NiGHTS stared out of the open door to the Sonic The Hedgehog universe. "What are you looking at, NiGHTS?" Billy asked. NiGHTS looked excited. "I'm just waiting." Sonic explained to Billy, "NiGHTS loves winter. It's almost time for the changing from Autumn to Winter."

Billy looked at the calendar. It said '30th November'. "Oh yeah. Sorry, it's just that in my universe, we just move around for the changing from Autumn to Winter. Different areas have different climates, and we like to move from area to area to capture the 'seasons'. Even in the world I originally came from, we had a climate in our particular area and just moved to a different location for Winter."

"That's kinda interesting. Kinda like what Knuckles does on Angel Island." Sonic said, high-fiving Billy.


Amigo was not looking very happy at the fact that it was changing to Winter. "You grumpy? That's unlike you." Gum said, passing him. "Why are you in such a bad mood." Amigo pointed to the calendar. "Oh, it's because Winter's coming? Don't you like Winter?" Amigo stuck his tongue out.

"I only stick my tongue out during winter to catch snowflakes!" Billy came in on an egg wearing the circus hat. NiGHTS followed. "Winter is fun, because with winter comes sonwball fights, reminding yourself not to lick a lamppost and Christmas!" Billy shouted. NiGHTS beamed at the word 'Christmas'. "I know! Christmas is the best! Everyone loves Christmas!"

Amigo nodded reluctantly. Even though he hated winter, he loved Christmas. "why did you bring that egg in?" Gum asked. "Oh, this egg doesn't have an animal in, so we're gonna make a cake with it!" Billy said. Gum was confused. "Why?" "Because Winter. That's why." NiGHTS said. Gum was even more confused at that. She then went away. "My brain hurts." she said.

Gum went over to the table where Beat, AiAi, Ulala and Alex were playing poker. "What the fuck are you all doing?" "Well, NiGHTS and Billy are officially nutcases, so we decided to do something they wouldn't ever wanna do. Play poker." Gum glanced over at the table. "Why is the monkey playing cards?" "Because we thought it'd be hilarious!" Gum stared at the game. "Well, I better go. By the way, Alex is cheating." She said, as she left.

Se looked outside the window. Sonic and Pudding joined her. "I've never seen Winter before." she said. Pudding laughed. "Me neither! I live in space, for crying out loud!" "Winter is a very amazing and pretty sight to look at. I reccomend watching the snow fall for the first time." Sonic encouraged. Se smiled. "Okay." "Y'know, I may have a reputation for being a complete jerk, but screw that. I'll watch with you." Pudding said, and they all waited together.

Alex ran past them all screaming. "Oh no, you didn't!" Beat yelled. "Come back here, you cheater!" Ulala shouted. AiAi shouted... something, but they all knew he was also angry at Alex. "What are they all doing?" Sonic asked, looking at the whole situation. Then, the other three came rushing after Alex. "Guys! What are you doing?!" Sonic shouted. "Alex cheated in our poker game!" Ulala replied. "So, thought you'd cheat your way into victory?" Beat asked Alex.

Sonic was confused. "Why were you playing poker?" Ulala replied "To get away from those two." She pointed to NiGHTS and Billy. Beat put his hand into a fist. Alex thought he was doomed, but then Beat stopped. Alex was confused. "Fist bump?" Beat said. "You're taking a leaf out of my book."


Gum went over and found the only other uninterested person there who wasn't busy with anything else, Reala. "So, did you try to get away from the crazies as well?" Reala asked Gum. "Yeah. After a while, it gets boring." "Tell me about it. I have to put up with that Nightmaren obsessing over Winter every single day!" Reala snarked.

"But I guess NiGHTS isn't the worst. Jackle loves Autumn just as much, if not more than NiGHTS loves Winter and even I have a thing for Springtime." Gum said to Reala "I never would have guessed that. Why do you like Spring?" "There's just something about that season that brings a smile to my face. Something that's just spectacular. That, and there's April Fool's Day."

Se and Pudding looked up to find NiGHTS staring outside with them. "You really like Winter, don't you?" Pudding said. "Trust me, when it starts snowing, it's beautiful." NiGHTS said. The time was '23:50' "Ten minutes left until the magic happens." Se asked NiGHTS, "Is it really that spectacular?"

"Imagine this: You're looking up at the sky, then a shiny white thing falls down. If you're outside, it'll hit your nose. It's cold, but so amazingly beautiful. Then it covers the ground and makes a white sheet over it, and when you touch it, it's cold but soft. And then come the Christmas decorations for preparation for my favourite day of the year." "What is Christmas like, NiGHTS?" Se asked.

NiGHTS told Se about Christmas, paying less attention to the time.

Then, the first snowflake fell on Se's nose. "Oh!" Se said. NiGHTS quietly squealed like a fangirl. Pudding looked up and saw the amazing snow. "It's snowing." she said. The others reluctantly decided to come over and watch the snow. "It is kinda pretty." Ulala said. "The prettiest thing the world has to offer." Billy and NiGHTS said together. They all watched as the snow started to cover the ground.


And that ends this fic.