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Chapter Six

Draco leads Seth to his and Harry's bedroom. From the corner of his eye, he can see the delicious flush on the boy's face, but his attention is on the man curled in the centre of the bed. His husband's excess magic is still causing things to float, and Draco has to chuckle when a shirt hits Seth in the face.

Glowing green eyes meet his and Draco smiles softly. Walking to the edge of the bed, he opens his arms in invitation. Harry quickly lifts the toddler from his lap and places him on the quilt covered mattress, crawling closer to the comforting arms. As soon as he's close enough, Draco scoops him up, turning so that he is perched on the edge of the bed with Harry straddling his lap.

Seth moves forward when the blond beckons, patting the bed beside him. Sitting gingerly, it is only instinct that has his arms catching his smaller imprint when Draco drops him onto the wolf's lap. An undignified squeal tells him that Harry too was unprepared for such a move.

As he looks down into the eyes of his imprint, Seth can hear his wolf howling with pleasure at finally touching the man again. He gives a shy smile, turning into a smirk when Harry blushes red, eyes wide.

Draco leaves the room for a moment unnoticed. He carries his son out to the playpen in Jayden's own room. Setting the baby monitor, he returns to see his two submissive mates gazing at each other with smoldering eyes, a smirk lifting Seth's lips. Draco feels his own smirk form, and is only brought back to the matter at hand when he is forced to duck a passing pillow.

'Seth.' The boy looks to him, wide eyed at having been caught teasing Harry. Draco shakes his head with a smile. 'Now that we have established that you want to be with us, and we want you here, I need you to do something for me. My core is full from siphoning the little one's excess magic, but we need you to take some magic in as well. Do you think you could do that if we talked you through it? I know that it's a large step, quite quickly…'

Seth looks back down into tired green eyes, checking that this is what Harry wants. With a hopeful smile in reassurance, he nods eagerly.

'Ok. Normally siphoning is rather…'

'Pleasurable.' Draco grins at Harry's interruption, smirking at the rising colour in Seth's cheeks.

'Yes, normally siphoning is pleasurable. But with so much magic, and only two out of three required anchors, it may be a little uncomfortable. Despite my wanting you to have a nice first experience in this, we don't have all that much choice. For that I am sorry, and will be sure to male it up to you.' Seth just stares at his blond mate, eyes wide and pupils dilated in lust. With another smirk, Draco cups the wolf's cheek, stroking the soft skin.

'We're going to move further onto the bed, so that you don't have to concentrate on balancing. That's it.' Making sure that the two are comfortable; Seth leaning against the headboard and Harry straddling his legs, Draco continues. 'All you have to do, is not resist. Harry will push a little bit of magic into you. You only need to accept it. Then he'll keep going until you can't take anymore. When you feel full, you need to let us know, ok?' Seth swallows, nodding his understanding.

Both with flushed faces, Harry leans himself fully against the larger boy. Reaching an arm to wrap around Seth's neck, the other moves to his chest. With little effort, he allows a small tendril of magic to pass from his hand and into the other's chest. Seth gasps and green eyes immediately snap up from watching the flow to gauge the reaction. Despite fears that he might be causing pain, his wolf's expression is clearly one of pleasure. The boy's eyes are closed, mouth parted and his arms come up to press Harry tightly against him.

Glancing to the side to see Draco's pleased expression, Harry turns his attentions back to pushing magic into his new mate. Low moans escape them both as Seth is assaulted by Harry's magical essence taking root within his body, and Harry finally feels release from the build up of magic. They continue, growing more aroused and drowsy until Seth releases a hoarse cry. His hands stroke Harry's back as he arches off of the bed, his eyes snapping open. Harry's mouth opens in a silent cry and the two collapse in each other's embrace.

Draco is there then, checking that they are both alright after the process. His hands run over their foreheads, moving to take their pulses and finally slowing as he is reassured of their safety. He chuckles as he looks down to see that both boys have fallen to sleep, still entangled within each others' arms. With gentle movements, Draco shifts Seth, lowering him from his seated position so that the two are laying on the bed, Harry still atop the wolf's chest. A flick of his wand deals with the mess left by the pleasurable experience, and the blond cannot help his soft smile as the two snuggle further into each other, both leaning slightly towards him. Seating himself against the headboard beside his mates, he begins running his fingers through each of their heads of black hair, watching as they fall deeper into Morpheus' embrace.

Harry's nose twitches. Something smells good. He wants to know what it is, but is unwilling to leave the warmth around him. A familiar chuckle, followed by a small hand smoothing his hair has his head turning to the right to face his husband and son. Cracking open his sleep crusted eyes, cheek still resting on Seth's chest, Harry smiles at the sight before him.

Jayden is sitting comfortably in his husband's lap beside them, his hand now reaching out to stroke Seth's locks. Mercury eyes meet green and they exchange grins at their son's hair fetish. A stack of boxes catches his eye then, and Harry has found the source of the smell.

'Pizza! Really? We're allowed pizza?' Draco chuckles at his husband's excitement.

'Despite being amazingly unhealthy, and a form of the dreaded fast food, it's a special occasion.' He reaches almost without thought to release Seth's hair from his son's grasp when he becomes too rough. 'Besides, Jayden and I tried cooking something nice and the fire wards went off. Apparently the extent of my abilities is toast. On a good day, when I don't manage to burn that too.'

A sleepy chuckle draws their attention to their new mate. Harry grins even as Draco scoffs, his pale fingers pushing the hair from the wolf's eyes.

'Pizza Seth!'

'I think that there may be more pressing matters little one.' Draco's rolls his eyes, even as he smiles fondly at his husband. Turning his attention to the larger sub, he looks him over. 'How are you feeling Seth? Any discomfort or strangeness?'

Receiving a shake of the head, Draco smiles and indicates that the two should sit up. He then stands from the bed, lifting Jayden into the highchair that he moved earlier to stamd just at the edge of the mattress. He places his son's dinner in front of him, and watches until he begins to each, large smile in place on his chubby cheeks.

Turning back, he takes his previous spot leaning against the headboard. Seth is now sitting up beside him, Harry seated sideways in his lap and with his feet resting in Draco's lap. Opening the three pizzas and spreading them out, he tears the lids off of each of the boxes to create makeshift plates. Loading the cardboard plates with a piece of each flavor, he hands them around, waiting for the others to begin before taking his first bite.

Soon enough, Harry and Draco are finished and the rest of the pizza has been placed in one box so that Seth can continue to eat his fill. A content silence settles as the wolf leans into Draco's side, an arm coming up to wrap around his shoulders, holding him in place.

Soon Harry leaves to clean a messy toddler, the rubbish from their own meal, and the highchair, floating behind him. Draco takes the opportunity offered by being alone with his new sub.

'This is all okay? Nothing's moving too fast? You're comfortable?' Brown eyes crinkle with a smile, Seth releasing a 'mmhmmm' as he snuggles into the warmth of his dominant.

'Kinda like a good dream.' He says with a happy sigh. Draco smiles, running his fingers through black strands as they simply bask in the peaceful atmosphere.

'Draco!' The blond snorts as that peace is broken by his running and shouting husband. Harry launches himself onto the bed with a large grin before crawling towards the two. 'Nothing is floating! My magic's under control again!' With that he throws himself at Seth, his lips catching the younger's in a scorching kiss. When they come up for air, Draco smiles at the them both before he moves forward to steal their wolf's breath again in a dominating kiss. He turns to his husband then, repeating the act.

Moving his two panting and dazed mates to each side of him, Draco maneuvers the blankets out from beneath them. Slowly stripping each of them down to their underwear, the blond tucks his still dazed subs under the covers where they snuggle into his larger form from both sides.

'The baby is asleep?' Harry nods, his eyes drooping. 'Nox' The lights go out with Draco's murmur and silence falls around the sleepy lovers.

'Draco?' The blond gives a questioning hum and Seth continues. 'Is Jayden really adopted?'

A soft chuckle sounds and Draco pulls the wolf closer, rubbing his hand up and down the warm expanse of his back. 'No. He's ours. The little one carried him.'

'That's hot.' Seth is almost asleep now, Harry already gone, his deep breaths puffing warm air onto Draco's chest. 'Magic is so cool.'

Draco chuckles again, soothing the man to sleep before placing a chaste kiss to each of his sub's lips and closing his own eyes. They'd have to deal with the wolves and wider world soon, but for now both of his subs were happy and cared for. That was really all that he needed.