The Next Great Adventure

Summary: Set after book 7, disregarding the epilogue. After the war Harry breaks from the expectations placed upon him and starts a life with his lover. Two years later, they move to Forks, Washington with their son, and find more than they could ever expect.

Warnings: Slash, Mpreg, harry/multi, non epilogue compliant, AU

Disclaimer: I do not now, nor will I ever make profit from this story. Everything belongs to J. and Stephanie Myer.

Chapter One

The passengers disembarking from the four o'clock flight to Seattle are jolted by the sudden cold as they enter the terminal. Jackets are pulled tighter around bodies as scarves are retrieved from hand luggage. Soon enough the crowd stand around the baggage carousel, most tapping their feet or muttering in frustration at having to spend a moment longer within the airport. Envious looks follow those that have retrieved their luggage and are now making their way towards the final security checks, and the fresh air of the morning outside.

Choosing not to join the impatient crowd, a slim figure stands off to the side, keeping well out of the way of the cranky travellers. It's only as the room empties that the man shifts the child in his arms, stepping forward. Soft green eyes trace the tiny face of the toddler, as the movement causes a sleepy whine and a cold nose to press further into the crook of the man's neck.

With a practiced move, he swoops gently and slides an arm through the strap of his passing bag. Not long after, the man exits the incoming passengers terminal and finds himself in the nearly deserted arrivals area. A quick glance around and green eyes widen as they catch sight of a man lazily holding a sign bearing his surname. Closing the gap between them, wide eyes only grow wider as they have to look up further and further to meet the eyes of the 6'7" man.

'Ah, hello…?' His eyes glance from the tall man's face, to the handwritten sign and then back again.

'Jacob Black.' He offers a bright grin to the small, nervously shifting form before him. 'I take it you're Harry then?'

'Mmhm. Yep. Yes.' A blush blooms on Harry's cheeks as Jacob chuckles warmly. He ducks his head, the bangs of his waist length hair, wild with curls and bound in a loose tail, falling into his eyes. 'Sorry. I didn't know that he'd asked someone to pick us up, otherwise we would have come through much quicker. You must have been standing here ages and it's so early besides!' Jacob only laughs and waves off his apologies.

'S'fine. Draco called my dad yesterday, apparently your car isn't ready to pick up yet, and he didn't want you having to catch a cab.' Watching Harry run thin fingers through the toddler's blond locks, Jacob finally notices how full the shorter man's arms are. 'Can I take that bag for you? Please? As much as I respect your skills there, that's gotta be easier with two hands.'

'Ah, thanks. Oh, this is-' The jostling from Harry's attempts to remove the bag from his arm causes small green eyes to blink open sleepily. Nuzzling into the warmth beneath his face, the toddler's small hands reach up to tangle in Harry's long tail of hair. Shy eyes peer out at Jacob as Harry chuckles. 'This is our son Jayden Sirius Potter-Malfoy. It's ridiculously long if you ask me, but Draco refuses to let me drop my name and just keep his. Some stupid Lordship idiocy… Of course, we just call him Jay. Only, maybe use Jayden around Draco?'

By the end of the rant, Jacob is laughing softly and has finally managed to take the bag from Harry's lightly flailing arm.

'Well, it's nice to meet you both. How about we get you in the car for the long trip home, yeah? You both must be tired.' As he's speaking, Jacob is already ushering the petite male and his curious toddler through the automated doors, across the carpark and towards his car. 'Draco had your new car seat delivered to ours, I hope I've fitted it right.'

Harry just beams up at him as he is directed to the backseat where a black baby car seat has been temporarily fitted.

'Thank you Jacob. You've done it perfectly.'

The ride back to Forks is uneventful. The briefly sunny weather turns dark and the clouds begin their usual downpour. Jacob smiles softly across at his small passenger. Harry has kicked off his boots and is curled upon the seat with his legs folded beneath him. A small patch of condensation is building on the inside of the window where his cheek is pressed, breath puffing out in warm gusts. Glancing in the rearview mirror, Jacob can't hold the chuckle that escapes as he realizes that father and son are sleeping in the same position. That is, with the exception of Jayden's stuffed wolf, grasped tightly in small hands.

Jacob wakes Harry when they reach the outskirts of town, asking if he needs anything from the town centre while they're passing through. After receiving a drowsy head shake and a murmured 'thanks anyway', they continue through the town and towards La Push. Taking the turn off leading to the reservation, and then heading down a narrow road just before the first houses become visible, Jacob follows the drive way and pulls up before the Potter-Malfoys' new home.

Small hands fumble with the door handle before Harry manages to step out, jaw dropped as he gazes up at the modern building in its forest surroundings. A quiet whine pulls him back from his thoughts and Harry manages to close his mouth as he reaches in to retrieve the sleepy toddler.

'This is our new home Jay.' He can't wipe the smile off his face and chuckles as the little boy claps and screeches in happiness at his daddy's smile.

Keys are being pressed into his hand then, and he's already walking towards the front door in a daze. After three attempts and just as many fumbles, Harry turns wide eyes to look pleadingly up at Jacob. Not a minute later, the door is open and the three are standing in an open, airy entrance hall. From where they're standing, the furniture that has already been moved in is visible. The shorter male chuckles as he recognizes the placement from his husband's precise floor plans and demanding, elegantly written requests.

'So, unless you needed help settling in, I'll just be leaving you to it for now, ok?' As he says this, Jacob places the bag that he'd retrieved from the boot onto the floor by the stairs. 'Oh! Before I forget, I wanted to give you some phone numbers, y'know just to make settling more comfortable. And there's gonna be a barbeque at the police chief's house on Saturday. If you feel up to it, you're welcome to come. It'll just be the chief and some guys from the rez… I could pick you up, and then take you to the airport to get Draco after if you want?'

Before harry can answer, Jacob has swiped his phone from his hand and is already plugging away at the keys, saving local contacts.

'Ah, that sounds great. You wouldn't mind though? Because I'm sure if it's a hassle we can-' A raised eyebrow and a light tap to the back of his head is all the answer that Jacob gives to his worries.

'Cool, I'll see you then. I'll keep the car seat for now. Text you the details.' With a bright smile and a wave over his shoulder, he's gone. Harry is left holding his phone and staring at the open door with a bemused expression.

Turning back from shutting the door a few moments later, Harry grins down at the little boy pulling at his hair.

'Well Jay, lets get you to bed for a nap before we make this place feel like home. And maybe a potty break too.' Jay gives his daddy a smug smile as he's carried up the stairs to the nursery. 'You may be cute, but you're really just a little poop machine, aren't you?' The sound of little hands clapping and a light chuckle fill the home.

That afternoon, Harry has already unpacked and resized the last of their possessions that hadn't been shipped ahead, now he's looking for something to do to keep himself awake. If he lets himself sleep now then it will be much harder to adjust to the time difference. No, better to force himself to stay awake and then be exhausted tonight. Just over an hour later, he realizes that staying awake is harder than he'd first thought. He's already made sure the house is in order, and done all the preparation for a quick and easy dinner later that night. Now he's left standing in the kitchen, his eyes open uncomfortably wide after having just caught them sneakily sliding closed. Deciding that fresh air may help, Harry climbs the stairs and scoops up a now clean and awake toddler. After making sure that both he and Jayden are dressed warmly, father and son leave their new home for a walk through the centre of the La Push reservation.

A sign pointing to 'First Beach' catches Harry's eye just as they're passing the corner store. The smell of salt on the cool breeze calls to him, faint sounds of the tide crashing on pebbles drawing the two closer to the beach. Following a worn path through the forest, they can soon see the water, waves coming in to play over the pebbles and drawing back out to leave them glistening. The cliff face at the beach's end reminds Harry of the only time that he's previously seen the ocean… he quickly shakes images of shell cottage out of his mind, as newer memories taint the fondness with which he remembers the little house.

Jayden begins to struggle, trying to get down, and Harry manages a chuckle as he lowers them both to sit on the dry pebbles away from the water. Little hands grasp a smooth, round stone, holding it before his daddy's face with a demanding grunt.

'That's a lovely stone baby.' His son smiles smugly.

'Pa.' The seriously spoken word is accompanied by a wave of the rock within his hand.

'I'm sure your papa will love your stone baby. He'll be here soon and you can give it to him.'

Soon enough, Harry has a 'Pa' and 'Da' stone safely in his pocket as he sits to watch his son smoothing small hands over each of the pebbles within reach. The peaceful atmosphere is broken by loud voices further down the beach, where a group of large boys just emerging from another forest path close to the bottom of the cliff. They appear to see the two after a few minutes. One of the boys gives a wave and begins to lead the group over. Jacob's cheerful face becomes visible when they're halfway there and Harry offers a tired smile.

'I thought you would have crashed by now man.' Jake offers a bright grin to Harry and a small wave for the child where he's shyly burrowed into Harry's chest again.

'Truthfully, I wish I had, but I figured if I could manage to stay awake, then the jet lag won't be nearly as bad. If you find me asleep somewhere before dark, just throw some water at me or something, ok?' This is met by many chuckles and Harry gives a cheeky grin.

'Sure sure-' Jacob begins, only to direct a confused frown at a shorter boy who steps forward, cutting him off.

'Hi, I'm Seth.' Harry smiles amusedly as the rest of the group stare at the boy with various looks of shock, confusion and, here and there, realization. He decides to break the lengthening silence before it can become awkward. Reaching up a hand from where he's still seated, it's engulfed in a large, warm, russet toned grasp. A quiet groan leaves Seth's mouth as tingles spark from where his skin touches Harry's.

'Harry Potter-Malfoy. It's nice to meet you.' Green eyes snap up to meet warm brown ones and the smaller man allows a soft smile to form, just for the boy that his magic has recognized as a mate.

'Harry is married to a distant cousin of mine, three times removed or something crazy like that. Anyway, they're just moving over from England.' Somewhere, in some part of his consciousness, Harry is aware of Jacob introducing him to the rest of the group, but he pays no attention, still caught in brown eyes. Their gaze is broken by a soft growl and Seth steps back, releasing the smaller hand, eyes locked almost fearfully on the boy towering beside him.

'Paul Lahote.' Hesitant at seeing Paul's predatory expression, Harry swallows as his magic jumps again when their hands touch. Paul smirks, having caught the action, and the smaller man can only stare at him, a blush building on his cheeks.