for her absent wand as a house elf apparated in front of her with a small pop. Draco raised an eyebrow at the action.

"It seems that you still have habits despite your lack of memory." He reached to pick up a cup off of the large silver tray the elf held out. "Would you like some tea?"

Hermione didn't respond but she did pick up her cup, and then she turned to the elf. "Thank you very much!" She said enthusiastically, her face suddenly breaking out into a wide smile that lit up her face. The thing looked surprised for a moment at the appreciation of his service but soon he was smiling ear to ridiculously-large-ear as well. Then he bowed low to the ground and popped away. Draco took a sip of his tea before giving Hermione a bored look.

"You don't have to thank them, it's their job." It did not escape his attention when Hermione's fingers tightened around her teacup and how her neck flushed slightly. Odd, He thought, fingering the delicate mouth of his own cup. He hoped that hers wouldn't shatter under the strain she was putting on it, his mother was quite fond of those cups. Nor did he miss how her voice seemed to waver faintly when she spoke, as if she were trying to keep herself in check.

"That, I'm afraid, does not seem right."

Draco shrugged nonchalantly, "It's how it is."

Hermione slammed her cup onto its saucer so hard that it rattled and tea sloshed over the side. "That doesn't mean it's right! Did you not see his smile when I thanked him? How happy he was?" Merlin Draco thought, that took him by surprise and he knew that his face showed it. He looked at Hermione with wide eyes and watched her face fill with color as she seemed to realize exactly how loud she had been. She clapped her free hand over her mouth. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't... I mean-" Draco closed his eyes and raised up a hand, regaining his composure also.

"I should've known you would have said that. Say nothing more, it's alright." He heard her sigh a breath of relief and felt something in his chest tighten. He couldn't tell whether it was because he enjoyed the fact that he obviously intimidated her or because he disliked the fact. Don't be silly, Draco. You have wanted this moment for so long, you should be revelling in the notion that Hermione Granger is unsettled by you. One part of his brain thought smugly, but another part felt like was just shaking its head at the idea. Draco felt like shaking his own head, it was beginning to get a bit muddled in there; too much was happening at once and he wouldn't be able to take it much longer if it kept up at that rate. "Now, should I tell you about yourself?" He asked, looking for a way to change the subject and keep the conversation from becoming awkward. Why should you care? A thought broke through his concentration, it's just the mudblood, she would be the only one feeling awkward. Malfoy's don't feel awkward in any sort of situation, they are elegant through and through. The thought made him sit up a little straighter. Hermione gave him a confused look.

"I'm going to get my memories back anyways aren't I? Is there really a point in telling me about myself?"

Draco gave her a confused look in return, "Well, I didn't think of it that way actually... But I know I would want to know some things if I were you." Why would she even question my offer? It only makes sense that she would be uncomfortable with the situation. I'm only trying to help here and here she is trying to make me seem like the odd one. He gave an undetectable huff of irritation out of his nose and waited for her response. His mouth turned up at the edge when she gave a nod and a soft:

"I suppose your right, why not? What shall we start with then?"

Oh shit, I don't really... now that he had gotten her to agree he really didn't have any idea of what to talk about.

Now who's the awkward one, oh elegant-heir-of-Malfoy? Part of him snidely said,

Shut up! He thought angrily back. He was starting to wonder if it was unhealthy for him to be arguing with himself so. Realizing that the awkward silence that he had tried so hard to avoid had come to pass while he was acting foolishly in his own head. Draco coughed and decided to start with the obvious basics. Well, obvious to him anyhow.

"Well, for starters, we both went to the same school; which is how we know each other. We were in opposite houses though, well enough; you were never Slytherin material anyhow. You were much to noble for that, always hanging around Potter and the Weasel, practically the mascots of Gryffindor those two. And if you weren't with them you were sure to be in the library." Hermione grinned and gave a nod, as if agreeing that sounded plausible. "You had perfect grades in nearly every subject and people referred to you as the brightest witch of our age. And I tried ever so hard to be better than you." Draco was surprised at how bitter he sounded, and even more so that what he had just said and how he actually meant it. He had refused to truly acknowledge, until now, exactly how hard he had tried to beat Hermione at everything he did. She always seemed to be just one, and sometimes several, steps ahead of him. And he hated her for it for so long. Perhaps it was that hatred that caused this whole mess. No, not maybe, definitely. If he had only not been so wrapped up in his old enmity towards Hermione then his parents wouldn't have even thought of kidnapping her and erasing her memory. This was all his fault. Draco felt shame boil deep in his stomach. But Hermione didn't seem to notice. If anything she seemed to find the whole situation humorous.

"Jealous, were you?" She teased.

In her defence, she didn't have any idea of what was going on inside of Draco's head so she couldn't have known how her teasing would affect him.

"Malfoys do not get jealous of filthy mudbloods like you!" He snapped, jumping out of his chair and towering above her.

Yes they doooo The voice in his head warbled

Shut. Up.He snarled inwardly for the second time.

Yes. This whole situation was definitely bad for his health.

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