The Arda Campaign

Chapter 1: A Strange New World

The Clone Wars wage on. The Separatist forces wage brutal warfare against the Loyalist forces of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi order has assigned to the new grand army of the Republic, a clone army, their own Jedi warriors to act as generals. The war has entered into its third year and the bloody cyborg general named General Grievous has taken full command of the CIS forces under his master the dark lord of the Sith Darth Tyranus, otherwise known as the fallen Jedi Count Dooku. A killer of Jedi, Grievous is feared and renowned for being the symbol of fear of death, and the dark face of the Separatist vast droid armies.

In an effort to be rid of the vicious general who has killed many Jedi by now, the Republic has sent out a task force to end the general. Republic intelligence has tracked him to the Elom system in the Outer-Rim. At the head of this task force are the two heroes of the Republic Jedi knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Dubbed the Hero with no Fear and the Negotiator respectively, these two have been given a newly formed fleet to lead in this last stand battle against Grievous who is reportedly at the head of a massive Separatist fleet in preparation to launch an assault into neighboring systems.

The battle had begun! It was as reported Grievous had been in the command of well over three hundred ships, and the Republic force was comprised of two hundred up to date warships that engaged grievous head on. The battle was touch and go, but something has happened. Something that the galaxy, or a single world were not prepared for. As the two fleet tear one another apart a strange electrical storm is forming around them. One that will take the two armies on the rides of their lives.

(Elom System)

"Anakin!" Cried Obi-Wan as he watched his apprentice maneuver his ship in between a wave of vulture droids. Anakin's ship twirled over an entire squadron and fired into the fray blowing up several in the process, and Obi-wan heard his apprentice shout in glee and spin his about happily.

"Don't do that Anakin! You're going to get yourself killed and I cant handle Grievous alone. Not right now!"
"Sorry master," Came the blonde Jedi over their comms. "I always forget you have a heart attack every time we fly." His old friend said coyly as he sped his ship around his masters and fired on another incoming vulture, and the two Jedi angled out of the way of a Venator-class Stardestroyer ship firing down upon a Separatist Munificent-class star frigate that blew apart brilliantly just as the cleared it.

"I don't hate flying Anakin, but as I have told you many times what you call flying I call suicide!" Kenobi cried as he swerved out of the way of a republic fighter speeding past him in the opposite direction.

"Yes master, I'm sorry master." Anakin responded with a laugh obvious in his voice. "Oh did I forget to mention that I have a lock on General Grievous's command ship, the Invisible Hand." Obi-Wan sighed before responding.

"That information would have been greatly appreciated a moment ago my friend."
"Sorry master. With all your screaming I would have told you sooner, oh excuse me master-" He cut himself off as he banked his starfighter right in front of Obi-Wan's and fired on an oncoming Tri-fighter.

"Blast it Anakin I am not screaming!" But Anakin only laughed as his master obviously caught himself and cleared his throat before going on.

"Come along now Anakin and let's get on that ship and end Grievous's reign of terror."
"Right, I'm on your tail master. He's going to pay for all the Jedi he's killed during this war."
"Be mindful of your feelings Anakin, don't give into anger."
"I know master, but Grievous is a monster, and he needs to be either stopped and arrested or killed. I would just prefer it if he would give me a reason to kill him first."

Obi-Wan sighed at his old padawan but decided now was not the time for lectures. After all, there were hundreds of ships engaging one another all around them and explosion were ripping through space.

"General's Kenobi, and Skywalker. This is admiral Dallion! Do you both read me?"

"We read you admiral what's the situation?" Obi-wan asked as he and Anakin simultaneously spun the ships out of the way of turbo laser fire from another Venator.

"We have a situation generals!" The admiral said as worry in his voice was obvious.

"What is it admiral, what's wrong?" Anakin piped in.

"The Confederate fleet has lost many ships, estimated at fifty percent but we are getting strange readings from a ship of theirs we haven't seen before. It's identified as the Unrelenting Force, and its pumping out high electrical readings that are scrambling all our sensors."

Obi-Wan quickly looked at his control and saw there was odd static and jolting movements on the console screens, and so did Anakin as he was the one to respond to the admiral.

"We see it admiral. Do your analysts have any ideas what they're up to?"

"None general Skywalker sir. All machinery is still operable but the static is becoming an issue….an….call…..activ…genera….-"

"Admiral Dallion?" Obi-Wan called as the transmission went dead.

"Anakin? Anakin do you copy?"
"I read you master but there's interference I've lost the admiral's signal."
"Me too."
"I'm beginning to pick up a massive electrical buildup in that ship the admiral talked about, the Unrelenting Force."
"I've got a really bad feeling about this." Obi-Wan said as he and Anakin continued flying their starships towards the Invisible Hand.

(Invisible Hand, Command Bridge)

"General Grievous sir. The Unrelenting Force is reporting that is has sufficient build in its reactor to create the anti-Interdictor jump bubble!" The pathetic and worthless Neimoidian captain of his ship called out, and grievous cast him a glare.

"Initiate the procedure at once! If this doesn't work I will have the head of whoever forced me out here into this trap to test that wretched machine!" The general declared as he marched up to the front of his flagship stomping his clawed mechanical feet along the way. The Republic had initiated a massive gravity well generator across the system, and now he and his fleet were sitting targets if this new machine that the purpose of this battle is for did not work. He would be dead along with many millions of droids, and that damnable dark Jedi Dooku had placed in his task force at the head of that machine.

The Unrelenting Force was an experimental new ship that according to the scientists that worked on it, would bypass the gravity well generators of any fleet by creating an anti-gravity well bubble around the fleet and allow them to enter hyperspace while in the safety of the bubble. Thus allowing all fleets in the future to come and go as they please in battle with the Republic. Only Dooku had made him go along with the fleet that was to be camped out here in the Elom system to await and see if the machine worked, because Dooku needed to be sure the Republic would activate a gravity-well as long as they thought he was present in the battle. So that's where he found himself, a lab rat for an experiment that didn't even involve him.

"The Unrelenting Force is giving us a green light general. They recommend that you prepare to make a jump to outside the system now."
"Then do so and stop wasting time by informing me of meaningless details!" Grievous barked and the captain went to work inputting the proper coordinates.

"Wait….these readings aren't right! Something's wrong!" The captain said and Grievous jerked his white cyborg head to the captain and narrowed his reptilian diamond shaped eyes at him about to demand what he meant by "not right," when it happened. The ship exploded in a bright light, and Grievous couldn't see a thing-

(Obi-Wan's View)

As the two Jedi got nearer to the Invisible Hand they saw that it and the Unrelenting Force, they noticed that the new ship began to beam a bright light around the two ships, and they entered into the light that had begun forming a large 'bubble,' around the ships.

"Anakin I can't see clearly do you know what's going on?!"
"No master my cockpit's a blur!"

Then Obi-Wan jerked forward in his seat as he felt his entire ship jump into what felt like hyperspace, but….his ship wasn't capable of hyperspace.

"Anakin, Anakin you copy?!" Obi-Wan yelled into his comm but got no response. "Blast! R4, keep us on current heading!" he called and thanked the Force when he heard his atromech droid give an affirmative. The ship felt like it was tearing itself apart and Obi-Wan was being shaken around to the point of sickness.

"Oh, flying is for droids!" He cried as his ship made the unmistakable sound of buckling as his ship was waning under the pressure of whatever was happening.

Then suddenly Obi-Wan got smashed forward in his seat again getting violently pulled against his straps in the process, and the bright light vanished. Breathing heavily the Jedi knight looked out his cockpit to see Anakin's ship and he silently thanked the Force again. The thought of loosing his closest friend, no his brother practically, was too much for Ob-Wan to really want to even think about.

"Master do you copy?"
"I copy Anakin, Force, you have no idea how happy I am to see and hear you."
"That makes two of us master." Anakin said with a nervous chuckle.

Looking out his cockpit again Obi-Wan saw a world below him it looked normal enough. Blue oceans and green landmasses, not Elom however.

"Anakin is your ship working? Mine seems to be having electrical malfunctions. R4 says he can't get the systems back, you?"

"No master mine is just as fried. R2, isn't even responding to me master." Anakin replied sounding worried for his little droid, and to be honest Obi-Wan felt a bit worried for the little reliable droid too.

"Um…Anakin do you know what happened to Grievous's ship?"

"No I haven-" But he was cut off as above them came none other than the Invisible Hand, followed close behind by the smaller ship called the Unrelenting Force, which Obi-Wan could see was relatively a third the size of the generals flagship.

The Jedi could see that there were damages and fires all over the flagship and the smaller one seemed to be falling apart as they were no doubt suffering the same electrical issues and structural damages, and Obi-wan could see it falling into the planet below pulled in by its gravity. Only problem was, it was taking the two Jedi with them.

"Master the ship is pulling us towards the planet!"

"I can see that Anakin!" Obi-Wan called into his comm as he initiated all emergency flaps and reentry dampeners on his small Jedi starfighter, no doubt Anakin was doing the same.

"Follow me into the planet master! You can still direct its reentry even without engines or the other systems!" Anakin called as the two ships began their decent to this unknown world, and for the second time that day Obi-Wan shook his head and huffed out a loud sigh. "Oh I have a REALLY bad feeling about this!" He called as the four ships were forced into the planets atmosphere.


The world is called Arda, at least to some. To others it was known as Earth, but the name is not important. What is important is that this world knows nothing of the happenings in the galaxy beyond. Indeed this world lies in a very safe and uncharted region of the Outer-Rim, but today this world of magic, of Elves, Men, Orcs, Goblins, wizards, and yes even Hobbits will have their eyes opened to new and extraordinary things that will rival the magic of the world. For a war is brewing a war over a ring. The Ring of Power, forged by the dark lord Sauron in the fires of Orodruin, or Mount Doom as it is known to most. This ring had for so long been in the hands of a little person, or a Hobbit as they call themselves. Happy folk who prefer to keep to themselves then stick their noses into the world of the "big-folk."

Only now another small Hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins was being whisked away to the Elven city of Imladris, or Rivendell. For he had been injured by the deadliest servants of the dark lord Sauron in his quest to find his most precious ring, a Nazgûl. Or Ringwraith.

A Fellowship would be formed, a quest set out upon, and a war fought, but right now something was happening that none had foreseen. None save maybe for Eru Ilúvatar himself the father to all.

The city of Minas Tirith was brought to a halt as a great rumble that drowned out the explosions and rumblings of Mount Doom forced all its inhabitants to look to the heavens above as a great cylindrical object that was grey and had strange markings on it was alight with flame at its front as it descended overhead and shook all of the Earth as it fell to the world below. The great thing was indeed the Invisible hand, and it descended to the planet below and it crossed over beyond the Mountains of Shadow, and all from Minas Tirith to Osgiliath watched as it faded from sight but then they all heard and felt the great rumble.

For beyond their sight and in the fiery land of Mordor the realm of Sauron the great ships crashed and skidded along the dead and empty valley of shadow. Across the northern region of Nurn, and near to the plains of Gorgoroth. The great fiery eye watched as this thing did this and narrowed as it was beyond surprise. For the dark lord must investigate this massive object that just crashed from the heavens below, and thus would soon dispatch a small army of Orcs to investigate.

Following the flagship was the smaller one which landed to the south of the Invisible hand, but within walking distance. Inside the ships was an army unlike anything this world had seen before, or would ever seen again, and it had landed in the realm of shadow.

Meanwhile though, two Jedi star fighters burned across the skies of Arda, passing over the hills and lands of the horse lords, or Rohan, and past the Misty Mountains, indeed going over the tower of Orthanc, as the Jedi guided their ships in a controlled crash landing they would be brought; perhaps by fate, to the very outskirts of the Last Homely House. Otherwise known as Rivendell.

The two ships would land in the forests that surrounded the Elven outpost, and it would be a great loud crack that would guide the Elves to come to the site of the fallen ships, and find two men knocked unconscious.

"What do you think these are?" Asked one of the Elven sentries as he hoisted his quiver behind his back more, along with his longbow.

"I don't know, but let us take these men to see lord Elrond. I feel that he is the only one that may know who or what these men are. Come, grab that one there with the facial hair, and I shall take this one. Put them over your steed and let us be off."
"As you say." The first sentry responded and the Elves did just that and hoisted the two men on their horses and made off for the city of Rivendell.

For the coming of these beings who fell from the heavens will forever change the course of the future.

But would it be for better or worse?

That has yet to be decided…..

Authors Note: This was bugging me so bad that I just had to get it down on "paper," or it would be the death of me. I ask you guys to please be gentle when reviewing this story as I may get some canon things wrong here and there for both stories, but I am going for a serious story not a comedy, or parody. If reception to this story goes over well I will continue this story along with my other one at my own pace. I will be going by the LOTR movie universe, and the Clone wars is nearing Revenge of the Sith, also I don't and never have seen the Clone wars TV show, so characters like Ahsoka Tano will not be involved or mentioned. No disrespect to the show, I respect the fans of the show and the show itself, but i have just never seen it and so if any canon issues pop up relating to that show please ignore those for now. :) So PLEASE leave a review or comment or whatever you want, and please excuse or point out any and all grammatical errors, and give me any hints or ideas if you want. Otherwise I will leave this story unfinished if no one really likes it. So please enjoy! :D