When you read this, imagine it being a cartoon or anime, since it's supposed to be like one. By the way, I was listening to the JSR soundtrack when writing this.

Chapter One: So, what is a SEGA Spirit, anyway?

Sonic returned home from his jog (well, it was a jog to him, anyway. To us, it would be trying to outrun a car) and went into his room. He decided to give it a clean-out. "It is getting way too messy in here" he said, and he went through some of his stuff.

On the top of a box, he found a photo of him, Amy, Beat, Amigo and Tails. "Wow, memories! That's from the tennis game!" He pinned it to the wall, next to another picture of him hanging out with Beat. "Right next to the picture from the race." He smiled whenever he looked at those pictures. Even if it had just been a week ago, he would miss those times when he could hang out with other SEGA characters. He would hang out with them all the time during the competitions because he knew it was only once in a while that they would be able to.

(This is where the opening song would go)

Meanwhile, in Tokyo-To, Beat and the GGs were in the middle of attempting the largest graffiti piece ever. They knew that not only was it going to take forever to do, but they would also get in serious trouble for it, but, being the GGs, they didn't care! Suddenly, Beat's phone began to ring. He answered it. "Hey, Beat! Remember me?" Beat jumped in surprise. "Sonic? I wondered when you would call, but I didn't expect it to be now!"

"Yeah, I know." Sonic said, "But I wanted to talk to you. I was cleaning out my room and found a few pictures of us two hanging out together." "Well, it's not that I don't want to be called, it's just that me and the GGs are busy trying to make the world's largest graffiti piece." said Beat. "Hey, who are you talking to?" yelled Gum.

"I'm talking to Sonic." "Oh, the guy from the competitions!" "Yeah, do you wanna say hi to him?" "Give me that!" Gum snatched the phone from Beat. "Hey, Sonic, you're still there, right?" Sonic was surprised to hear Gum's voice. "Gum?" Gum got annoyed. "What, did you forget about me?! 'Cause if you did, you're just like Beat, then!" "If I forgot about you, why did I just say your name?" Gum paused. "Sorry." She then realised that this was slowing down progress on the graffiti. "Hey, I have to go now! We gotta finish this graffiti!" Gum hanged up, then dropped the phone. "Hey, what did you do that for?!" Beat yelled. "I just felt like it." Gum said.

Sonic was happy to hear another SEGA character's voice again, besides the ones he hears every day. "Why is it that I always miss them? It's not like I'll never see them again."

The next day, Sonic, for some reason, woke up in what looked like a cafeteria. He was confused. "Is this a cafeteria?" He saw a little guy wearing a red hood. "Silly, this is the SEGA hub. Couldn't you at least remember from the pictures?" Sonic then remembered. This was the place where he took the pictures with the other SEGA characters. "Who are you?" he asked the red thing. "Heh. I'm not supposed to tell you my name, but I'll tell you what I am. I am an Anti-SEGA." Sonic was shocked. What the hell was an Anti-SEGA? Whatever it was, it didn't sound good. "Sonic, the face of SEGA, and the most powerful SEGA Spirit, you are going to die now." Then, the Anti-SEGA was floating and strangling Sonic.

Sonic was choking. He couldn't breathe. It looked like it was over for him, when suddenly, he heard a sound and the Anti-SEGA dropped him. He caught up with his breath, then looked at where the sound was coming from. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was Beat, who had just sprayed the Anti-SEGA. The Anti-SEGA seemed to be immobilised. "Sonic! I think you kight need to do that whaddayacallit on it!" Sonic was even more amazed at that. He thought that too, but how did Beat know? However, he also realised he had to Homing Attack fast. So he did. When he did, the Anti-SEGA exploded into dust.

"What's going on?" Sonic asked. "I still have to find out myself." said Beat. "I don't even know why I thought of that plan." "It's because of your spirits." a voice called out. They turned to the voice. There was nothing there. "Surprised to find there's nothing there? Well, you wouldn't be the first." The voice said again. Then, they noticed that on the other side of the room, there were two familiar faces. They were Ulala and NiGHTS. "Tell me what's going on." said Sonic. "I'll put it simply. I'm gathering all the SEGA Spirits to fight against a weird opposing force known as Anti-SEGA!"

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Sonic, Beat, Ulala and NiGHTS were sitting around a table. "So, what is a SEGA Spirit anyway?" Sonic asked. The voice was not hesitant to answer. "A SEGA Spirit is what people would think of when they think of SEGA. Do you remember the competitions?" "I never forget them." said Sonic. "Well, everyone in those competitions are SEGA Spirits." the voice said. "I made it so that the only competitors would be SEGA Spirits, apart from the guests."

"Who are you?" NiGHTS asked. "I'm just a voice SEGA made to tell you everything. I speak for SEGA." "Yeah, I'll just call you 'Se' if that's okay with everybody." said Sonic. "Oh! I didn't expect anyone to call me anything." The voice was very susprised that Sonic actually went and gave it a nickname. "My emotions and thoughts are linked to those of SEGA, by the way." "So when we talk to you, we're basically talking to SEGA." Beat stated. "Pretty much." Se replied. "I figured that out on my own. That's my reason for the nickname! You're part of SEGA, so you're Se!" Sonic said. The others turned their heads to Sonic and gave him a look that said 'What the hell...'

"Gather everyone who participated in the competitions! I'll be gathering some more SEGA universes. You can now come back here whenever you want!" Se beamed them back into their universes. "By the way, you're no longer disallowed from each other's universes."

Sonic opened his eyes. He was in his bed. "Was that a dream... or..." He suddenly saw a door for a split second. He then had an urge to run outside to a nearby hill. When he got there, he saw the door. It said "SEGA HUB" on it in grey letters. It wasn't a dream. The SEGA Hub, the encounter with Beat, the explanation by Se, the Anti-SEGA, they were all real. "Gather everyone who participated in the competitions..." Sonic said to himself. "Tails, Amy, Shad and Knux all participated. Weren't they supposed to be coming to my place?"

Sonic rushed to his house and found the four already there. "Hey, Sonic!" Amy said. Sonic was so focused on the SEGA Hub that he forgot to run away from Amy's glomp. Tails knew that Sonic was thinking about something because of that. "So, what have you been thinking about?" "They don't call you a genius for nothing..." Sonic said. Then he explained everything to the others.

"The SEGA Hub just reopened?" Amy said in delight. "That means I'll be able to hang out with my other friends again!" "No, this is probably very serious." Tails said. "Plus, these Anti-SEGA guys sound very threatening." "So this voice you decided to call 'Se' told you to find other 'SEGA Spirits'?" Shadow said. Sonic nodded. "And these 'SEGA Spirits' were the competitors?" Tails asked. Sonic nodded again. "Hey, Big was in the race! I'll go get him right now!" Amy said, and then she went to find Big.

"Wasn't there someone else?" Shadow said. Sonic froze. He did NOT want to get them! "No, I don't think so." Sonic tried to fool the others. "Oh, yeah, Eggman and Metal Sonic also competed with us! I remember!" Knuckles had to ruin it... "Sonic, like it or not, they're also SEGA Spirits." Sonic knew, and had no choice...

Back in the SEGA Hub, the only other two in there were surprisingly, NiGHTS and Reala. Then, Sonic and the other SEGA Spirits from his universe came in. "Just you two? Then again, this isn't the first time Beat's been late..." Sonic remembered that doubles tennis match where Beat ended up delaying the match. NiGHTS also knew, because it was also in that match. "Yes, that wasn't a very good day..."

Then, everyone heard two people arguing from behind a door that had the Jet Set Radio logo on it. "That's the craziest idea I've ever heard! You're just doing this to show off or some other stupid crap like that!" "Come on, you're a SEGA Spirit, aren't you?!" Beat and Gum then entered the SEGA Hub. "Fine, but if I find out that you lied to me, I get one punch to your face, you jerk!" Gum said, coming through the door. "Hi, Gum! Hi!" Amy said. "Wow, you weren't lying. I guess I don't get to punch you." Gum said to Beat.

"Well, I didn't get any more universes today, but we should be good enough for now. I'll try to get more SEGA Spirits tomorrow." Se said to everyone. "Hey, let's take a picture right now!" Tails said, while getting out a camera. Metal Sonic printed out a slip of paper saying 'Really? A picture, in a serious situation?' "Why not? It'll last longer, and when we save SEGA, it'll be our reminder!" Knuckles said. Then they all posed for the picture. Tails had the camera on a tripod. "Okay, hold still while I get in for the picture!" he said, after pressing the button. Then the picture got taken.

(This is where the ending would go, which is just the photo zoomed out, like in Highschool of the Dead)

Next Chapter: "Uh... can anyone speak monkey?"