Happy Weekend! And here's Chapter 2 :)

Chapter 2.

Henry chugged silently along the tracks without making a sound what-so-ever. His driver looked out at him clearly feeling sorry for him as he patted him gently. "It's okay old chap I know how you feel to lose someone that was so near and dear to you; I felt the same way when I had lost my mother. She was like my best friend after my Father had passed away; she would be patient and take the time to explain stuff to me and was very understanding." Henry sighed. "He wasn't just a good friend, he was..." "Your love?" His boiler bubbled and his cheeks flushed the brightest red ever. "H-H-How did y-y-you know?" He stuttered out. "It's alright Henry no need to be embarrassed; I knew all this time that you were secretly in love with Edward I could see the signs; it was so obvious that whenever Sir Topham Hatt would assign you with him, your face would light up like a Christmas tree."

The green engine still had the blush painted on his cheeks it was absolutely true but, tried as he might, he just couldn't come out to tell the old blue engine how he felt; he would smile sweetly at the sight of him, work alongside with him to get the job faster, and even tease Gordon and James (not to mention pull pranks on them in the process). It would make the other steamies grow suspicious especially Gordon who just couldn't understand why Henry was hanging out with him so much? Not that he was growing jealous but he didn't get what he saw in that old crackpot while trying to stay as busy as possible but would really spy on them.

Henry applied his brakes and stopped until, he was where everything had gone terribly and completely wrong: there on the tracks, oil, coal, and water were seen as he puffed closer; his eyes were starting to water. "Oh my Eddie..."