Oh my God this was such a pain to write, but sooo good and delicious. I think this is the last instalment of Interruption, but perhaps one more part. IDK, I have two or three more prompts to write. (You can always send me more!)

Anyways I hope you enjoy it ;)

*shush Rated M at the end*

Alec slammed the door behind him, sick and tired of all this nonsense. The Conclave had done nothing but whining about his and Magnus's relationship and they'd been on the defence the entire fucking time. Not once did they get the chance to actually say something for other purposes than defending themselves.

The harsh words had struck a chord, not only because he had been insulted, but also Magnus. Magnus had been called the shame of all the Downworlders, and not one Downwolder had tried to step up for him, like the New York Shadowhunters had done. Jace, Clary, Isabelle, Maryse and Robert all had stood bravely by their side, defending them, but they, too, barely got the chance to talk.

"Alec, don't take it so hard." Magnus said, turning to hang his black coat on the coat rack.

"'Don't take it so hard'? Did you really just say that?"

Magnus sighed, taking Alec's coat away from him - which was probably a good thing, because in Alec's hands, everything was a weapon. "Calm down, would you, darling? Getting all fessed up about it isn't going to help any of us."

"No! But it can help me blow off some steam about these fucking assholes!" Magnus raised a brow at Alec's language, and Alec could vaguely see why. He rarely swore.

Alec strode into the apartment, almost knocking over the cat, who disappeared behind the couch, hissing. He cursed at the ratched beast loudly. "Hey! Scaring my cat goes too far, Alec!" yelled Magnus at him, who was standing in the middle of the room, staring at his boyfriend with a mix of anger and shock.

"Sorry." murmured Alec, taking a deep breath to try and control himself.

"Come on." said Magnus, motioning at Alec to follow him. Alec frowned but did so, no questions asked. They left the apartment again, and now took the flight of stairs up, all the way up to roof level. The soft, cool evening air cleared Alec's head a little as he breathed it in, and he moved to stand at the ledge to look out of Brooklyn. "Now, are you a bit calmer?"

"A bit, yes. But I'm still furious."

"I know." Magnus said, coming up behind Alec, wrapping his arms around the Shadowhunter. "I didn't like it much either. But scaring my cat and wrecking my apartment wasn't going to help it."

Alec leaned backwards, his back hitting the Warlock's chest and they stood together on top of the roof, Magnus's arms wrapped tightly around Alec's waist, Alec's fingers loosely entwined with Magnus's, and both staring out over the amazing city. "It's beautiful up here." said Alec eventually.

"Yes, it is." Magnus said, sounding distant. Alec turned his head to see Magnus staring at him, not at the city view. "You are the most beautiful person I have ever met, Alexander."

Alec flushed red and looked away. "I believe I recall a certain Will Herondale…"

"Yes, he was good-looking. But you…you are so much more than just good-looking. You are…everything. Everything I need and could ever want."


"It's true, Alec."

Alec closed his eyes and leaned his head back against Magnus's shoulder. Magnus pressed his lips to Alec's forehead immediately. "You are the most important person in my life, Magnus. I need you to know that. No matter what the Conclave says about us, I will always love you and I will always belong to you." He felt a single tear slip from his eye.

"Hey, don't cry, my darling." Magnus said, lifting a finger to wipe the single tear away.

"What they said tonight, about you, about me, about us. They think it's true. They really think we are a disgrace to everyone we ever cared about."

Magnus kissed Alec's temple, went down to his ear where he nibbled on the lobe softly. "We aren't. They're just conservative. For God's sake, it's already widely accepted in the Mundane world. They act as if they are above the Mundanes, but in fact they aren't. The Clave, Shadowhunters, they're all hopelessly conservative. They won't make it with that attitude. That's why we're so important. That's why your generation has to be the one to break the taboo."

Alec tried to suppress a moan, but failed miserably, making Magnus chuckle softly. There would come a day when Alec would no longer be turned on by this man's every move and sound. But today wasn't that day. Actually, on second thought, he didn't think that day would come. Even in death he could be turned on by Magnus Bane. He lifted his arms to link his fingers behind Magnus's neck. "I'm so sorry for what they did to us. What they said to you. That wasn't fair."

He felt Magnus shrug. "I don't care what people say. I'm eight hundred years old. I've had my share."

Alec held onto his Warlock's neck as they stayed close and staring out over the city. Their bodies were pressed together tightly, and without either of them doing anything, Alec felt fire stir deep inside his stomach, a lust that could not be stilled easily. "Magnus…"

"I know. I can feel it, too." Magnus spun his lover around in his arms and crashed his lips down on his. Alec's arms snaked up and around the Warlock's neck, pulling him down and closer. "Let's hope we won't get interrupted this time." Magnus snapped his fingers and immediately, part of the roof was covered with fluffy pillows and warm blankets. The Warlock smirked and let himself sink down on the pillows. Alec looked down on his boyfriend with wide eyes, his heart pounding in his ears, his stomach twirling with butterflies. Real or not, it made him light-headed. Magnus's well-manicured hand reached for his and he took it. "Lay down with me." Magnus whispered, sensually pulling him in. Alec moved slowly, his body reacting in slow-motion. He landed on his knees in between Magnus's legs. He leaned forward, placing his hands on Magnus's chest, before kissing him softly.

"I need you, Magnus." he whispered. He wanted Magnus. More than anything. He wanted to be with him, live his life with him. He wanted to kiss him, hold him, cherish him, love him, and it was like Magnus could sense that. The Warlock pulled him close, pressing his hips up against the Shadowhunter's. They both moaned with want. "Oh God!"

"Magnus will suffice." said Magnus, giving him a grin that would give the Chesire Cat a run for his money. Alec's hand snuck under the Warlock's shirt, stroking smooth skin and perfect muscle. He heard him take a sharp breath and his nails dug into the Warlock's skin softly. "Alec…" Magnus hissed. Alec pushed Magnus on his back, subconsciously taking over control of the situation. There was just one thing he wanted, one thing in the entire universe. And that thing - that person - was lying underneath him now, his breath laboured and his yellow eyes wide and gleaming.

Alec let his hands slide over the Warlock's body, exploring every crease, every soft spot, every hard muscle, every lovable piece of this sexy man. The Shadowhunter moved as if he was under a spell, his mind blank of any thought except this Warlock in front of him. Magnus made a soft sound of pleasure when Alec moved in for another kiss, and this one was soft and slow and deep, leaving both of them completely breathless, and needy. Magnus lifted his hands to first cup Alec's face gently, before then sliding down the Shadowhunter's body, disappearing under the coal-black shirt. Shivering, Alec closed his eyes, and started taking the Warlock's shirt off slowly. Where they were hastened and lust-filled this afternoon, they were slow and patient and passionate now.

"I love you." whispered Magnus between the gentlest kisses he'd ever given Alec. "I love you, Alexander Lightwood."

Alec's entire being seemed to react to those words, his heart fluttering, his stomach swirling, his blood racing. He grabbed Magnus's head between his hands and kissed him as if it was his last. "I love you." he moaned. Magnus rubbed his back softly, while expertly opening his lips with his tongue. Alec opened his mouth to grant Magnus access and their tongues touched…it was like fireworks exploded behind Alec's eyelids. Everything around him just simply fell off the face of the earth, except for the feel of Magnus pressed closely against his body, their tongues moving together, exploring more of each other, more and more, until their hands were at it again, shedding each other of clothes slowly and sensually.

Alec moved his hips slowly, creating the friction they both desired, craved even. He threw his head back and moaned out Magnus's name to the heavens. He didn't care if anyone heard him. Magnus grabbed Alec's neck and pulled him down. "Jeans. Off. Now." he moaned. Alec smiled, and started unbuttoning his jeans, while passionately kissing his lover beneath him. They were slowly gyrating against each other, creating more and more friction. Alec felt something hard pressing against his thigh and Magnus groaned when Alec pushed himself down a little harder. "Alec, stop teasing. Now." he growled, taking a firm grasp of Alec's thighs, fingers digging into his skin. Alec hissed, before looking down at his lover with wide eyes, who was still mostly dressed.

"Then. Take. Your. Clothes. Off. Now." he groaned. Magnus smirked his cat-like smirk.

"Thought you'd never ask, Shadowhunter." He snapped his fingers and his clothes disappeared. Alec's eyes widened at the sight. He hadn't seen Magnus naked for a very long time. "Seeing something you like, Lightwood?"

"You have no idea."

Magnus grabbed Alec's hands and suddenly, he was on top. Alec's hands were pinned to the pillows behind him, and Magnus was kissing him; first his lips, then he went down to his neck, his chest and lower still. Alec grabbed the blankets tightly, he couldn't handle all these sensations. "Look at me, Alexander." Magnus whispered, and Alec forced his eyes open to look at the Warlock. The moment their eyes locked, Magnus wrapped his lips around Alec's erection, and Alec nearly screamed. It'd been too long, too long without intimate contact between them. Their eyes couldn't move away from each other, and so they kept staring at each other, while Magnus's extremely talented mouth worked wonders, making him moan out all kinds of curse words and exclamations of love. He felt Magnus smirk around him, his tongue swirling professionally. Alec grew harder and harder, until he couldn't really handle it anymore. "I know," Magnus whispered, "I know, my love." His hand wrapped around the base of Alec's shaft, moving his fingers deftly, working Alec up to his climax. "Come for me. Come for me, my love, now."

Alec felt like he burst into flames right then and there. He yelled out Magnus's name over and over again, as he released finally. It felt wonderful, after all these days without any, to finally find release at the hands of his boyfriend. "Magnus! Oh God, I love you so much!"

Magnus pushed himself back up, softly kissing Alec's lips. "A long time coming, wasn't it, my darling?" he said, smirking at his own pun.

Alec sighed, wrapping his arms around the Warlock. "You could say that. Thank you. Thank you."

Magnus pressed his lips in Alec's neck and sighed, too. I love you, too, Alexander Lightwood."

Rolling his eyes at the full name, Alec rolled them over, trapping Magnus under his body. He could still feel Magnus's erection pressing against him. "I think I should return the favour."

"No, Darling." Magnus murmured, putting his hands on Alec's chest. "You really don't have…"

"Yes, I do. I want to." Alec leaned forward, nibbling the Warlock's ear. "Let me make you feel good, too." He kind of felt like an idiot, but it seemed to turn Magnus on immensely. The Warlock smiled gratefully, nodding.

Alec grinned. "Let's get started, then."