Chapter 25: The Sun Rises

The LAAT gunship made another pass over the strange battlefield. The green stream of its side weapon exploded outward and slammed into an enemy AAT and the tank exploded brilliantly into a ball of fire, as the gunship banked right turning left and making another pass over the army the CIS seemed to be encircling, not to destroy, but defend from the Republic. From its side were two ARC-170 starfighters that quickly broke their defensive postures and went firing rapidly at a wing of Vulture droids banking down and over the Republic forces and firing rapid shots along the lines of clone trooper infantrymen.

The pilot, was quiet and calm as he directed his gunship, with no other but a copilot and the two other troopers manning the weapons on either side of the ship, across the darkened skies of this strange world, where generals Kenobi and Skywalker were reported to be. Suddenly his ship lurched down some before leveling off and the pilots looked to one another with their emotionless masks, and then felt the ship lurch about and rock whilst still flying, and then the consoles sounded off. Too much weight and strain was being placed on the vessel.

"What the?" The pilot trailed off but then recoiled back as he peered out the front viewport where staring back at him was some beast. It's neck long and serpent like, with a set of teeth jagged and bent, but sharp and deadly. It hissed at him, its eyes narrowed and the beast maw widened.

"Stang! Get that thing off the ship!" The pilot yelled, knowing well enough it wasn't of any use telling that to the copilot, who took command of the steering of the ship and the pilot fired a set of rockets and the beast hunched down but remained atop the LAAT, and watched the rockets fly off down into the field, and slam into the blackened sea of native creatures below, and sent dozens flying about. The copilot yanked the steering apparatus hard left and the gunship turned with a hard and strained manner about it, as the beast howled at the viewport into the masks of the pilots.

A piercing scream ripped through the ship and all the clones, despite themselves, felt an unnatural fear grip their hearts and force them to clutch their masks, in sorry attempt to block the scream from their ears which took hold of their minds and drove fear into them they had never known before, and hopelessness they never imagined, and the beast dug its claws through the metal of the LAAT and slammed the ship down. Slamming the ship downward into the soil below, the beast was yanked up by its master, and the gunship fell into the soil, near to its allies, and exploded into a roll that carried it several meters, before stopping and burning as a new pyre upon the field of Pelennor. A scattering of littered dead strewn by the wreckage as well.

The Nazgûl, draped in the shadow of his blackened robes as they whipped in the air, and filled with the malice for the enemies of his master afar, lifted his fell beast back high into the air with a piercing shriek erupting from its void of a maw, hidden beneath the cowl it kept over its face. For Khamûl felt nothing, but bitter contempt for these newcomers from these vessels from the skies and heavens above, for they attacked the allies of his lord Sauron, the armies of machines, and their phantom leader, the one called Grievous and therefore were his enemies as well!

Yanking the reins of his fell beast, the creature howled into the sky and Khamûl released another scream along with it as he dived his beast low down upon the men near to the south of Minas Tirith closer to the ports, and dropped his beast onto the armies of men draped in white armor, firing blue beams of brilliant light against the machines who were allied to Mordor. The blue beams came flying up ay his beast, but Khamûl was no fool, he moved the beast away from the coming light projections, knowing they burned and scarred flesh and metal alike. The beast and its master screeched a piercing cry again as the wings of the fell creature stretched as a great bat over its insignificant prey, and fell along a line of the men from the skies. Its talons clutched armed man, after man, piercing their armor and flesh, and allowing them like the Gondorians to cry in horror and pain, as it consumed their bodies. A resonating sound that pleased the black rider of the beast.

'Nothing more than men. They too shall never see the light of day!' Khamûl mused and lifted his beast back into the air, as it dropped a trail of corpses near to their allies. The servant of the dark lord pulled his beast to the left until it turned back and flew back toward the ruined city of Osgiliath. Passing the Ringwraith, came another fell beast, and atop it was his lord, second only to Sauron, the Witch-King of Angmar, he too was directing his beast to the ruined city, and a screech that even made the other wraiths recoil in their hidden cloaks of shadow, pierced the skies, and Khamûl knew to follow his lord.

Both beasts descended upon Osgiliath, alone for all intents and purposes, and the two beasts were reined in by their riders, as the Witch-King's fell voice, raspy and heavy broke the silence of the city not but a few hours ago ruined and overrun with the Orcs of Mordor.

"The enemies of our metal allies have found us it would seem. Found our allies. They have since doing thus, attacked our legions to the rear, and killed many Orcs. I shall not allow this to continue, technological deficiencies or not!"

"Yes my lord." Khamûl answered in his own raspy and fell voice that pierced the winds of the world like a horrid wail.

"Find the ones who carry swords of light atop the walls of Minas Tirith, and force them from the wall at once Khamûl! The city shall fall before dawn or I shall impart upon every Orc the masters terrible rage personally." Khamûl bowed his hooded head, with face as ever unseen, but a void in its place, and the Witch-King let out another terrible shriek before forcing his pet into the air once more with a great flapping of its wings, and left Khamûl alone but for a moment as he too raised his beast back into the sky.

For over the field of Pelennor were flying terrible machines of war that were faster and perhaps deadlier than any fell beast. Below were the streaming lines of blue lights launching into the armies of Grievous, while red lights flew into the bodies of the men clad in white. Great beasts of metal on both sides cracked the air like thunder strikes from the skies, and sent even more massive lights flying into the other side, and sent explosions of fire and pieces of these beasts careening into the air in all directions imaginable.

It mattered not to Khamûl, for he had an objective to commit himself to, and thus directed his fell beast toward the white city of Gondor once more, as it still burned in the fires of war. For the forces of Mordor still breached the city, and if nothing else, every man woman and child within would be pierced by the blades of the Orc. In time...

Gothmog watched with a sneer, doubly as profound as ever as he watched the lights across the entire plains of Pelennor light and explode as strange new enemies that came from the skies, like heralds of doom for the Orcs, attacked the beasts of metal who had already seemed like demons made anew in allegiance with the dark lord himself. The morale and manner of his Orc troops was lowered, and their grunts of fear and shakiness was clear. The deformed lieutenant of Minas Morgul felt no such fear, for he feared that which he knew, and he knew his lord, and better still, the Morgul lord. The Witch-King.

"Move it you scum! Into the city now! We still have man-flesh to tear, rip, spoil and feed on!" Gothmog hissed and the nearest Orcs scurried and grunted, squealed even, as they ran into the city following the examples of their kin before them. Gothmog watched this in pleasure as the catapults, made lonely with the loss of the cracking weapons of metal, fired evermore into the white city, but a terrible flapping of wings was heard, and a screech that sent the Orcs scurrying away had the lieutenant turning to see his lord descend from the skies upon his position before the ravaged gates of Minas Tirith.

"You shall enter the city with your rabble now! Hold not a single Orc back, leave no Troll behind, and keep no man from the east in reserve! Gondor ceases to exist after this day Gothmog. Should you fail, I will serve you and every one of your miserable lot to the dark lord himself for repayment of such a insult!" Gothmog bowed his head as the surrounding Orcs shivered before the might of a Nazgûl, a fear ran through them all that no beings from the skies could ever replicate upon the Orcs.

"What of these new enemies?"

"They shall break against the armies of the phantom, and his metal abominations. The warriors who carry swords of light shall fall to the Morgul blade, and the white wizard shall still be but a broken memory! The realm of men lie in your domain. Now take the city, and slay them all!" Gothmog only managed another deeply submissive bow, before his lord pierced the air with another screech the throbbed the very bodies of all near to him, and the great winged fell steed he rode flew into the air, to pierce the sky and bring terror raining from above once more.

The night was still prominent as was its darkness that shrouded the Orcs, and the army of Mordor. The crippled Orc leader of this siege turned back upon Murgash; the captain he had assigned to break the gates of the city down before Grond came.

"Move into the city. Kill all in your path, and be fast about it!" Gothmog demanded and Murgash nodded as the Orcs nearby needed no second reminder, and crowded, shoved, and grunted as they made through the broken gates of Minas Tirith, and even more still, did Orcs race to the towers still connected to the first level wall to ascend and take the city, to enter it, and kill all men whom reside within. Cohesion was now put to the side, any portrayal of a unified and step by step motivated army was lost. The rabble of Mordor had been unleashed, and the city was to burn.

Obi-Wan, Kit Fisto, and Plo Koon, stood almost shoulder to shoulder, back to back, atop the wall of this city burning and crying out in pain. Obi-Wan and Plo Koon faced the side toward the gates of Minas Tirith, and Fisto faced the opposite and longer side of this wall. The two troopers whom had arrived with the two masters had been cut down. An odd sight for Obi-Wan but it had taken place as hordes of the blackened and evil creatures fell upon them and cut down the clones. The scene only seeking to impress upon the Jedi the evil that dwelt within these horrid monsters, the likes of which was wholly new to master Koon and Fisto, as the Jedi fought on.

Obi-Wan grimaced as the hours of fighting wore at his body and mind at last, as he cut down another Orc charging he and Plo, and removed its head from its body, while Plo sent a Force wave into a one group, turned and swept around slashing into two more, and cutting down every new Orc that came his way though the Kel Dor did not understand why these creatures were yet so hostile and so filled with darkness.

"Master Fisto! Do you see any men from your side?" Obi-Wan called over his shoulder, kicking another Orc back and cutting down into him.

"None master Kenobi. I think they have all fallen! There's too many of these things!" Kit returned but found it no issue slicing through Orc after Orc with his preferred Shii Cho saber form. Wild and untraceable weaves through the air cleaving and cutting down his enemies, but the Force flowed through these three Jedi and filled them all with a light and strength unknown to these Orcs.

However, for every one they brought down, three more came, and five more still left their kin to descend into the city.

Obi-Wan silently cursed, and felt the Force, though flowing around them, wain. The darkness was being cast upon this city, as death and fear, pain, and hatred filled the Force, and the very air around them and the whole of this city and its people.

"Alright. I think it best we get off this wall, and find Anakin."
"I find that a sound pl-" Plo was cut off by a terrible screech that filled the air, and all three Jedi recoiled as the Force screamed itself within their senses, and a foul darkness, almost oil like fell upon them, and the Orcs recoiled themselves at the sound as it seemingly caused them physical pain.

Obi-Wan knew what it was and recovered the quickest, though he had never been this close to one of those evil beings before. Saber held at the ready and in classic Soresu form, he faced the wall toward the armies and the Mordor hordes, and from behind the wall, rising like a menacing rise of a star, a bastion of evil and herald of death, the Nazgûl rode atop his fell creature, with a long and mighty sword held high in a free hand armored in metal gauntlets.

Its face like the rest of them was unseen, and void of death, but Obi-Wan felt the pure malice, and hatred within the being, but what was worse about these Nazgûl, these servants to this lord Sauron, was spoken aloud by master Koon.

"This...creature, I feel nothing."
"Blindness to the Force?" Fisto asked as he rose back to a full stand, with his emerald saber held ready to duel this new foe watching them atop a beast whose maw looked eager to feast upon them.

"No, it's the lack of life, the lack of the Force in totality! Even these little creatures have something flowing through them, but this thing, and the others I have caught they sense of death, and of a void. A wound in the Force itself."

"They serve a dark lord all this worlds making, and according to the stories I've heard and things I've seen while here, these dark lords have powers we can't begin to understand." Obi-Wan added as he trained his eyes upon the wraith.

"Surrender now, fools! This world is the dominion of lord Sauron, Lord of the earth and King of all men!" The voice shrieked out in a hoarse and drawn out seethe and the two Jedi new to this world felt their skin crawl, and stomachs twist in disgust at the pain within the Force that this man, this thing, gave off.

"I suppose negotiations are out of the question?" Obi-Wan tersely retorted, a raised brow added to display his sarcasm, and the wraith said nothing but flung its mount to the side, and the mighty beast flapped its wings away down the wall, and then turned along the wall...making a pass straight for the Jedi.

"Take that as a no, Obi-Wan."
"Thanks Plo." Obi-Wan retorted and the three Jedi dived away as the beast screamed and its talons drove at the stone of the wall, and missed its target. The creature and its master shared a shriek of anger, as the Nazgûl turned for another pass.

Kit stood and held his saber up to his face and angled over his shoulder, and with a smile usual of the Jedi, he charged the beast head on, ignoring the protests of both masters Koon and Kenobi, the Nautolan Jedi flung himself up at the beasts, whose maw widened once more at the sight of its prey lunging at it for the feast.

Swinging his left hand to his side the Jedi used the Force, propelled himself to the side of the beast as it snapped its jaws, and just missed his head tentacles. Time seemed slowed for the Jedi, and while in air, he pushed himself forward from he had been and with a swing of his saber down he cleaved down and through the neck of the beast severing head from neck.

Master Fisto, a grin all too familiar of his upon his face, landed with a huff on a knee with saber in hand atop the wall, and turned around as his fellow Jedi once more dived away as the beast slammed lifelessly into the walls of Minas Tirith. Its rider screeching and disappearing from sight as the carcass of the fell beast slammed into the wall of the gate portion of the wall and it went silent.

"You're almost as bad as Anakin, master Fisto."
"Thank you Obi-Wan." The Nautolan smiled, and Plo joined them brushing dirt from his shoulder, but soon the comlink attached at his belt began sounding off.

"General Koon here."
"General Koon! This is commander Cody, I am in operational command of all ground forces, but the Separatists have arrived with their armada in orbit above the world, and landed several dozen transports nearby. Heavy droid activity is reported, and we need assistance, sir!" the clone announced, and Obi-Wan had a sudden flash of memory come over him, and swiped the comlink, rather suddenly from master Koon, who if Obi-Wan could see his ace was sure he was frowning at him.

"Cody! This is general Kenobi here."
"General Kenobi? It's good to hear from you after so long sir."
"Thank you Cody but now's not the time to reacquaint ourselves sadly. Give me a quick report on the situation at hand." The to other Jedi remained silently watching Obi-Wan as he spoke to Cody, but the Orcs, having seen the body of a fell beast fall at the beaming sword of the green creature from the skies have come to avert meeting his gaze or daring to venture near to he or his fellow Jedi out of fear of the alien who smiled almost mockingly at the creatures, but didn't bother attacking them.

"Thousands of B1 and B2 models are advancing on our positions across the entirety of this field general. We haven't begun to yet place troops on the opposite side of this ring they've created around the native army. Several dozen walkers and tanks are moving in as well and secondary defensive lines are being set across the entirety of my lines. Our boys in orbit are taking a beating, several Lucrehulks have brought in hundreds of starfighters and bombers which are taking out many of our transports. Not to mention that these winged creatures keep swooping in, scram and put fear into them I've never seen before, and biting and killing others, general. Any support to morale, and the overall battlefield would be greatly appreciated and needed sir!"

"Understood Cody. I'm on my way."

Obi-Wan ended the transmission, and handed the comlink back to Plo, who seemed over the snatching of the device.

"We could use a transport Plo, but first we need to find Anakin and get him either with us, or help him out of whatever hols he's gotten himself into."

"I'll call down another LAAT for our transport, but it will perhaps take a few moments before it-" A sudden movement and dull warning through the Force caught the threes attention and they trained their reignited sabers and eyes upon the carcass of the beast. Rising like a shadow in a child's worst nightmare came the Nazgûl, a massive sword within its hands, and a sudden piercing scream erupting fro its void of a maw it broke from its dead mount and stepped forward toward the Jedi. It was clearly daring them to attack.

"Oh dear..."

"An apt statement Obi-Wan." Plo retorted.

"You two go on, find knight Skywalker, and get to Cody." Kit spoke up and passed both his fellow Jedi with green saber in hands, and a determined stance about him.

"Are you sure master Fisto?"

"I'm not afraid of this thing master Obi-Wan. There's a battle to be won, and I get the distinct feeling this thing is here to kill us, or at the least distract us." The Nautolan cast a smirk over his shoulder toward his friends, a grin once more across his face.

"I think it'll find me more than a challenge. There is no death anyways master Kenobi.."
"Only the Force." Obi-Wan smiled at hearing the code, as if lost to his memory and he nodded, and Plo nodded along following their leads.

Falling into the opening stance of Shii Cho Fisto turned his back fully to the Jedi and faced down a Nazgûl.

"Now would be a good time to go my friends!" Both Jedi silently did so, and made off the side of the wall into the fray that was the burning city of Minas Tirith below.

The black robed being charged the wall, but Fisto used the Force and leapt before the creature of darkness, his green saber nearly at where its neck should have been.

"No, you need not concern yourself with those two anymore, dark one. Your battle is with me this hour."

"Do you think I fear you, green one?" Kit's smile waned at being labeled by his species' color.

"I serve the dark lord himself! I will spill your blood, fool, in his name, in his honor, and bring death to you and your allies alike, as the world falls into his grip."

"Talks cheap." Kit retorted and his smirk turned to a grin, the thrill of the coming battle racing along his nerves at every level of his being.

"Let us use swords then!" The Nazgûl cried, and Khamûl the Easterling, raised his great Morgul blade with both hands before his hidden face, and reminded Kit of a Makashi opening stance...if that was any correlation to this things skills then he felt his excitement double.

The creature took a heavy step forward upon Fisto, and he stood his ground, but swung his saber over his shoulder in preparation. The Nazgûl came closer and kept its blade where it stood tall in its hands before itself. Then with a wild scream and speed unexpected the creature raised its blade overhead and slammed down upon Kit, who blocked upwards, expecting the blade to split in two upon his saber, the Nautolan felt his expression physically sour to a frown, as blade met saber and clashed, neither breaking, neither waning.

"I know of your strange weapons fool! The magic of my lord gives power to me and my blade beyond what a simple mind like yours can come to understand!"

"Do you always talk so much?" Kit retorted and threw the creature back with a shove, and fell into a sweeping over the shoulder swipe down, the being blocked, a small scream escaping it maw.

It swiped its blade down at an angle and caught the green saber in an upward slash, and the Nazgûl forced it back down, and quickly jabbed at Kit's side, but the alien spun away, and brought his saber out to his side, his robes flowing in the sudden movement. Another scream erupted from the creature of shadow, and it swung back at Fisto aiming for his head, but the Jedi ducked, but the creature was upon him, another swing that took force the alien did not think the creature could muster.

A scream that pierced his ears and sent a vibration through him, Kit dodged another violent swing, and then the creature stood still, bringing sword back before itself and became unmoving.

Kit stopped where he stood as well and brought his saber to a sudden deactivation and flung himself free of his robes, leaving his light tunic, and other garbs common of a Jedi upon himself. The green saber erupted to life once more, and the Nautolan knew the monster before him was standing still, and challenging him to attack.

Running the few feet apart they shared, Kit flew into the air, brought saber crashing down hard from the right, the Nazgûl blocked. Kit landed and immediately swung with the saber wielding hand in a full swing back at the wraith, but he angled down and blocked the upper arching attack once again.

Undeterred, Fisto pulled back but brought the saber swinging from the other end, and then back to the first, then back, in a set of flurries aimed at the creatures side. The Nazgûl took the great sword in one armored hand, and easily parried every blow meant for it. Kit flew back, and then flew forward with liquid speed and precision, but the Nazgûl blocked the strike aimed at its head. Kit pulled the saber down and off the Morgul blade, and swept up, arching to hit the exposed midsection of the fiend, but it recoiled in a swing, and brought sword to bare in a massive swing, that sent Kit recoiling from his attack and spinning away, opposite the Nazgûl who screamed again and had Kit grimacing as every scream attacked his very senses, and the Force itself around him.

Turning and looking at his surroundings; a city in flames and at war, as night slowly but surely crept to morning, Kit turned back and blocked an attack he sensed coming at his momentary reprieve and exposed back. Kit threw the Nazgûl off and it fell upon him with great strength and a sharp but short screech. He threw it off again, but it swung around and slashed at his side, he blocked in a hard arch down, but the creature recoiled and swung to his right, and he blocked, then it swung back and around aimed at kit's neck, and thus he jumped backward.

"You duel rather well for something that seems rather ancient and evil." kit mocked with a cocky smirk forming across his features, goading it.

"You fail to understand my power, and that of my lord Sauron. For there shall be one lord upon this Earth. For this lord a One Ring, and with that ring all the world shall be in his dominion! Starlight shall be vanquished, and the dominion as lord of men will be his! The Elves who do not flee shall be kindling in a great fire for our Orcs! Your resistance, is folly, and your armies shall burn!" the screeching of its voice had Kit recoiling. Not just from the sound which sent chills through him he hadn't known possible until today, but also because of the sheer hatred that flowed into the Force around the creature with every foul word released from the void that was its face.

"Well you're all fun and no play aren't you? I'm sure your lord will have a good old time, but one problem is that, you've never faced a Jedi, and even if you have," Kit paused and snickered, "you never faced one like me." With that he sent his hand forward and the Nazgûl flew backward, the sword still within its hand, and slammed into the wall facing the field filled with the evil army and the separatists afar.

It dug its blade tip into the stone beneath itself, and rose up to a stand once more, using the blade as support, before swinging it back up into a battle ready position.

"Your magic scares me not, fool from the stars! Against the power of my master, there is no victory." The creature lunged forward, its arms stretched outward at both sides, and then it swung upon Kit in a full circular swing of its mighty blade, and slammed into the green saber. Kit stepped back, but it continued and swung around again, knocking his saber back with the force of these swinging attacks.

Flipping over the next swing and ending up behind the creature, Kit took a split second opening presented to him, and with an adrenaline rush, sent his green saber piercing through the cloak of the creature into its body. A shrill screech pierced the heavens, but greater still to kit was the sudden pain sent through him up from his saber hilt, and he pulled his saber back and from the creature. A sneer of pain upon his face, replacing his smirk Kit watched the Nazgûl turn to him, an open burn hole across its robes where his saber had pierced the body, it seemed to have no pain about it, no change whatsoever, and for a moment, but a second, the Jedi master allowed fear to grip him, and he recoiled into a defensive posture.

"I shall not be slain so easily, and by one such as you fool. None can kill the Nazgûl so long as my lord thrives! Even if you cast me down once I shall ever rise again. I have defeated death, we are immortal." Kit was inclined and sickened to believe the creatures words. A chilling concept when one thinks of the Force, and the code of the Jedi, but master Fisto would never allow such a creature of darkness to weaken his heart, nor his resolve.

"Let's test your proclamation then, shall we?" The Nazgûl returned the sword before itself, and Kit circled the creature as they continued their duel atop the walls of this white city burning in a hellish war of native make, but also in the fires of a war from beyond. Minas Tirith bore witness thus, to, two wars unfolding before its mighty walls, as the specters of Numenor watched on.

Cursing under his breath, Anakin jumped using the Force once more in chase of the dark Jedi. The witch with crimson saber in her hand, was making him give chase. Still on the bottom level of the city as swords clashed, and arrows flew, with fires burning all around, Anakin refused to let her escape from him again, as she had done twice at Helms Deep.

She jumped from building rooftop to rooftop, she had speed and agility, never seeming to tire, and indeed her dark presence in the Force merely grew stronger it seemed as she fought him. Anakin had sensed it upon her before when the gates fell and their duel began, but something wasn't right about the dark Jedi. She seemed filled with greater anger, took far too much pleasure in death and destruction even compared to her actions before. Not only that, her complexion was quite fair, and youthful, and Anakin was not too surprised by this, but when he felt the darkness brimming from the woman, he found it unnatural that only her golden eyes portrayed her darkness within the Force. Surely she had been delving into darkness for years before now? Why did she not look like an old withered hag yet, as many dark Jedi and Sith begin to lose their more vain physical looks if delved too deeply and long into the dark side.

Nonetheless he gave chase, even as he jumped across a stone path beneath onto another building, losing his footing some and stumbling forward and forcing himself past aches, and past pain as he stumbled into a continued run upon this dark Jedi witch.

"That's right little Ani, give chase! You'll never catch me!"

"Are you sane?" Anakin wanted to slap himself, of course she wasn't sane!

"You sound like a child." Anakin retorted, but the girl, proving his point, giggled fiercely as she ran and leapt easily onto a new rooftop, beside it came billowing smoke from a burning building, but they paid it no mind, even as Orcs inside tossed the home asunder and set kindled the flames.

"I'm free to enjoy what I wish as I wish Skywalker. Something Jedi fools such as yourself have no knowledge of. Never realizing how much of life you waste away."

"You have the air of experience in your voice, so I can assume you were once Jedi. How can you do what you have done, and not feel an ounce of shame?! I know you've killed men, women, and children! I can feel their deaths etched upon you as clear as day through the Force." She stopped upon the next rooftop it was near to the wall now, and turned upon Anakin. She brought her saber out to her side and held it ready for the coming renewed duel, that both expected.

"What is shame, but society's way of enforcing conformity? Not even a conformity that is interesting. Boredom is the worst offender of them all, and perhaps seeing the light leave the eyes of one born to the world not but a few days ago is thrilling Skywalker. Maybe death excites me, or maybe I just don't care for the life of one, the lives of hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions. I care for the ultimate importance in my life, my own, and the sooner you begin to see that the universe is a festering scum filled hole that should sooner be forgotten of, the sooner you begin to realize the Force placed within us, Jedi and Sith alike, power above lesser beings. With these powers we could, and damn well should have dominion over all life everywhere, and build what we desire, make what we wish where we wish, how we desire, and f a couple billion children and their mommies have to be tossed to the wolves then so be it Jedi! This galaxy, this universe is mine for the taking and I shall not squander it."

She grinned a wretched grin, her smile wide, and toothy from one end of her face to the other. The sickly eyes of yellow glowed ever brighter, and filled with a smoldering lust mingled with hatred that Anakin rarely ever felt upon one. She felt not only powerful through the Force but deeply unsettling in her unnatural pleasure for the raw and primal emotions she displayed and sent through the Force for all to hear.

"You're sick, and I will be doing the whole of this universe a favor by killing you here and now before you get off this world."

"Oh so willing to take another life! I sensed as much upon you Skywalker, and it has fascinated me. You are filled with such anger, hatred, and fear, but you rarely use it. Do not think I cannot sense the deaths etched on your soul as you can mine. Only hints, and echoes of the life you have silenced into the Void of the Force, but I sense a darkness over you. Past deeds, and hidden hatred. I sense great things coming for you little Ani, and when you realize your power, and realize how many shall underestimate it, then you shall break those you wish to your will."
"Offering me a job are you?" Anakin spat back in sarcastic contempt, and brought his saber over his shoulder in battle readiness.

She continued her grin, but stayed were she was and silently goaded him to attack. He did, and relentlessly so. He charged her with blue saber in hand, and fell upon her with great might and anger pouring out into his attacks. This was what he felt Djem So to be created for. The overwhelming overpowering of an enemy! He slammed his blue saber down on her crimson one, and the sabers smashed and sparked, but she kept it held above her head and fought of his torrent of slams from overhead and shoulder, until finally he stopped, but only to send a fierce booted kick into her abdomen, and she recoiled with a hiss of air escaping her.

She went upright again and charged at him. Juyo was being utilized, and like others in time who used the style her attacks were wild, they were fast and they were endless. She spun clear through the air and slammed the saber across his several times, landing and sweeping up in an arch, and down in a slam upon his saber. He did not recoil and threw her off, and immediately slammed his saber onto hers, forcing her to angle it during their clash to better stand against his far more powerful body strength as he towered over her by several inches already.

They mutually flung away from one another, but she was first to retaliate. Her saber in one hand flung over her right shoulder angled away from Skywalker, she directed the tip toward him, and flung at him, and sent a stab at him. He parried and sidestepped, she followed and slammed down on him, and fell into twirling swings of her saber at his flanks, and he blocked every one of them with defensive slashes that he forced closer and closer to her body, until she jumped back. He ran at her, but she sent a wave of energy through the Force at him, he flung away and rolled along the rooftop, and she ran with saber overhead on him, but he blocked up while kneeled and met her slashing slam.

She sneered with terrible fury and forced herself down upon his saber with hers with all the might in her body. However, Skywalker forced his kneeling leg up, and slowly the other came from underneath his body. He was soon standing, matching her stance, and she waned in strength. His blazing blue eyes filled with contempt, and he shoved her away once more, and stalked toward her as she flung in a swing back around to face him carrying the momentum of his shove. He fell upon her. His saber extended over his head, he slammed down, and then to the side from overhead, and the other. Each overhead attack a falling avalanche as he fed his body with the raw power of the Force as it burned through him. They clashed and she sidestepped, and swung away from him, her single braid following her in her her wild spins and twirls.

She ran at his side, but he blocked with his left hand holding the saber, and flung his right hand full around and slammed it across her left temple and she reeled away to her right, and then he swung at her, but she turned back and sent another wave of energy at him and he stumbled, but she pulled away and did not attack him again.

Growling her anger, she once more took fight toward the edge of the building rooftop and jumped down. Anakin was in immediate pursuit and when she landed he sent a powerful wave his own down at her and she fell to the stone floor and her saber rolled away from her body. He fell from the roof in a stabbing form but she rolled away and he pierced stone beneath. She jumped up and called her saber to her and reactivated the crimson beam of light, and extended it outward at him in a defensive posture, as blood fell down her forehead and scrapes riddled her face, and he left shoulder seemed slumped some. It brought a smirk to his face, though Anakin knew he shouldn't enjoy her pain as much as he was, he could not stop himself from feeling contempt for the witch as they stood in a small plaza off to the side of the walkways of Minas Tirith nearby.

The blood fell upon hr face and down near to her left eye, and forced her to squint as the discomfort and pooling blood clouded her vision, but like before the pulsing of the ring upon her hand sent a sudden rush of rage through her, and with a feral scream Vica charged Anakin.

She utilized Ataru, and jumped upward and fell down at an angle and slashed down, he blocked, and she jumped up in a set of twirling jumps each one carrying a slash across his saber, but each one blocked. She swung again and Anakin stepped aside and she swung at the air, but quickly did she turn back on him and threw herself up once more and stabbed down at an angle upon him, he blocked and carried her momentum and she fell to the floor into a roll and turned back at him, in an underside slash up. He blocked and kept the saber tips clashing upon the stone floor beneath and left burn marks along the stones.

Their faces were near and both shared disgusted sneers towards the other. For her part however, Vica growled like the feral beast Anakin thought her to be, but he merely deepened his sneer and held heated eyes filled with rage with the dark Jedi. Neither knew how it happened but they both shared a thought completely separate from the other yet of the same idea, and both threw their free hands back and then toward their enemy and both hands fell near to one another, and the Force built up between their extended hands as they both attempted to push the other away.

A strain went through the Force as the power rippled in the small space between their hands, and soon the power erupted, and both bodies went flying backwards respective to their positions. Anakin landed on his knee, but Vica flew back into a cart of food, in the plaza, and fell over before forcing herself up by her hands. Her saber laying but inches away.

"Surrender now witch, and I'll let you live, because I must." He bluntly informed, his hatred never leaving his expression and disgust never leaving his voice. She laughed and coughed some, and secretly moved her hand to her belt and upon that belt was a simple transmitter that she pressed without the Jedi seeing.

"That's the problem with you Jedi. I'm not the first to say so aloud either." She coughed, and turned on him and rose to a one legged kneel.

"Surrender, and asking for surrender. Both are motions and signs of weakness. I will never show weakness, least of all to you, Skywalker." She spat both metaphorically and literally and at his boot, but Skywalker merely glared at his disarmed opponent.

"I should just kill you now and end it here."
"Ah yes, the empty Jedi threat of murdering an enemy, but I know you Jedi are all can no more kill me then you can a blind, deaf and dumb babe lying at your feet. You are bound by your pathetically pacifistic code, Jedi." Anakin growled himself now and raised his blue saber. The entire time, Vica merely smiled. Begging him to drop his saber on her.

In the plains of Pelennor the droid armies were facing down the hated white clad clone troopers of the Republic, but no one cared nor even noticed as a droid transport, carrying within itself several droidekas suddenly opened and released the rolling balled formed droids. A set of three came barreling out the transport and went flying through the army of Orcs, who all fell out of the way of the odd creatures passing them as they rolled endlessly and with great speed toward the white city, and were in no time within the gates. For their master had called to them for aid.

"Go ahead and kill me little Ani. I will welcome the void that is the afterlife. I shall laugh in the knowledge you struck down a completely helpless enemy in cold blood. To know I sent a thrill through the Chosen One and corrupted him, even to himself just slightly will be a victory. A small one, but like an avalanche it will build, and I will be the ultimate victor." Anakin felt his pulse quicken and adrenaline pound as she kneeled before him, a helpless opponent. His hands twitched, his whole arm was twitching, he wanted to kill her, he easily enough could. She was alone, and no one was around to stop or moralize to him. Like at the Tusken camp.

In his mind, in his thoughts the images played out, women, children, and the men all falling before his saber, as rage consumed him, and pain filled him. Then the utter disgust, at himself afterwords. The only solace taken was her. Padmé.

Thinking of her once more, as he held his saber once more to the neck of a fallen enemy who cannot fight in his moment, all other possibilities and speculations on the future aside, but in this moment she could not fight him, and she was smirking, as if in victory.

'Be the man you want to be. Not the on you think you should be.' An echoing of wise words by a certain wise old men echoed in him in his own manner.

'What type of man do I want to be?' But a few seconds passed and a smile fell upon him, and suddenly, his rage left him.

"A good one." Vica raised a brow at the random statement.


"Nothing. I wont kill you though. Sorry to disappoint. Whatever I did before now doesn't matter in this moment, and what I chose to do defines me. Your actions define you as well, your words are nothing. You, you are a feral madwoman bent on death and corruption. Why? I can't say, but honestly I don't care. I wont sell myself to darkness to kill you and take a moment of gratification to suffer a lifetime of regret and self-disgust. You have lost."

Her gaze darkened quicker than ever, her grin of victory turned to a sneer of contempt, and her breathing quickened as unbridled rage took control of her.

"I've lost? I've lost?! No, it's you who has lost! You think your sudden righteousness, this piety you pretend to have scares me? Impresses me? You are nothing to me, Skywalker, and one day I shall have you kneeling before me, as a defeated foe, and unlike you, you weak and pathetic fool, I will end you!" Anakin paid her no mind as she ranted and raved, but the Force suddenly called out to him and he snapped left toward the street. A familiar and foreboding sound rung in his ears, and Vica seized the moment and grabbed her saber, and before he could stop her she ran toward the wall, jumped onto the nearest roof, and disappeared from sight.

Cursing at himself for losing focus, he trained his saber toward the path leading to the plaza he now stood, and barreling in came three familiar round objects. They stopped rolling toward him quickly and uncurled, but Anakin sent the Force against one droid and it few back and slammed into a back wall exploding into bits at the sheer force of the impact, while the last two made it to a stand and their shields sprung into existence.

The rapid fire of droidekas met his saber, and he blocked every bolt headed for him, and sent them flying away and back at the droids themselves. Those bolts that made contact with the droids were absorbed and dispersed across the shield and the droid kept safe from harm whilst the random shots merely hit walls, stone, and crates.

"Stang!" Anakin dodged a rather fast and large bout of blaster fire, and ran to a nearby pillar of stone and made it behind but cursed as he felt the sting of a bolt catching his abdomen just by an inch, and felt a burning spread across his body from where the bolt made contact. His arms sore from half a day of fighting Anakin allowed his arms to fall, his saber still held in one hand, and his breathing quickened as he panted from the exhausting duel with the dark Jedi, and now he had destroyer droids trying to blast him away.

"Where's Obi-Wan when you need him."

"Right here my old friend." Snapping toward the voice Anakin trained his saber on the unexpected and previously unnoticed newcomer, and found his saber facing down Obi-Wan, who much to Anakin's shock stood next to master Koon!

"Whoa, calm down Anakin, it's me."

"Master? Where'd you come from?"
"An alleyway." Anakin rolled his eyes, but smiled and clasped his hand onto Obi-Wan's shoulder.

"Good to see you master. You as well master Koon! I feel like I barely recognized you." Unexpectedly for the Kel Dor the young Jedi knight wrapped himself around him and embraced the master in a crushing, but admittedly brotherly embrace.

"Uh...well it is good to see you as well, knight Skywalker." The Kel Dor laid his own hand upon Anakin's shoulder after he removed himself gently, from the embrace.

"You look terrible Anakin. What have you been up to?"

"Dark Jedi and the breached gate of the city. Are there clones on the planet?!"

Obi-Wan nodded. "there are and we need to get to them and support them. The CIS is attacking with fresh forces from a fleet above. Our fleet has engaged but are getting a bit beat up." Anakin grinned.

"Our fleet. I haven't heard that in a while. Alright, but first thing's first." he pointed his thumb over his shoulder at the sound of the rapid and seemingly endless blaster fire pelting the column they stood behind, which luckily was large enough for the three Jedi.

"Ah, droidekas. Shouldn't be too big a problem." The two masters activated their own blue sabers, and Anakin reactivated his.

"You two take the one on the right, I shall dispose of the left." Plo spoke up and the other two nodded. The Jedi master rounded the pillar and fell into blocking immediate blaster fire, while both Anakin and Obi-Wan ran around the pillar, and Anakin took the brunt of the fire, while Obi-Wan dived away from the fight and made for the side of the droid, still protected by a shield.

Master Koon blocked a series of bolts back at the destroyer droid, and then with a swing of his body came back around and sent a trembling wave through the Force and the droid, shield or not, went flying back and lifted off the ground, slamming back into a wall like its third companion from earlier.

Obi-Wan and Anakin timed their own Force attack in synch. Anakin blocked a final two bolts and sent them back at the shielded droid, and then both his hands and both Obi-Wan's flew outward at the droid from two directions, the sudden force of their telekinetic attacks being unleashed at once utterly destroyed the droid. Within its shield half the droid shattered and flew back the other half blew away to the right of Anakin and Plo, and exploded to bits against the wall.

"That was Productive." Plo added, breaking the silence, and the two other Jedi found themselves enjoying a moments rest.

"How do we intend to get to the battlefield with an army of Orcs between us and them?"
"Have you forgotten what one of those look like?" Obi-Wan pointed up and descending on the three was an LAAT, and honestly Anakin had forgotten or at least nearly forgot what fighters, gunships and other space capable, or flight capable ships looked like. Oh how he missed them.

"I haven't seen one in months Obi-Wan, give me a break." The master chuckled as the ship came in close, and for the first time in many months indeed, Anakin laid eyes on Clone trooper armor. A sudden smile, created purely by a rush of nostalgia washed over his face, and he beamed.

"Well, what are we waiting for then? We got a dark Jedi witch out there, a cyborg killer, thousands more droids, and Force knows what else this world has to offer us to fight."

"A point o concur completely with. Especially considering that creature master Fisto has engaged." Anakin looked confusedly toward his master at Plo's words.

"Master Koon arrived with master Fisto, Anakin, and a Nazgûl, I think they're called came on us atop those nasty creatures, and master Fisto engaged it, after killing its mount."
"Remind me to bow to master Fisto doubly as low next time master." Obi-Wan rolled his eyes, but nodded.

"Nonetheless Anakin, I think it best we help the front of our forces now. I don' mean to sound callous, but this level seems...lost." A momentary silence fell over the Jedi even as the LAAT hovered just slightly over the stone beneath, and the sounds of burning buildings, screaming civilians, men calling to one another, and foul growling and grunting of Orcs, trolls and other beasts mingled the air, as the night slowly edged to a starless day.

"I agree master, but I don't want to leave here without so much as saying something to Gandalf. It would not just be rude, but if he needs my help...well I think I will give it freely."
Obi-Wan nodded. "Very well, but let's move quickly and find him. Best let him know as soon as possible so we can move where we're needed." Plo silently ran aboard the LAAT, and was quickly followed by the two stray Jedi, and were greeted by the Clones with subtle gestures, but they could sense the relief these Clone troopers felt on a small level at the return of the Republics two star warriors.

The ship, loaded with its passengers, ascended once more above the city of Minas Tirith, and for the first time, the Jedi caught a glimpse of the burning and killing below.

However, for now, they began to look for a wizard among the chaos.

"Fire all batteries on their frontal armor!" grievous snarled to the command droids near to him, just moments ago set up by reinforcements from the fleet above. They hastily relayed his orders, and a barrage of AAT and spider walker fire pelted the front line of Republic troopers and concentrated on AT-TE walkers not but a few dozen meter away, and one blew apart. Debris blew apart in all directions, and the general allowed an emotion akin to glee fall through him.

"General, enemy starfighters are destroying too many transports. We can't get more units through." The squeaking voice of a B1 annoyed Grievous to no end, but the information quickly drained his momentary glee, and he growled.

"I want the skies cleared! Order every free Vulture droid and Tri-fighter to patrol the skies at once! I don't care for any excuses, just see it done!" the droids once more, silently went about relaying the orders, as the general seethed once more watching the clone lines stay stationary. The stray ARC-170 or LAAT flying over them, or firing at his troops.

Blue blaster bolts and red exchanged across the field. Massive and booming tank fire followed, and intermingled with the blasters. The droids were advancing in droves. Whole legions worth. Columns of B1 battle droids ran upon the trooper lines, and whilst most were mowed down in hails of blaster fire, they softened up the pathetic troopers of the Republic for the coming of the B2 super-battle droids, and Grievous had a second wave to follow. He merely wanted the troopers forward line, too hastily set up, to be weakened even more before he unleashed his wrath upon them.

The crack of another AT-TE blast rocked the air, the massive bolt arching through the air and slamming into a nearby Persuader droid. The explosion blew the entire top half of the war machine back and away. The debris and scorching shrapnel sheering through several droid guards.

"Fire back at that walker at once!" He threw his arm out expressing his anger, and the droid hurriedly relayed. Three AAT near to them rushed forward, levitating off the ground, and fired rapidly at the enemy walker. It took several hits to the legs before the left forward leg gave out beneath it, and it slouched upon its remains.

"Fire!"Grievous commanded with a roar to the skies, and a hail of tank fire from AAT's and Persuader tanks slammed down upon the forward and control compartment of the walker. The explosion rocked the nearby trooper positions and white clad clones went flying to the dirt below from the wave of explosive power. The general allowed a laugh to fall over him. He hadn't realized how much he missed this method of battle until now.

"Having all the fun without me again...general." He turned, knowing that voice, and found a sight of a hunched, and bloody dark Jedi meeting his eyes. She limped over to join him and stood beside him upon the command platform, her yellow eyes burning with hatred.

"You seem to have encountered issues all your own, dark Jedi. I believe you asked it as this. 'Make any new friends?'" He mocked with obvious and robotic sarcasm, which she sneered outwardly toward the trooper lines, and curled her lips to a sour sneer.

"Skywalker! That Jedi will burn before this word does. No! Better yet, I will force him to watch as I tear my saber through the hearts of these miserable peasant children!" The woman visibly shook with rage, as her eyes seeming flared in their devious glow, and the general held no doubt in his mind that she would indeed do as she said, but for now he did not concern himself with the mood swings of the dark Jedi he had too long been stuck with on this miserable world.

"You will have your vengeance later. For now, we must crush the Republic! They have taken a forward position, and have made a stand. At least four-thousand of the clones have landed and refuse to budge from that position." he pointed one of his almost boney like fingers toward the clones. Allowing for Vica to notice his hands were missing fingers from where whichever Jedi he faced, removed them, and his secondary hands from their duel.

"Their starfighters have crippled our reinforcement deployment...for now. I have rerouted as many of our own fighters to the skies from the battle unfolding in orbit. However, we are losing walkers and tanks faster than they are, and I will be routing all our defensive forces from the opposite side of the battlefield to this front. No enemy forces have landed there, and I refuse to waste any troops by allowing whole divisions to guard against an attack I have yet to see happening."

The thought of those horsemen, and disgusting peasants not getting blasted away by her droids made her sickly more angry, but the general had a point. One she didn't like, but one nonetheless, and she bit her lip in thought.

"Transfer them general, but leave but a mere three dwarf spider droids. They alone will drive the horsemen into fear and death." Grievous seemed to be thinking as his eyes narrowed, and then he nodded, and relayed his commands to the droids who did as ordered.

From the opposite side of Saurons hordes, motionless and silently, all but three of the massive tanks and transports turned around and drove directly into the army of Orcs. The creatures were intelligent enough to run put of the way as they passed them by, but no less were in awe at the sight of the things as they levitated off the ground itself and moved toward the battle raging in great exchanges of lights and cracking thunder. To them it was as if the host of Valinor had come once again, but they knew it to not be true. Though in their dark hearts, it was a fear, but merely fear for the unknown.

"That should soften up the clones. I will first launch a second wave of droid forces, and then flank their left with a tank unit hitting hard. From the right I will order what gunships we have to blitz their side, and allow for a general troop advancement of our droids." the general explained his method and his attack, and Vica nodded, not fully taking in the meaning of the generals words, but understanding him no less. Her eyes, so filled with hatred stared forward at the battle, and her mind went elsewhere. The words of that filthy Jedi, and the notion of her loss made her blood boil as molten lava.

"What second ave general?" She asked, as if she had been listening to his every word, in an oddly monotone voice as she crossed her arms.

"This one..." He ordered the droids to launch the second wave, and a laugh came over him.

She turned to her right and from several dozen droid transports lining the entire way from their position to the very wall of the city, all of them opened at once and flowing from them each came sudden and lightning fast droidekas. All of them speeding directly into the field of battle toward the clone troopers.

Vica did have to allow a small smirk to cross her face seeing a flood of droidekas heading straight into the battle.

"That is not all. This is the main serving." Grievous; whom Vica noted to be enjoying this a bit more than usual announced, and she once more looked down the line, and almost as if elder kin to the droidekas, a flurry erupted from the ranks of the droid tanks and other haphazard machines of war and rolling forth came many Hailfire tanks. Both droidekas and Hailfires rolled forth toward the enemy force and the Hailfires fired massive barrage of their rockets onto the clones who fired back with their repulsor tanks and walkers, but the coming droid onslaught would keep them distracted for now.

"Well you have them occupied and their full attention my lovely general. You best get to forming your flanking forces now." Vica turned and made to leave.

"Where do you think you're going now?" He demanded with a snap of his body toward her as she began walking away. She turned back with a sneer returned to her face.

"I am in need of a moments rest. Our Jedi friends will in no time be back, I'm sure. When that happens I will face them down, and then I will help you in this battle general. I suggest before you even think of running out there and cutting down the clones you remember we have Jedi now upon us, and maybe not even two anymore seeing as there is a republic army here and all!" She seethed, and threw her right hand to grasp her head as pain suddenly throbbed through it from where the damn Jedi had slammed her to the stone floor of that wretched city.

"Besides you don't need me for this general. Killing whole armies, that's your specialty. Not mine." She turned and walked off toward the droid 'camp' without another word to the general, who could only growl and snap back to watching over his battlefield. The dark Jedi only seeking to foul his good mood at watching tanks destroy and droids slaughter clones.

"Damn Jedi! They can be light or dark, but they will always only seek to anger me!" He snapped fully loud enough for anyone and everyone to hear, but none cared, for only droids surrounded him, and thus, as war waged, the general was left to watch on and command in his silence, and in his loneliness.

The Great Eye, Mairon, Gorthaur, Sauron. It mattered not what you called him. For he was the heir to Morgoth, Melkor, the great adversary or whatever else you may have called the Valar who belled against Eru and the other Valar of Aman. The Eye, wreathed in flame, that which saw all, watched what was unfolding before the walls of Minas Tirith. A great wonder went through him. For as a Maiar, and unlike his lord Morgoth, Sauron had been there when Eru brought life to the world created by the Valar and Maiar under them.

Yet he had been digging into his own memories since the arrival of these beings from beyond the veil of the sky of Arda. Armies of machines, lifeless, and devoid of free will. The phantom, that general, Grievous, a fusion of metal and flesh, and the woman, filled with hatred and power unknown to him.

Now, came entire armies from the skies, and unlike those armies of his 'allies,' they were men! Men like those of Gondor, like Rohan, or those foul Numenoreans! The existence of men not only festered here upon Arda, but beyond as well! Had Eru lied? Had he deceived all his lesser spirits, had more Valar gone to make more worlds beyond?!

A piercing anger fell about his terrible spirit. For the Elves he had long ago given up trying to rule. Those disgustingly pure beings could not fathom falling under his dominion, but men however, that was a different story. The second born of Eru were susceptible, they gave into evil on their own, and so Sauron had decided that he shall and should be King of all men. For what was he if not already the master of men?

His master, his lord before him, while an important factor was in his opinion, too small in ambition. Why should one squander Eru's creations and destroy them all and replace them with their own, and lesser creation at that? For there is nothing that Sauron loved more than order and control. Eru failed! The world was full of disorder and chaos, but Sauron knew he would and shall bring order, peace, and control over the rabble that Eru unleashed upon a world that so deserved a lord who cared enough to bring peace and order. Not allow for death and misery.

Thus his rage was great as the dark lord of this age became wholly aware of a chilling truth, and one that brought a whole new ambition to him.

Eru, had created life far and beyond. Spread the seeds of the secret fire across the sea of stars! What was but a one world, and a one continent then if there be tens, hundreds, thousands and beyond even of world with men and other living beings to the dark lord?

No, as the great eye of flame watched this battle of lights and explosions unfold, and his Orcs rampage into the lowest level of Minas Tirith, and the horse lords approach, a devious thought ran through him.

'Why rule one continent on one world...when you can rule endless ones among a sea of infinite? Where your ambition was curtailed by lack of vision and knowledge my lord, Morgoth, mine shall not be so narrow. This world shall be mine, and then so hall the stars themselves, and then not Man, Elf, Dwarf, Maiar, Valar, or Eru himself shall stop my reign over all life, everywhere.' The eye felt a great thrilling flush through his spirit. For the foundations were already laid.

Arda would be his, but so too, would be the stars. He need only wait for the opportune moment...and having his ring back, that too would aid him. All he needed was to await its coming, and then all would be his. All of creation.

The LAAT made another pass over the city. The first level was filled with a sea of blackness, and evil as the Orcs of Mordor poured in through the broken gates, and flooded the men of Gondor. Trolls and men along side them as they swept through to stab, slash, gut and stomp across this white city until it burned and became black as the heart of their lord and master.

It made Anakin sick as he watched it burn, and felt the fear and death unfolding below, and all they needed do was find Gandalf! All they really needed to do was kill as many of these karking creatures as they could, but grievous pinned them down in the fields, and if he won there, then this world would fall.

"You sense him yet master?"
"No Anakin. The city is too muddled with emotion and fear, it's hard to sense anything but fear and hatred." Anakin nodded sadly from where he stood as the LAAT mad another sweeping low pass.

"Well we better find him fast. We may not be safe in these skies forever. Reports are coming in of enemy starfighters making a big push into the atmosphere from the battle in orbit." Plo added, forcing a renewed sneer to form across Anakin's features.

The sky had become lighter though the darkness crept from the shadows of Mordor covered the starlight and made the world a shadow covered place. An orange light attempted but could not break through, and the creatures of darkness basked in their freedom from the wretched sun.

"Wait..." Obi-Wan spoke up and pointed toward the city, catching Anakin's gaze.

"There on that higher level." Anakin and Plo followed his outward stretched arm, and below them was a fell beast, atop it a figure of darkness and surrounding him was an oily darkness common of those Nazgûl, but before it was a white horse, a fallen figure prone to the floor, and it was but a secondary confusing moment before it hit Anakin.

"Gandalf! Bring the ship down there!"

"Yes sir." the pilot replied and made a sharp turn toward the beast.

The ship came before the wall and the Nazgûl turned to the newcomers, his sword was held high into the air, and darkness brimmed forth from him. Anakin and Obi-Wan jumped from the dropship and their sabers came to life with their beams directed toward the beast riding figure.

"The arrival of your kind and your armies means nothing. It changes nothing at all." The hissing voice of this creature sent shocking ripples through the Force that made Anakin involuntarily recoil, as did Obi-Wan, as even compared to the others of his kind he felt darker, stronger.

It turned its hidden gaze upon Gandalf, and a terrible wheezing escaped its hissing maw.

"You have failed. The world of men will fall." He raised his mighty sword high and seemed ready to strike, and the Jedi readied themselves, but then, a great blowing of a horn sounded, and all seemed still for a moment. Gandalf raised himself some, and the Nazgûl turned upon his beast toward the sound. The Jedi looked puzzled, but then they recognized that sound.

It was the horn sounded before by Rohan. Théoden, and the riders of Rohan had come. The gaze of the Nazgûl returned to Gandalf, and a great piercing hatred flooded forth from it as it snapped the beasts reins away and a piercing screech escaped t as it lifted off and away.

Wanting to give chase, Anakin cursed, but deactivated his saber, running to the fallen wizard.

"Are you alright Gandalf?" he brought an arm around his and helped him up, to which the elder man thanked.

"I'm fine, but I and Pippin must get to the top level at once. Lord Denethor has gone mad with despair it seems."
"Rohan has come. Surely they can destroy Mordor?"
"Perhaps, and I hold great hope my friends, but there are weapons the enemy has yet to use, and for this we must remain vigilant. As your enemies have come, and your battle as well. Go! Do not worry for our fight now. If you fail, and those wretched machines like the ones I saw upon the wall wage war, there will be no stopping the dark lord." Gandalf hurried pippin back to Shadowfax, and the two Jedi backed away and Gandalf nodded toward them. A silent wish for them to move on, and do as they could.

Atop the white steed once more the horse flew forth again and made for the top level, and for a second Anakin wanted to slap himself for not offering to take the old man to the top quickly aboard an LAAT, but perhaps that would not have been for the best...yet.

"You heard him Anakin, are time fighting here is done! Now let's get to the battlefield quick." Obi-Wan called and ran aboard the ship still waiting next to the wall, hovering, and with a final glance where the wizard had taken off to, he ran back and aboard the LAAT.

It flew away from the wall and blitzed back over the army of darkness.

Vica raised herself up from her prone position and rest at the sound of the horn, a wretched horn she had heard before and a shiver of hatred ran through her. The horse peasants who she wanted dead and gutted had come as she expected, and the main force had been moved save for three spider droids of dwarf size!

She turned toward where the general was commanding the battle and found he showed no interest but kept his eyes drawn on the battle waging between the two galactic armies. She snapped her head back over toward the sounding horn, and the sudden bursting light of the star and the darkness surrounding the city, its veil had broken.

"Fight your battle general. I shall fight mine!" She, with no regard for the general, made to run, and ran she did toward the sounding of the horns, and the cries of the horsemen. Passing Orcs who disgusted her with their fear, she showed none. For she pulled her saber hilt in hand with the Force and ignited the crimson blade, and on this day would have her sport in Rohirric blood!

The army of Mordor was massive. A sea of evil stretched from the gates of the ruined Osgiliath to the broken entry to Minas Tirith. Smoke rose from the lower level, and the Orcs were crying their war cries, as they seemed gloating in a victory they were assured of...until now. A further army stood far off, a great blistering and blasting of cracking noises and explosions filled the air as strange beasts of wings and metal flew over and bought a sense of awe and wonderment to them, but he could not wait and watch. War was upon them all.

Théoden looked upon this army and felt and thought what his men did. It was a massive force, greater than that at Helms Deep, and far more odd as well, but so too were they greater and stronger, and he would not allow Gondor, and the realm of men to fall so easily. Thus he turns toward his men, and his lieutenants. Háma near to him carrying his banner as he did.

"Éomer, take your Eored down the left flank."
"Flank ready!" He called back.

"Gamling, follow the King's banner down the center. Grimbold! Take your company right after you pass the wall. Forth and fear no darkness!" The vigor within the kings voice greater than ever before, as his men did as ordered, and thus he turned upon the whole of his army. Upon these men who answered his call.

"Arise! Arise riders of Théoden. Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered, a sword day, a red day ere the sun rises!" Indeed the blackness covering this land seemed lessened from beyond the hills they stood atop, and the Orcs below were made ready to rank, pikes to the front and archers to the back. A fear flushed through them as both light and horse before their eyes made their cowardice shine through.

Taking sword in hand and riding down the line of his men, he carries the sword along their spears. King sword upon soldiers spear, a common goal, a one enemy and an instilled sense of duty and bravery. For this was the day of the Eored, Rohan, and all free men.

"Ride now, ride now! Ride! Ride for ruin and the world's ending! DEATH!" He cries his sword clanging a final time, and he rounds throwing the sword high and pointed toward Saurons hordes.

"Death!" The army cries, and the Orcs recoil.

"Death!" The king cries back.

"Death" A thundering reply even louder than before blasts the air forth from the Rohirrim.

"Death!" The king calls again a thunder in his throat spoken greater and louder than ever before rung forth.

"DEATH!" The Rohirrim call and the star shines down upon them breaking the darkness and the veil of Mordor! And a trembling shudder went through the Orcs.

"Forth Eorlingas!" The king commands, and the horns of Rohan sound again, greater and louder than before, and Théoden began to move forward. A renewed cry from the army, and the charge began. A slow move turned to a raging tidal wave unstoppable. Man and horse together brought the land to a tremble itself as they fell upon the foul army of Mordor.

Archers released their fell arrows from the Orc ranks, many missing the charging beasts and men atop, some hit their mark, but the army could not be stopped. The panicked Orcs released a hail of arrows at free will, but it could not stop the charge of the Rohirrim, and of Théoden king.

"Charge!" He calls, and they did. The horses charged into the army, smashing them, their pikes doing nothing for the cowardly Orcs who broke rank and fled before the charge even reached them. Orcs fell in droves trampled by the horsemen, spears thrust down and through, and axes cleaved and broke every of the foul beings. The army further and further was pierced and the great battle upon the fields of Pelennor turned to the great route of Mordor.

Not a once did the army that now brought hope returned to Gondor notice a great beam of green light firing down into the army, and slaying beasts they were never ready to meet, nor would they know, for soon they would face ones of this worlds making.

"Fire on those dwarf spider droids now!" Anakin leaning over the shoulder of the pilot commanded, pointing toward the walkers as they took position to the rear of the forward Orc pikes. The Rohirrim pierced the front of the army and made deeper in, but the LAAT dived to its left and flew ow in a sweeping manner, and piercing from the sky like a lightning bolt a green beam of death fell across an Orc line and the spider droids, two blow up immediately and the third receiving a deep scorch across its head section.

The LAAT swept around and fired once more in a vertical attack and slew dozens of Orcs along the way before piercing through the droid walker, and cleaving it into nothingness.

A contented smile passed over Anakin, and Obi-Wan seemed pleased as well.

"They're all yours now." He idly commented as he watched with exhilaration as the cavalry broke the back of this army, and thus the three Jedi made for their battle upon this field. Foes for both the people of Middle-Earth and of the republic now fought on a one field against their enemies.

Not for the first time that day the Witch-King flew as anger consumed the wraith and made for the ruined city of Osgiliath. For within a mighty host awaited to aid their lord Sauron. Hidden by a smokey veil beyond the sight of these foolish horsemen awaited the final reserve of the dark lords army, and mingled with the armies of the allies from beyond the skies, he knew victory to be theirs.

A screech escaped him as his fell beast flew overhead, and caught the attention of the men below. A call ringed out and all men readied themselves, brought bows to bears and arrows made ready to rain down.

For the Haradrim, would with their mounts, the great Mumakil, show these petty little horsemen, what a true cavalry charge was. War paint adorned, and rest gathered overnight, these Southrons, would show why they were men worthy of their lord Saurons grace.

'For death shall come indeed Théoden King, but not ours. Not ours at all.' A final screech from the Witch-King and a turn of his beast back toward the battle, and the Mumakil began their march.

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