Chapter 12 right now. WARNING: May have Sadness and Death Viewer Discretion is advised. Thank You.

Chapter 12.

Over at Brendam Docks, the workmen waited patiently for Edward to arrive. Sure enough, the old blue tender engine made it on time as they gently put the large Water-wheel on his flat bed. They waved goodbye as he whistled back chuffing away smiling from buffer to buffer. Edward was very happy and felt proud; he had never delivered such an important special before. He imagined all the people and children clapping and giving him praise for what he had done and accomplished it all on his own; he even imagined Henry's face as the blush quickly spread onto his cheeks.

He had stopped at a red light where he saw Thomas who was delivering some fresh milk over to the Sodor Dairy. He smiled greeting the kind engine; he became amazed at the large wheel grinning at him. "My Edward, that is sure a giant water wheel you got there. You must be delivering it over to the Water-Works?" Edward nodded. "Yes I am thank you for asking Thomas. This is the last job I have for today." "Well, good luck I know they are going to be real proud of you once you get it there safe and sound." Edward's boiler bubbled at the cheeky engine's kind words. The light turned green and off he went but not without Thomas telling to be very careful and make sure to watch out for obstacles but he was lone gone.

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