This was requested by Anonymous on Tumblr. I'm not sure how many parts it'll have, but at least three so, yay! :D Here's part 1! I hope it's not too horrible.

Alec sighed as he jammed the key in the apartment door and opened it, the calm of the Warlock's apartment relaxing his shoulder as he entered. It had been a bitch of a day, and everything had gone against him. Demons, vampires, even the Clave wasn't working with him.

"Hey, Alec." Magnus came into the hallway, smiling, his eyes lighting up. He saw Alec's tired look, his desperately wide eyes as he closed the door behind him, and his dark eyes went from happy to worried in one twentieth of a second flat. "What's wrong?"

"Bad day. Really, really bad." His voice broke on the last two words, and he hid his face while he hung his coat, trying to swallow back unnecessary tears. He didn't hear Magnus come up behind him, but he felt two arms wrap around him from behind, and he was pulled against the Warlock's chest. His entire body relaxed and he leaned back, his head falling onto the Warlock's shoulder. Magnus's lips pressed against his neck, and Alec couldn't help but let out a moan. "Magnus…" he whispered.

"Want to tell me about it?" Magnus whispered, cradling Alec in his arms gently. Alec shook his head, and just enjoyed the arms around him, the small sway with which Magnus moved them from left to right, the warmth and sense of control that radiated from the Warlock's body. "Just relax, calm down. You're home now." The Warlock kept whispering things like that in his ear, making Alec smile and his stomach flutter.

"I know." Alec turned around in his boyfriend's arms, wrapping his own around Magnus's neck. Magnus smiled cat-like, making Alec's stomach flutter with excitement. "Coming home to you is always relaxing."

"I love it when you say that."

"I love you." murmured Alec, pulling Magnus to him, and kissing him deeply. God, it was good to be home. Magnus tightened his arms around Alec's waist, so that they were pressed together as close as possible. Alec buried his hands in Magnus's short hair, and nearly jumped his bones at that very spot.

"I love you, too, my little Shadowhunter." whispered Magnus, making Alec burst into laughter.LittleShadowhunter?

"You did not just say that!" said Alec.

Magnus smirked. "I did, my darling. Let's go into the kitchen. Hungry?"

"Starving, actually, how did you know?"

"I know you." Magnus said, winking. Alec smiled as Magnus grabbed his hand and pulled him away to the kitchen. Lovely scents of baked potatoes and fried chicken welcomed him, and he fell down in a chair, exhausted. "You look horrible." Magnus put a plate in front of his boyfriend and went to stand behind him. Alec felt the Warlock's hands on his shoulder and they started to massage him softly but firmly. "Relax."

Alec closed his eyes, moaning. "Thank you." he whispered. Magnus pressed his lips to his ear, and then sat down across from Alec, who attacked his food hungrily. His stomach growled in pleasure as the chicken filled it, and after only twenty minutes, his plate was empty, and he was leaning back, relaxed more. "That was amazing, Magnus. Thank you so much."

Magnus smiled, rose and started to clean up, ignoring Alec's protests. "I don't mind. It's been a slow day today, and I am a bit…overactive. I need to do things." Alec grinned, he had been with the Warlock long enough to know an innuendo when he heard one. After having cleaned, Magnus came back and sat on the table in front of Alec. "Feeling better now?"

Alec put both his hands on the Warlock's legs, looking up at him with a sly smile. "Much, actually." Magnus smiled and leaned forward, kissing his boyfriend softly. The softness swiftly disappeared and in the heat of the moment, Alec had managed to get Magnus on his back on the table and the Shadowhunter was now straddling the Warlock's hips.

Magnus was staring, his dark eyes wide with love and lust, and Alec leaned in to kiss his partner hard. Their fingers were entwined above their heads, Alec using Magnus's hands to push himself up occasionally. "I love you." Alec whispered.

Magnus reacted with a raw groan from his throat, and pushed his hips up to create friction between the two of them. They both moaned at that. Alec sat up and pulled Magnus with him, so that they were now sitting fully upright on the table. The room could've been going up in flames, and neither of them would've noticed a single thing. Alec felt like his body was on fire, his hands buried in Magnus's hair. Magnus had his hands wrapped around Alec's neck, holding him close.

"I love you," said Magnus, and it sounded like he was replying to Alec's whisper earlier. It made Alec laugh. Magnus quirked up one eyebrow. "Something amusing, Lightwood?"

"Nothing." said Alec, shaking his head, deciding against it to share his little inward joke. "I'm just…happy to be home."

"It's good to know you call this home."

"I call home wherever you are, Magnus."

Magnus's entire face lit up, and he pulled Alec close again, resuming their heated make-out session with even more passion. Alec felt his boyfriend's hands sneak under his shirt, and slide up over his chest, taking the shirt with them as they went. Alec raised his arms and let Magnus pull his shirt off. They weren't rushed, but the desire to touch each other without the unnecessary amount of clothes was greater than their desire to take things slow. When Alec had Magnus on his back again, they were both bare chested, and desperately touching every bit of bare skin they could reach. Meanwhile, they only broke their kiss if a shirt had to be lifted.

Alec had just started unbuttoning Magnus's skinny jeans when there was a loud knocking on the door, and then the door burst open. "Magnus, Alec…oh." Alec looked up in horror, seeing his sister standing in the doorway. Magnus craned his neck to look at their rude intruder.

"You've just lost your right to that key, Miss Lightwood." he said, but he chuckled, nudging Alec off him. Alec slipped off the table, and threw his boyfriend an apologetic look. Magnus shrugged, as if to say, what can you do? His eyes were glistening with desire, a desire that Alec felt boiling deep inside of him. Magnus casually strolled over to Isabelle, his hand extended.

"You were serious?"

Magnus nodded and Alec fought the urge to laugh. "Yes, Isabelle, you knocked and entered anyway without any reply whatsoever. Who knows what you would've walked in to if you'd come just ten minutes later."

Alec saw his sister shudder, while she dropped the key in Magnus's hand reluctantly. "Ew. We have a situation. Demons. It's bad."

Alec groaned. Of course. Just when he had completely relaxed, demons came and ruined it all.

"Fine. Just give us a moment."

Isabelle stepped out and Magnus nearly slammed the door behind her. "Well. That was embarrassing." he said, not looking embarrassed in the slightest. He saw Alec looking miserable and sick, and he strode over, taking his Shadowhunter in his arms. Alec buried his face in Magnus's shoulder. "We'll just continue this later, okay? I don't like it either, but this is our life."

"No, I know. But sometimes…"

"I know." Magnus pressed his lips in Alec's black hair and stroked his back. "I'll make you a deal. Let's deal with these demons right now, and after that, we'll go home, lock the doors, block it with some handy spells and we'll be all alone." Magnus lowered his lips to Alec's ear. "To do whatever we want, how long we want, how loud we want it."

Alec shivered, practically biting Magnus's shoulder. "Well, Mr Bane, I'd say you got yourself a deal."

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