A/N: So, these are a challenge I read on a Merlin forum. Basically, you put your music playlist on shuffle, then write a drabble about the song that comes up for as long as it plays. I have two more already written and will update two a chapter. I make no promises as to how often I will update. Enjoy!

1. Red-Taylor Swift

Gwen didn't know what to do with this gaping hole in her heart. It felt like a vortex, sucking away her life, her joy, her will to live.

She didn't know you could miss someone this much. Even after her father had died, she had not been this grieved.

Every time she closed her eyes, she would see his face in her mind, smiling at her, teasing her, calling her name.

And then she would remember that he was gone.

She tried, she did try, so very very hard, to move on, or, at the very least, forget. But she never could. Forgetting him was impossible.

Her world had been a bright swirl of colors- green, gold, red.

But now it was just blue and grey, and all she had was a fast fading memory.

2. Rebirthing- Skillet

Merlin knew he was dying. He could feel the life slipping away, could feel himself fading. And there was nothing he could do to stop it.

The sorceress stood over him, her hand outstretched, her eyes glowing a malicious gold.

Please! his mind cried, as he lay paralyzed and dying beneath her spell. Please! Arthur!

Yet no one came. Despair washed over him as it dawned on him that no one would. None of his friends would save him now. Not after they learned his secret, learned that he had been lying to them all those years.

Their angry, accusing words- I thought you were my friend! I trusted you! – echoed in his mind. Their hurt faces were burned into his memory.

As the pain grew and his life slipped away faster, Merlin saw Arthur in his mind's eyes- tall, proud, the great king he was destined to be, the loving friend, brother, that he was. Or had been.

And then, suddenly, his life began to flow back. Because no matter what Arthur had done, Merlin wanted to live for him, and no petty sorceress would stand in his way.

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