Price Tag- Jessie J

Gwaine couldn't understand the nobles. It seemed they all had a price, were all obsessed with money that they couldn't enjoy themselves.

Maybe that was one of the reasons he hated them so. To them, the world was about riches and wealth, but to Gwaine, it was enjoying time spent with others.

Gwaine knew when he was lying on his deathbed, as he looked back on his life, it would not be his wealth he thought of, the money he had acquired that would be on his mind. It would be the memories of time with friends and families that he would treasure, that would be his favorite.

Heart Attack- Demi Lovato

Morgana had never risked her heart before. All of the men before him hadn't mattered to her; she only spent time with them because she could, because it showed that she was beautiful and powerful and could have whoever and whatever she wanted.

Before, she had not been afraid to be forward, to flirt.

But with him, she was so nervous she couldn't even hold his hand.

It just wasn't fair. She was a princess to all intents and purposes, the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.

How could a simple peasant boy make her so afraid, leave her feeling as though she should run away and draw closer at the same time, as though she was too close to the sun?

Quite frankly, it scared her. Terrified her, even.

And so she did the only thing she could- she put up her defenses and didn't let herself get too close. After all, she couldn't really fall in love- she might have a heart attack if she did.

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